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VOOC Flash Charge Review, Make OPPO Mobile Charging Super Duper Fast | Droidcops

OPPO some time ago officially launched its newest flagship smartphone product, the OPPO Find X. This cellphone itself is the successor of the Find series which had disappeared for several years after OPPO lastly launched the OPPO Find 7.

As a flagship cellphone, OPPO has provided first-class specifications so that this cellphone is accepted by the public. Not only about the specifications, the design of the OPPO Find X is also very beautiful and innovative.

One of the most prominent features of OPPO Find X is the use of a pop up camera that can go up and down when it is used. This pop-up camera is claimed to have gone through up and down tests of 300 thousand times without causing problems.

In addition to the pop up camera, OPPO Find X is also equipped with the VOOC fast charging feature created by OPPO which is claimed to be able to charge the battery up to 75% in just 30 minutes. Is it true that VOOC capabilities are that great? The following is the result of our review.

Now comes the latest version of VOOC, carrying the VOOC 3.0 version and the latest OPPO cellphone, namely the OPPO Reno Series, starting from OPPO Reno to OPPO Reno 10x Zoom which already uses Snapdragon 855 and can run on 5G signals.

Get to know the VOOC Fast Charging feature

VOOC or Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging is a technology created and patented by OPPO in the form of charging cellphones whose speeds exceed the charging features in conventional smartphones. VOOC itself runs on a voltage of 5V and a speed of 4A.

OPPO claims that their VOOC technology is able to charge the cellphone battery up to 75% in just 30 minutes. With such a fast charging speed, of course VOOC is very superior to the current fast charging feature.

In addition, VOOC flash charge is also the safest fast charging currently. When compared to conventional conventional chargers, VOOC uses 5 levels of protection layers ranging from adapters to ports and cellphone components.

Where VOOC has replaced the voltage reducer circuit with a dedicated MCU, which effectively prevents the phone from overheating problems while charging. In detail, the 5 layers of protection on the VOOC flash charger include:

  1. OPPO put a voltage tester inside the VOOC flash charge adapter.
  2. OPPO puts a VOOC recognition system in the adapter.
  3. OPPO puts a VOOC recognition system in its cellphones.
  4. OPPO puts a voltage tester in a cellphone that supports VOOC flash charge.
  5. OPPO installs a special fuse to anticipate current jumps that can harm the cellphone

If there is only one protection feature that doesn’t work, then the other feature, namely Intelligent Charging, will make one part of the VOOC component of the device not get the maximum VOOC speed.

Charging Speed ​​Test Results

vooc flash charge review

We also tested the charging speed of VOOC through the OPPO Find X product which has a large enough battery capacity, which is 3730 mAh. The first test is charging from almost empty (1%) to full when the cellphone is on.

The result we got was that it turned out to be longer than OPPO’s claims, because charging the battery should take 1 hour 20 minutes, well below the estimate that should be under 1 hour.

In the second test, we again carried out the OPPO Find X battery charging test, but with the condition of the cellphone being turned off starting from 1%. Apparently, after trying charging can run faster.

Within 10 minutes, the battery of the Find X was 17% charged. Then in 20 minutes the battery is 35% charged, then in 30 minutes the battery is charged to 53%. The Find X battery itself will be charged to 100% within 57 minutes when it is charged when it is turned off.

While in the last test, we tried to test the charging speed of VOOC charging while playing the PUBG Mobile game. We started with the battery capacity being at 53%.

As a result, VOOC can still work quite well because after 30 minutes, the battery capacity has increased to 85%. From the results of this charging speed test, overall we did not get the expected speed of VOOC fast charging. However, this in itself is not a significant problem for us.

Because we did a battery charging test on the OPPO Find X which has a large battery capacity, the 3730 mAh figure in the OPPO product line has become one of the largest because most other OPPO products use batteries with a capacity below 3500mAh.

In addition, from testing the battery charging when the cellphone is on, the 25% figure obtained from charging for 20 minutes is enough to help us support full activity in the next few hours until the cellphone is finally completely charged normally.

Great test results can also be seen from what we did on the latest OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. The result is that when compared to OPPO Find X or OPPO F11 Pro, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is 2x faster. It is proven when the battery position is both at 0% to 50% value, OPPO Find X takes 10 minutes, and OPPO F11 takes 8 minutes, while OPPO Reno 10x Zoom only takes 7 minutes.

Does not feel hot when charging

vooc flash charge review

One of the most interesting things about VOOC fast charging, aside from the speed is that it turns out to be very secure. From the whole charging experiment, we did not find any issues regarding the excessive temperature that occurred in the cellphone and charger adapter.

In fact, even when charging while playing games, there is no significant increase in temperature on the cellphone or in the charger. The presence of 5 protection components is proven to make charging run smoothly without worrying about the charger or cellphone getting hot due to too large a power load.

List of OPPO Phones that Support VOOC Flash Charge

oppo f9

VOOC flash charge technology itself is not a new technology from OPPO. Because, until now there are quite a lot of OPPO phones that support this feature, including:

Besides OPPO Find X, VOOC has also been embedded in OPPO F9, OPPO F11, OPPO F11 Pro, until now it has been embedded in OPPO Reno and Reno 10x Zoom. In the future, this OPPO fast charging feature will continue to exist on every latest OPPO cellphone.


As already mentioned, from the charging tests that have been carried out, indeed we did not get the expected charging speed. However, overall, the results obtained are very good because the percentage of battery capacity obtained when charging in a short time is enough to make the cellphone support us to carry out activities for the next few hours.

In addition, the safety factor of the VOOC flash charge is also very good, we did not find any excess temperature on the cellphone or in the adapter while charging, whether the cellphone was not in use or even while playing games.

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