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Third Star for Archer – Droidcops

Last Monday, August 2, we were presented with what will be the final form of the Archer character. Again through a clip on the official Clash Mini accounts, the creators share the character with an added star. The same would complete the final phase of Archer, getting a total of three stars, which are located on one side of the health bar.

In the post made, a question was posed to the followers of the video game: what will Archer do with three stars? Undoubtedly, the first thing that can be appreciated in the video is the speed with which the character launches his attacks. In addition, it is confirmed again that the archer first focuses on the opponents who are further away from her to start the confrontation.

For its part, as seen in the clip, this last star added to Archer is the one that grants the character speed. However, the speed of his attacks is limited since when starting the battle he will only have six seconds to take advantage of that speed.

How to get the stars for Archer?

It is said that one of the ways to get a star for Archer is by permanently unlocking the “star mini.” Once this has been done, the player will be able to have each of the stars in his collection and at his disposal. Above all, if an archer with three stars remains in the collection. The other way to achieve this is by letting the game develop normally as eventually the character will update and the stars will appear.

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