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Did you know that there are very rare cards in the Coin master game that will provide you with benefits in the short, medium and long term? Yes, during this game we can collect groups of cards that generate profits and then acquire, for example, the coin toss. So it is important that you find out what those letters will be through a list. Keep in mind that the degrees of rarity are different depending on their value or not, that is why a classification could be obtained.

What are the cards for in Coin Master?

The cards are one of the less frequent objects that you will obtain during the game. However, they are quite important and in the long run, having some collections of them can bring you great benefits.

These cards are found in chests that will be awarded to you when you finish a quest, finish your village, or attack someone else’s village. As we already mentioned, there are several types of cards, at first you will get the most basic ones, but as you progress you will be able to achieve the long-awaited golden cards.

These cards are the rarest in the game and getting them is only possible through the golden chests, which you can buy for a high sum of coins. The ideal is to collect these cards to have the complete game and then exchange them for prizes.

How to get the rarest Coin Master cards?

In order for you to find these cards within the game, it is important that you be persistent because normally it does not usually come out on the first try, in addition to These rare card lists have been compiled by the arduous experience of other players; Chests and friends are two elements that you cannot leave out if you are getting these cards, but we recommend that you do not discard the cards that may come as gifts either.

The contributions that you can get from your friends will basically be two: first, you will have the option of exchanging cards to get rare cards in some way; and the second benefit is receiving their advice on strategies to achieve better cards.

Not only are these cards difficult to find, but they are also of quite varied value and are located in different villages; It would be very useful to have a reference or list that indicates all these elements and thus find it in a simpler way.

1. Buy chests with in-game coins

The game gives you the option to buy the chests where the cards appear yourself, there are three types of chests and although none guarantees that you will get a golden card or “rare card”, buying the golden chest has a higher probability.

2. Buy them from other players or Trade them

Due to this variable value of the cards, it is important that you know what their value is and thus, when paying, you are not going to give too much in the exchange; You also have the possibility of acquiring the cards through purchase on EBay, always keeping the safety provisions of the product and seller.

3. Through Facebook groups

Many communities have been created on Coin Master precisely to help each other to get these letters of which we speak, so you could join one of these groups; We recommend you to be attentive when making the exchanges and consult with the administrator since normally this is more serious for this type of transaction.

What are the rarest Coin Master cards?

In order to identify the rare cards and also know their value, it is good to identify the number of stars it has and the color of which it is, the rarest being gold and white.

The rarest cards

Next we will mention a list of the 3 rarest cards to get in a chest in Coin Master, all of them have a value of 10 Martian lettuces due to their high level of rarity:

  • Hotrod
  • Archey camp
  • Pig Knight or Pig Knight

But these are not the only rare cards, the truth is that there is a very long list of gold or rare cards. Some of these letters, have a value of 4 or 5 Martian Lettuces:

  • Crusader or Crusader
  • Model Z
  • Blizz or lightning
  • Spooky Simon or Creepy Simon
  • Lucky Lance or spear of luck

There are also cards that are considered rare, but not as rare as the previous ones, since it is more likely that you will get them in chests. Its value can vary between 3 or 2 Martian lettuces, these are:

  • Santa
  • Water boiler
  • Smoking pipe
  • Aztec Princess
  • Screeching raven

The probability of getting some of these cards is quite low, but not impossible.. Most of the time, these cards cannot be traded, but in some cases the game enables events for its players to do so.

Middle level cards

Other cards are considered medium level, and can be easily collectible. These cards can have a value of 1 Martian lettuce or 1 Excalibur, some of the cards that fall into this category are:

  • Nessie
  • Smoking pipe or smoking pipe
  • Big pete
  • Fred the fighter
  • Baby Tris

At this level there are some cards that are considered “special”as its rarity level is neither too high nor too low. The best known at this level are:

  • Ring of Fire
  • Ride horse
  • Elk Elk
  • Mythical melody
  • The living room

Some of these cards are among the best known in the game for their unique characteristics. These special cards usually have a value of 1 saint.

Low level cards

  • Fighting Monk
  • Frida
  • Cleopatra
  • Aztec Princess
  • Powerful wizard

These are the most popular cards in the entire game, and even his images are what we can see on the cover of it. Generally, these are the ones that we can get in the first missions or villages that we complete.

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