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The First Mickey Air Purifier in Indonesia, Collaboration between Notale and Disney | Droidcops

The air purifier is a device that has a very important function. Because this air purifier functions to keep the air in the house fresh and clean.

Its ability can filter incoming air pollution and remove various particles measuring more than 0.3 microns to 99.9%. This includes viruses, germs and bacteria.

That’s why, now many families are choosing an air purifier to keep the air at home clean and healthy. In addition to its function, another thing that can be considered when buying an air purifier is the shape of the design.

With an attractive air purifier design, it can certainly add to the beauty of the interior of the room. Unfortunately, most of the available air purifiers look quite ‘market’.

No need to worry, because Notale has a solution that can eliminate your boredom with the same-looking air purifier.

After the success of the Notale Air Purifier NTL-AP1, now Notale has added another line to their air purifier line. This time, the latest Notale air purifier looks more attractive.

Present in the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier model, this device offers something different from the air purifiers on the market.

This new Notale Air Purifier is the result of a collaboration between Notale and Disney. Limited production, the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier will change the interior of your room to be more attractive and cheerful.

In addition to design, the features in this latest air purifier are also powerful enough to kill germs, viruses or bacteria. Well, if you’re interested, Droidcops will briefly review some of the cool features of this latest Disney Notale Air Purifier.

Check out the review below.

Disney Exclusive Design

Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey EditionPhysically, there is actually no significant difference from the previous Notale Air Purifier series, namely the NTL-AP1. However, one of the main points that distinguishes the Notale NTL-AP1 from the Notale Air Purifier Disney is the use of the word ‘Disney’.

Yep, as mentioned earlier, Notale has indeed collaborated with Disney. You could say the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier is the first air purifier product in Indonesia to collaborate with Disney, one of the largest entertainment and media companies in the world.

Disney itself is known for its cute and adorable cartoon characters, one of which is Mickey Mouse. Well, in this collaboration, Notale put Mickey Mouse in the body of the Disney Air Purifier.

The Mickey Mouse image dominates the front view of the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier. Where the cheerful Mickey Mouse character is combined with interesting color combinations.

Notale offers two color options to choose from, namely Red and White. Both are suitable when placed in any room, it can be in the living room, family room, or maybe in the children’s room.

What makes it special is that this Notale air purifier is produced in limited editions. Reportedly, Notale only produces 1000 units of Disney’s Notale Air Purifier worldwide, including Indonesia.

If you buy it means you are one of the lucky 1000 people to own a Disney Notale Air Purifier. We think this is quite interesting, because Notale is the only air purifier that looks different by placing characters on the body of the device.

Features of Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey Edition

Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey EditionNow discuss its features. In terms of specifications and features, the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier is not much different from the first generation Notale Air Purifier. One of them is the HEPA Filter.

In an air purifier device, the filter is one of the vital features. Because the presence of a filter in the air purifier serves to catch viruses, bacteria and pollution.

And HEPA (High-efficiency particulate absorbing) is the best filter choice to filter viruses, bacteria and pollution. Well, the HEPA filter in the Notale air purifier is very effective at capturing almost every particle size, from viruses, bacteria, pollen, PM2.5, allergens, and more.

Notale also applies dual protection. Where after the HEPA Filter is filtered, harmful particles such as viruses, bacteria or other dust are destroyed with a UV Sterilizer.

For those who don’t know, the existence of the UV Sterilizer feature on the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier is very important. Because ultraviolet light is very effective at killing viruses, microbes and bacteria. Especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

So the combination of a HEPA filter and UV Sterilizer in the device is of added value to destroy viruses, microbes and bacteria that are accidentally brought in from outside the house.

Regarding the coverage area, the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier is able to provide room circulation up to 50m2. So it is very suitable to be placed in an important space, such as the living room or bedroom.

Operating this device is also very easy. Several touch buttons are provided such as on/off (turns on or off the device), night light (activates the led light), child lock (locks the button to avoid the reach of children), timer (to set the active duration of the device 2/4/8 hours), and mode (set the level of suction starting from high, mid, low).

What’s easier, you can operate this device only through a smartphone device. To connect the Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier with a smartphone, simply install an application called smart life.

Once installed then connect the device with the smartphone via the same WIFI network. The process is not long and only takes a few minutes.

Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier Price

If you are interested in owning this Disney Mickey Edition Notale Air Purifier, you can pre-order it starting August 26, 2021.

Comes with two choices, namely red and white, the price of the Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey Edition is priced at IDR 2,290,000. The latest Notale air purifier also has a 2 year warranty period and can be bought here.

So, do you want to choose Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey Edition – Red Series or Notale Air Purifier Disney Mickey Edition – White Series?

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