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Viking Mission: How to complete this Coin Master event – Droidcops

Viking Mission is one of the most popular special events in the Coin Master app. And it is no wonder, because by completing certain missions we can obtain dozens of special rewards that I will detail below.

But, first of all, you should know that To unlock the Viking Mission you must reach village 50 or higher.

Once you meet this requirement, it will appear randomly in your game, At least once a week for you to participate for free. When you least expect it, they will notify you one day that Viking Mission is available and that you can play this event.

How the Viking Mission roulette works

Your mission is complete the goal marked under the roulette wheel, which is usually, among others:

  • Earn a specified amount of coins, no matter how.
  • Earn a specified amount of coins, but through the Bonus prize. This, therefore, is a more difficult mission to complete than the previous one, since you need to align the 3 columns with said prize.
Viking Mission Rewards in Coin Master
Viking Mission: How to complete this Coin Master event - Droidcops 8

What happens if I don’t get Bonus but I do get coins?

With each spin you can have combinations that give you coins. For example:

  • 3 columns of the same suit.
  • 3 columns with a different suit each.
  • 3 columns with the winged viking.
  • 3 columns with the Viking woman.

However, if your current mission is to obtain coins through Bonus, but you are not getting Bonus, Likewise, you will be given the coins that you have obtained in that spin.

Viking Mission Missions in Coin Master
Viking Mission: How to complete this Coin Master event - Droidcops 9

That is the progress of the mission and the coins that the machine gives us go independently.

What is negative is that, if your bet is very high (say, 4 million coins) and the reward of your prize is only 1 million coins, your balance really remains negative with -3 million coins.

How many missions are there in Viking Mission?

You will have to complete a total of 10 missions to get the Grand Prize of the Viking Mission, which includes:

  • Millions of coins.
  • Many runs.
  • A lot of experience for your pet.
  • A golden card to complete your collections and get even more rewards.

The amount of rewards obtained in Viking Mission will depend on your village level, but the way forward will always be as follows:

Coin Master Viking Mission Reward Map
Viking Mission: How to complete this Coin Master event - Droidcops 10

For intermediate users, the average rewards that are usually obtained in each mission is as follows:

  • Mission 1: 5 Spins, coins and wooden chest
  • Mission 2: 10 spins, coins, potion of experience and golden chest
  • Mission 3: Coins and potion of experience
  • Mission 4: 15 spins, coins, potion of experience and magic chest.
  • Mission 5: 40 spins, coins, experience potion and magic chest
  • Mission 6: coins, potion and gold card
  • Mission 7: 50 spins, coins, potion and magic chest.
  • Mission 8: Coins, potion and magic chest.
  • Mission 9: 300 spins, coins, experience option, coin potion and magic chest.
  • Mission 10: 5,000 spins, coins, potion of experience and gold card.

It may also happen that, during your runs, you happen to be touched 3 winged Viking helmets. This corresponds to the Grand Prize, and they will give you several million coins (around 35 million coins).

If this happens, it is your lucky day, since it is something very unlikely and whose reward in coins is more than satisfactory.

How to get the Vikings in Viking Mission?

The truth is that the Coin Master algorithms are constantly evolving and it is difficult to establish a pattern that can serve all players, but we can recommend the following strategy that can help you bet more intelligently:

  1. First, invest small amounts of coins so as not to use up your saved coins. Little by little you will get new rewards and missions.
  2. Then make intermediate investments. For example, 2,500 million coins. In this way, it will be less difficult for you to save with each prize you obtain, since the reward will be greater.
  3. After making 20 spins alternating between small and intermediate investments, it is time to make high investments, with the maximum amount that they allow you at that time. You can make between 5 and 10 rolls, depending on how lucky you feel, to try to get that Grand Prize with the Vikings.

Finally, if you still have doubts about what this event is like, you can see how Viking Mission works in the following gameplay, where they explain the different elements of the interface to complete the missions, as well as reveal some of its prizes:

What do you think of this Coin Master event and its missions? Do you think it is one of the best that the game includes?

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