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Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games – Droidcops

Roblox is one of the platforms that offers endless universes and dimensions through its games, which can be created by its users. Given the infinity of options and offers, it can be difficult to select a good game. For this reason, below, we present you the best and most entertaining Roblox games.

Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 32

This game has a large number of visits, offers players the possibility of entering an airplane simulator. In addition, it allows the user to create their own plane and compete with it against other players. The creations range from ordinary airplanes to wacky vehicles, of course, with the possibility of flight. Among them are rockets, drones, cars and even boats, a mixture of all of these can be created.

To enter the game you can do it through the following link.

Meep city

Roblox Meep City games
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 33

Another of the games that are part of the best on Roblox is MeepCity, a game designed for building houses and living a virtual life. It allows players to create their avatar, from deciding their hairstyle and face, to choosing their clothes, all for free. Also, being a life simulator, you will have the opportunity to choose a partner, friends and adopt a pet.

You can also go fishing, buy and decorate your house and play minigames with your friends. The content it offers is quite varied, its gameplay comes to resemble that of the Sims, ideal for those who love this game.

Enter Meep City and enjoy the experience through the following link.


Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 34

One of the games of more realistic life simulation andn all Roblox is RoVille, it is similar to MeepCity, however, its approach is more real. It offers players to do all kinds of activities, especially, getting money to make purchases or constructions. To live in RoVille you will have to work, wash, eat, sleep and pay bills, all just like in real life.

Live the best real life simulation experience in RoVille by entering the game through this link.

Adopt Me!

roblox Adopt me games
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 35

The game focuses on caring for a pet after choosingor adopt it. At the beginning of each game you will be able to choose what role to live in the middle of the game, if you decide to be a father, you will have to bathe, feed, dress your pet. Also, you will have to maintain the order of the home, you are allowed to go out to explore the neighborhood, visit your neighbors and spend time with them.

Despite being similar to The Sims, the scale that Adopt Me! It is much bigger. In addition, although it is focused on caring for your pet, it also offers other types of activities. Among these is the possibility of collecting particular creatures, some rare, fused or with unusual evolutions.

Link to enter and live the experience at Adopt Me!

Theme Park Tycoon 2

ThemePark Tycoon 2
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 36

This game is characterized by falling into the category of “management”, the type of game that is usually most popular within Roblox. Players have the opportunity to create and build your own amusement park, It brings with it an endless number of objects to mount all kinds of attractions. It also allows the builder to install food stands for visitors.

As time goes on in-game, more visitors will arrive at the theme and amusement park you created. Remember that an essential point for this is to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the space, only then will the visitors be completely satisfied.

Create your own amusement park and enjoy the experience here.

Dungeon quest

Dungeon quest
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 37

Dungeon quest is a classic role-playing game, there are different types of missions available. Each of them helps the player to gain experience and thus improve their basic attacks. They advance in enchantments or powerful weapons. Similarly, in this game there is a section in which players can engage in close combat or ranged combat.

For their part in Dungeon Quest the players They can also interact with their environment and with NPC characters. The latter are of great help when trying to make yourself stronger. To enjoy the experience in this classic role-playing game, enter this link.


Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 38

The game falls into the category of horror, its plot and development is quite peculiar. As the name implies, Piggy is a game in which some sinister and anthropomorphic pigs will appear that have the objective of catching the players. They will go for each one of them and they will not stop until they catch them.

In addition, the game has different maps to be explored by the players. The goal, as a player, aside from trying not to get caught, is leave the map in less than 10 minutes. During this time he must get different objects that will facilitate his exit. Simply put, Piggy is a survival horror game, you can play alone or with your friends.

Live the sinister and horror experience of Piggy here.

Fish game

Fish game
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 39

The Squid Game, the popular Netflix series, also made its way to Roblox. As in the series, the experience offered by Fish Game allows your players to participate in the macabre contest and each of its stages. It offers to live the tension and the danger of dying in each of the children’s and traditional games in their extreme versions.

If you are attracted to traditional and extreme games, the squid game will be the ideal Roblox experience. In the next link you can start the game.

Dragon Blox Ultimate

DragonBlox Ultimate
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 40

The experience offered by this game may allow you have an adventure as a real super saiyan. However, if what you want is to give life to another character and play with it, it will also be possible for you to adapt your avatar to it, regardless of whether it is a hero or a villain. The game offers different items to transform your avatar and make it as similar as possible to the characters from Dragon Ball.

In addition, it also gives abilities such as flying, melee fighting, throwing energy balls and recharging your ki. All this you can do in the middle of the battle against your opponent. Enjoy the Dragon Ball experience here.

Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand

Final Stand Roblox
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 41

Roblox has the great advantage that it offers games based on or imitating other licenses. In this case, we are talking about Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand. Sand focuses mainly on the combat between different characters that are part of the anime created by Akira Toriyama.

In the midst of confrontations, players have the opportunity to use the character’s techniques. You can charge your ki, fly and dodge attacks the way they do in Dragon Ball Z. The most noticeable variation in this game, compared to the anime, is its cubic aesthetic, otherwise, it sought to maintain the same essence.

Enter the next link to access the game.

Bitcoin miner

roblox Bitcoin Miner games
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 42

The main objective of this game is to convert your players at a broker of the popular cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”. With this, you have the opportunity to build and start an empire in which success will be assured, an empire on the internet with respect to cryptocurrency. The gameplay focuses on knowing how to handle the cards, being intuitive and knowing how to move so that the blockchains are in our favor.

Become a broker and enter Bitcoin Miner on Roblox at the next link.

Zombie stories

Zombie stories
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 43

In Roblox, the zombie genre is very popular and especially, it stands out even more when the game includes shooting. This is the theme that Zombie Stories handles, It has different maps for your character to develop in the game world. The main objective of the game is to prevent the place from being destroyed by the great horde of zombies. You do this with your character, who is part of a special elite force.

A point that also stands out in Zombies Stories is that your arsenal will be transformed. You will be able to acquire better equipment and protection as you progress through the game. Also, remember that You will play in a team of maximum 5 members, each one of them has a special ability which he chooses at the beginning of the game.

If what you are looking for is an experience full of emotion and adrenaline, Zombies Stories is your best option, enter here.

My Farm

My Farm Roblox
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 44

One of the best and most requested in terms of simulators is that of farms and in Roblox, it could not be missing. As is common on a farm, this game focuses on growing plants and selling them. Additionally, players can hire other farmers to help them with their crops. It also allows tools for cultivation and field work to be created or purchased.

Access My Farma de Roblox through the following link.

Farming and Friends

Farming and Friends
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 45

Another farm simulator that stands out amid Roblox is Farming and Friend. Here, as in My Farm, it allows its players to grow their own agricultural crops. As players and builders of the farm, you will have the possibility of getting your own machinery such as tractors or combines.

Similarly, another great advantage of this farm simulator is that there is a building in which you can carry the raw material and trade with it. The game mode can be both solo and in a group or cooperative with your friends, you can enter through the following link.

Mega Noob Simulator

roblox Mega Noob Simulator games
Top 15 Most Entertaining Roblox Games - Droidcops 46

A word that defines this game is “addictive”, once you enter, it will be so entertaining that you will want to continue there. The main goal is to get stronger, defeating or fighting the giant a background task. The way you can get more strength is through combat, by defeating certain creatures you can also get coins. With these it will be possible to buy training equipment and thus increase the muscle mass of your avatar.

Have fun and make your avatar’s muscles increase in this link.

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