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Wizard: How His Attacks Work – Droidcops

This time they bring us once again a preview of what the Wizard character will be in Clash Mini. Through a short clip they showed us what the character page is, its updates and its gameplay with a single star. They also taught us a little more about abilities and attacks that this character brings with him. Beyond telling us about their faithful ball of fire, they showed us how and in what ways these can be executed.

Now, in the first case, the “expanded fireball” stands out for encompassing and impacting a wider area at the time of the attack. Similarly, in the case of the “lit fireball”, it inflicts an additional level of damage at number two for 4 seconds. Finally, the “spicy fireball” avoids and prevents healing or healing of the enemy for a short time.

On the other hand, also through the post they clarified to the followers of the game what is the form of attack of Wizard. That is, we had previously speculated that it was spread across four squares of the battlefield. Now, we already have much clearer that this splash and deals X-shaped damage so any enemy that is a similar range will be affected.

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