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Village Mania: How This Coin Master Special Event Works – Droidcops

Aldea Manía is a special Coin Master event that unlocks from village 90. When this happens, you will randomly get a notice announcing that you can now build in your village with a 20% discount in all buildings or furniture.

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Village Mania: How This Coin Master Special Event Works - Droidcops 6

As I say, the only requirement is to have the village 90 or more. The appearance of this event, as is usually common in Coin Master, is something that occurs unexpectedly any day you open the app. You never know when it will touch you.

Are discounts applied to other sections of the game?

Regrettably, The only offers that are included are those referring to the purchase of furniture.or to complete villages, but not to buy spins or coins with money. This offer also does not apply to obtaining chests or cards, so everything else will remain as it was.

But, without a doubt, it is a great step to save coins and that you can build more with less. In fact, as you advance in level, the buildings become more expensive, and this is an excellent opportunity to build at a lower price.

Note that 20% on higher quantities, means a greater discount. Therefore, taking advantage of these types of discounts when you are at a high village level will be excellent to save several million coins with each construction.

Once I complete the village, will I continue with Aldea Manía?

Yes, completing the village will not reset this special event. The only thing that will cause the event to end is that the stipulated time is up for the same.

So, as a conclusion, we find that you can build as many things as you want, and climb as many levels as you want, as long as you are within the time limit and that you have a sufficient amount of game coins to make the purchases you want.

How long does the Aldea Manía event last?

Normally a maximum of 24 hours (the whole day), so We recommend that you open the game early each day just in case you have an event as interesting as this to save on the game.

Village Mania Coin Master event
Village Mania: How This Coin Master Special Event Works - Droidcops 7

This is because time does not start to run from the moment you see it, but from the moment the day begins. However, you will always have the option of checking the time remaining until the end of Aldea Manía from the machine section, where all active events are listed on the sides.

Although it is a rare event and does not usually come out every week, I would tell you that save for this event, and do not build anything until it appears. In this way, when Aldea Manía appears, you will build much more at once and you will be able to advance faster.

That is, during normal days you will not advance anything, but when the time comes, you will be able to advance much more easily thanks to the discounts on construction.

And you, do you have any more strategy for the game and make the most of Aldea Manía?

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