Mengapa Huawei Tetap Menjadi Nomor 1 di Pasar Smartphone 5G Cina

Why Does Huawei Remain Number 1 in China’s 5G Smartphone Market?

Droidcops.COMHuawei is still struggling with trade sanctions imposed by the United States government over the past few years.

Before the American government imposed various sanctions on Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer was on the rise to become the largest smartphone brand in the world. But since the sanctions, Huawei’s smartphone business has collapsed.

Huawei accepts this fate, but has consistently said that their smartphone business will not die. According to Huawei officials, the company is trying to survive in the smartphone market. In fact, Huawei has not been able to compete, and has not done much to make it into the smartphone market.

After losing Google Mobile Services, Huawei is now forced to focus on their smartphone business in China. Recent market research of the Chinese smartphone market, shows that the company is performing well, at least in the 5G segment.

Based on data published by Counterpoint Research, Huawei’s market share in the third quarter of this year experienced significant changes. Smartphone brands such as Vivo and Oppo were able to capture 20% of the market share, becoming the two largest brands in China.

Meanwhile, Huawei was in sixth place in the period. This is a huge decline of 77% compared to last year, and its market share is only 8%. In fact, other research companies say Huawei no longer has a spur. In this condition, many people judge that Huawei has failed with their smartphone business. However, not many know that Huawei’s position in the 5G smartphone market is unshakeable.

From sales data in the third quarter of 2021 in the Chinese market, the share of 5G smartphone usage in the country continues to increase, reaching 27.4%. Huawei’s market share here breaks through the 30.7% mark. Although this is a decrease compared to the previous quarter, Huawei is still in first place in China’s 5G smartphone market.

This means that 30% of the 5G smartphones in China are Huawei production. Interestingly, for almost 16 months there was a shortage of chipset supply, the company was still able to record positive sales. How could this happen?

Reasons Huawei is Strong in China’s 5G Smartphone Market

Although smartphone manufacturers from China are experiencing some problems in the market, their products are quite good. The absence of Google Mobile Service is not a serious problem in China, the main problem is sanctions for chipset availability.

Huawei itself has products such as the Huawei P40, Mate 30, and Mate 40 Pro. This smartphone is still in the top 10 best-selling smartphones in China. For every 100 5G smartphones, 13 of them are Huawei’s two products. Two other products that sell more products than Huawei are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Smartphone users in China have fallen in love with the Huawei Nova 7 since the smartphone was launched. The latest model of the Nova 7 was launched in 2020, and is still a popular product there.

Huawei users understand that the company offers a special guarantee for a year’s battery replacement service. on the other hand Huawei also offers a 20% guarantee for spare-part replacement. This includes other after-sale services such as disinfection, cleaning, testing and more that Huawei offers.

The following reason why Huawei can be strong in the Chinese market is the existence of Harmony OS. Many users in China want to try Harmony OS because Android and iOS are foreign-made operating systems. Huawei itself is aware of this, and they have promised to release another 100 models that will support the latest version of Harmony OS.

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