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If a few months ago we were talking about the new Supercell, Clash Heroes, no one can deny that Clash Royale has become an essential reference regarding the world of eSports.

It is true that this onrail strategic has achieved conquer millions of people in a world where esports, at last, have been recognized as the present and the future of this industry.

The best tournaments for Clash Royale and how to sign up - Droidcops 13

Leaving aside that the 1 player mode is attractive, the most ambitious players contemplate the horizon of competitiveness, one based on tournaments of all levels, because although we want to be world or European champions, a specific competition that can bring us great rewards also interests us.

How to join a Clash Royale tournament?

As everything in this life, Clash Royale tournaments can be divided into different categories according to their importance and relevance. So… let’s do that.

Join from the same game

This is undoubtedly the easiest and simplest option, which will save you a tsunami of puzzles and, thus, facilitate the fact of signing up to the tournaments of Clash Royale.

The procedure is very simple: once in the initial screen of the game, you go to the main menu, where the icon of three horizontal lines and, when you click it, you get the following options:

Clash Royale main menu
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After reaching King level 5, the option to participate in tournaments will open to you. These can vary in caliber and perspective; some of a higher or lower level; Although it is true that they are not the most popular, they will make you advance in level, thus being able to start building a high gamma deck and, in addition, to obtain rewards capable of raising us to the throne of this war between kings of generous weight.

Clash Royale tournaments

It’s true, most are private or with password, but usually they will be tournaments belonging to your own clan. You simply have to ask for this password and your journey towards the elite will begin.

National and special tournaments

We raise the level, and not only of the tournament per se, but of the game, because if not it will be impossible to aspire to certain tournaments of the Clash Royale where the best of the country meet or, even if it is something more local, the demand will be an important factor, since the elite can emerge from the most humble situations.

Although much of this information can be found in the Official Twitter, some require a little research. One of your best options at the Spanish level is the tournament organized by RTVE, the public television of Spain, which offers national players a good opportunity to take the first steps on the road to success.

RTVE Clash Royale Tournament
The best tournaments for Clash Royale and how to sign up - Droidcops 15

European tournaments and world level

Raising our presence in this world will depend on our persistence in getting a good hand of cards. and, in addition, of high level and higher quality, still. So what is the direction to go?

The well-known platform offers us the opportunity to manage and participate both in European and world tournaments, making our stocks much more comfortable.

Remember that you can filter tournaments by region, selecting Spain, among others.

World Clash Royale tournaments
The best tournaments for Clash Royale and how to sign up - Droidcops 16

The Clash Royale League

The quintessential Clash Royale tournament, where the best in the world, regardless of origin but with the same destiny, meet to test their skills in a competition not suitable for the faint of heart.

While this year’s edition has ended, giving as champion Mugi, a Japanese boy, you should always be attentive, because this is the elite of the elites; the Olympus where the Gods of the Clash Royale release all their virtues without complexes, making them reach to the highest possible status where, without a doubt, if someone has always had the objective of to be able to live on this, it will.

Always have the Twitter official so as not to miss a detail and, in the case of not being able to participate, it would be good to see it live or delayed to learn from the best and apply these strategies to our style and ability.

We all start from the same level. The important thing is to know how to advance and rise above the kings who control the castle.

If you want to be even more informed, subscribe to Youtube channel where the official announcements are edited with video and audio to give the epic sense to an unprecedented electronic competition.

Clash Royale World Champion

Never lose sight the links we provide you, as they are updated regularly and may provide you with the key opportunity for your electronic future to stop being virtual to become something palpable.

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