Windows 11 Mudahkan Anda Menyalin Jalur File atau Folder di File

Windows 11 Makes It Easy for You to Copy File or Folder Paths in File Explorer

Sometimes, you may have to copy the full path of an existing file or folder in Windows 11 or Windows 10. This is usually needed when you need to paste the path in a command line or a tool like Windows Run. Or when you want to copy the location of a file or folder on the clipboard.

In Windows 10, you can copy the full path of a file or folder if you press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click. When you hold down the Shift key, the context menu will have a new option called “Copy as Path”. You have to click on the option to copy the full path to the clipboard and this feature can be used almost any time.

In Windows 11, copying the path of a file or folder will be even easier. The context menu will now show the “Copy as Path” option by default. That way, you just need to right-click on a file or folder and the options will appear, then paste it in another application or dialog without having to manually browse the location.

In future releases, Microsoft will also introduce support for new keyboard shortcuts. In the existing Preview builds in the Windows Insider program, when you select a file or folder in File Explorer, you can now use the Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut to copy the path.

Like the “Copy as Path” option on the context menu, this keyboard shortcut will also copy a copy to the Windows Clipboard. So if you’re using the Windows Clipboard Cloud, then you can sync your content across devices, which also includes Android wars when you use the Swiftkey or Your Phone apps.

It should be noted that the location of this “Copy as Path” depends on the system configuration of each device, and the copied path will still include quotes. So if you want to paste the path in the address field in File Explorer to go directly to that file or folder, make sure you first remove the copied quotes, before hitting the Enter key.

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