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WD MyPassport 1TB Review, Small, Powerful, Fast! | Droidcops

You must be tired of slow hard drive performance, or maybe you are also SSD users but have minimal capacity?

This time we have a solution to overcome the trivial problems that you have so that the performance of your PC and Laptop remains sluggish.

The WD MyPassport SSD 1Tb came to the Droidcops review table and made us interested in reviewing it. Because unlike the old version which is still boxy, WD brings a very thin design.

Even the one we received has a fairly large capacity with claims of fast transfer speeds via NVMe.

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WD MyPassport 1TB Review

It doesn’t feel like it needs to linger, let’s just discuss the interesting side of this new version of WD MyPassport SSD.

That said, the WD MyPassport SSD may already be one of the thinnest external SSD drives today. Incidentally, the unit that was brought was red, with an interesting texture.

The exterior casing is made of aluminum with rounded corners throughout the drive, and measures just 1cm in weight and weighs 48g.

The top right corner has the WD logo, the bottom has an abstract curve that adds a touch of elegance to the WD MyPassport SSD.

Inside the metal casing, there is NVMe technology that allows read and write speeds of up to 1050MB/s and 1000MB/s, respectively. WD provided the My Passport SSD with a USB Type-C to Type-C cable that supports USB 3.2 Gen 2.

There’s also a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter which means the drive is compatible with older connections.

No drivers are required so you can simply plug the My Passport SSD into your computer, Mac or PC, and start using it without reformatting.

Unfortunately, this drive is not equipped with an indicator light, so you won’t be able to tell if this SSD is active or not. The only way to check it is through a live PC.

Featuring support for PCIe and NVMe, it also has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 system-side interface. It’s faster than its predecessor, and has 256-bit hardware encryption for added security.

WD Discovery

WD MyPassport 1TB Review

WD Discovery is the companion software for the WD MyPassport SSD, this software can be found on the storage drive. Software is available for macOS devices and Windows devices.

Through the WD Discovery software, you can transfer files to and from other drives. Uniquely, WD Discovery also provides My Cloud Home cloud storage, if you are already registered as an active WD user.

This WD Cloud Home storage is automatically attached to your WD network and you can use it to back up your computer’s hard drive.

Apart from that, you can also install the WD Security software from the “Apps” tab. There, you can set a password to enable AES 256-bit drive hardware encryption.

This feature is faster and more secure than just using software-based encryption. Although it is not as comfortable as having a fingerprint sensor but at least it can eliminate worries about data theft.


WD MyPassport 1TB Review

Even though the WD My Passport SSD feels light and has a casing that may seem thin, testers are very confident that it is made of strong metal.

This WD My Passport SSD is equipped with a material that is quite sturdy, we even dropped it from a height of 1.98m or 6.5 feet safely.

For information, in the process of testing and using, the driver we tested had fallen from the table several times and showed no signs of damage.

We’ve also tried some speed tests on this 1TB 2020 edition of the WD MyPassport SSD. As you can see from our CrystalDiskMark 8.0 test above, we proved the test results were close to WD’s claims, only a few MB away.

WD MyPassport 1TB Review

For read speed, this WD SSD provides read speeds of up to 990MB/s. On the other hand, the writing speed is able to exceed WD’s own claims, which is 1000MB/s.

When transferring files over a long period of time, the drive becomes slightly warm to the touch, possibly close to hot. We used a thermometer gun to check, and we found the temperature was at 33 in the normal point to 45 degrees Celsius in the hot spot.

Uniquely, the heat dissipates quickly when the work process is complete. This can be an advantage thanks to the casing made entirely of aluminum.

With read and write speeds of up to 900MB/s, the WD My Passport SSD was excellent when we relied on video editing. This is for sure, we have also used it to accommodate some 4K video files from several cameras that Droidcops has, of course with large file sizes.

WD MyPassport 1TB Review

There is absolutely no problem when it comes to transferring jumbo-sized files in one migration. For example, when we moved a 32GB 4K video file from a Sony Alpha 6400 to a MacBook and it took less than a minute to complete.

The problem only arises in the accompanying cable because it is very short, and this is quite disturbing mobility. In terms of quality, the transmission cable that is delivered is of very good quality and we are quite worried when we have to use other cables that we have for fear that it will affect performance.


WD MyPassport 1TB Review

The WD MyPassport SSD is reliable enough to become a large-capacity external SSD with excellent data transfer speed.

Not only does it have hardware-based 256-bit encryption, but it also has a 5-year warranty to keep your hard disk protected from unfavorable circumstances.

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