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USB Security Key Makes Hackers Dizzy! Here’s How To Use It | Droidcops

Data security is the most serious thing in the realm of the internet. Internet crimes such as eavesdropping and data theft may occur on the devices we use. Now there is a security device in physical form called USB Security Key.

Although Google has provided various ways to protect its users’ accounts from malware, there are still many password breaches and data theft committed by certain parties.

It seems that the security enhancements provided by Google some time ago, by means of 2-step verification via a code sent to a smartphone, are still not enough.

What is a USB Security Key?

USB Security Key

USB Security Key is a device that is packaged in the form of a USB, much like a flash drive. This device is designed to access the internet on smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

If you usually only need to use a password to access your Google account or other social media, now you need to plug in or connect a USB Security Key to your device to access these social media.

This is useful for further security to avoid hacking and theft of data in your account.

This feature supports many sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, GitHub, Dropbox, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Microsoft account services, Nintendo, Okta, and Reddit. You can also use it to sign in to macOS.

How does it work?

USB Security Key

This USB Security Key applies a one time password code or what is commonly called an OTP code, as in the Google Authenticator application. This OTP code will be sent to your mobile number, then you can verify it.

After entering your username and password to log in to your Google account, you are required to enter this security key on the usb port. If you don’t plug in the USB, then your account can’t be accessed.

How to Use USB Security Key

USB Security Key

To use a security key with your account, be it Google or any account, you must have two-factor authentication set up.

1. Sign in to your Google account, and click your profile icon in the top right corner. Select “Google Account”.

2. In the left menu, click “Security”. scroll down until you see “Sign in to Google”. Click the “2-step verification” link. At this stage, you may need to log into your account again.

3. Scroll down until you see “Set up alternative second step”. Look for the “Security Key” option and click “Add Security Key”.

USB Security Key

4. After that, you will get a notification to make sure the key is nearby but not plugged in. Click “Next.”

5. Insert your key into the USB port of your laptop or computer. Tap the button on the lock, then click “Allow”.

4. Name your USB Security Key.

USB Security Key

5. Now you are all set! You can return to your Google account page to rename, add, or remove additional keys.

You can also apply this step to other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. With this, you don’t have to worry about data hacking or eavesdropping. Good luck!

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