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This is the Pokémon Go 2022 Event Calendar – Droidcops

If yesterday we received the news from the Pokémon Go team of a new wardrobe and the January event based on Spheal, now the official website still brings us more information and exclusive about what they have planned for the beginning of 2022.

This is the Pokémon Go 2022 Event Calendar - Droidcops 19

Christmas, without a doubt, is a time when our favorite games, to promote themselves or attract more players, flood us with events, rewards and other tasks, getting us excited for the future and contemplating a very promising horizon.

Tie your belts curves are coming.

January Research Rewards

Looking ahead to next year, Pokémon Go will begin its journey to 2022 giving us as research rewards to the pokemon Onyx together with a very special material: Mega-energy from Steelix, his steel-like evolution, which raises the iron serpent to mega-evolution.

Mega Steelix

As an important note, advance that, if you are lucky, that Onix what awaits you at the end of the investigation can go out Shiny. There we leave it …

Weekly lots

Each monday in january, Pokémon Go, in your game store, will sell us, for a single pokémoneda, a special pack that will contain insurance a remote raid pack along with other arbitrary items.

Pokemon go remote raid

Considering which Pokémon will decide to invade gyms next month, it suits you a lot don’t pass up any of these insultingly generous offers.

Featured Raid Pokémon

Not suitable for those prone to heart attack …


Put on your shoes because 2022 begins with a dragon-like feel, well Kyurem He decides to leave his ice cave to challenge us to a legendary duel. This anthological Pokémon dragon and ice type, capable of absorbing Zekrom and Reshiram, will require a powerful human team to defeat him.

Kyurem will be available until January 7.

Kyurem pokemon


An old friend decides to go back to the raids: the volcanic titan Heatran, the quintessential fire-type tank. Available right after Kyurem’s disappearance, January 7, until 15 of the same month. Specifically on a Saturday.

Heatran pokemon

Genesect FulgoROM

For the first time in Pokémon Go, Genesect will appear with a form never seen before: the FulgoROM. This artificial Pokémon, with the appearance of an insect with indigestion, will challenge us from January 15 to 24, making it clear that, no matter how much it may weigh, the best Pokémon ever created by the human hand is Mewtwo.

It is important to note that this Genesect in particular you will know as standard the movement Tecno Shock.

Genesect fulgorom pokemo


To end the raids and the month, Regice, one of the three elemental titans of Hoenn, will close this cycle of epic battles from January 24 to February 1, bringing the final point to an anthological lunar cycle.


The Mega Raids

Two will be the megaevolutions that will result in raids during January 2022. Although the first is known, the second is released in Pokémon Go for the first time:


The giant plant and ice type will be available until January 7, reminding us why it is such a feared megaevolution.

mega abomasnow pkemon


The prehistoric rock-type dinosaur debuts his mega-evolution in Pokémon Go with his trademark elegance and wishing not to provoke any Charizard.

This beauty will be available from january 7or February 1.

Mega aerodactyl pokemon

Upcoming events in chronological order

  • New Years event: From Friday, December 31, 2021 at 10 p.m., until Tuesday, January 4 at 8 p.m., Pokémon Go will welcome the new year with Pokémon in disguise and new elements for its avatars.
  • Mountains of Power– From Friday January 7th to Thursday January 13th, Spark will activate the second lock on the mystery door, uncovering similar terrain to Johto and Sinnoh.
  • Electric and Steel Type Event to Commemorate Kanto Power Station– From Wednesday, January 19 to Tuesday, February 1, Spark will remain in the limelight by gathering Electric Pokémon to activate the final phase of the Mystery Door …

If you are a Pokémon Go player, you have many reasons to wish for an early change of year.

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