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The best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile

In Lords Mobile, one of the most important activities is hunting monsters, and gaining experience to strengthen the heroes. In this sense, it is vital that you know the best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile.

best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile

You must know that all monsters are the same, therefore, it is essential that you know their characteristics so that you can form the best team of heroes. Know the vulnerabilities of monsters and choose the best heroes to easily defeat them. Keep in mind that the monsters will not always be the same, as they rotate throughout the days.

In Lords Mobile it is essential to balance a team of five heroes, in order to lead our armies. In addition, it is advisable to have a tank, a healer and three DPS, however there are variants and we will tell you the best one.

Best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile

Below you will find a list of the best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile, and their characteristics and abilities. So you will know which ones to choose to build your team of powerful heroes.

You can choose the hero with the best ability, according to the monster you are going to fight. Choose from the best tanks, healers and DPS.

The best tanks

The tanks are made up of incredible heroes characterized by their powerful abilities.

Joan, the pink knight

Joan, the pink knight is a cavalry hero, which you can unlock by beating the elite stage 6-12 or 8-9. This knight can stun enemies for a secondIt also has the ability to reduce the damage suffered, heal an ally and activate shields. The pink knight can also be used as a healer if necessary, for example, when rival troops cause a lot of damage.

This brave pink dress, you can find it quickly if you buy it in the store at promotional prices. The offer may vary, but it will always be available.

best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile Rose Knight
The best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile 22

Shane the deadly knight

This cavalry hero can be unlocked by beating elite stage 3-18, 5-15, or 8-12.

It has a great ability to survive and de deal substantial damage to multiple enemies at once. It should be noted that its greatest advantage is being able to revive after being defeated for the first time, increasing physical damage and then returning to life.

Best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile - lethal knight

Deeproot, the observer

Deeproot, the observer. He is an infantry hero that can be unlocked by beating stage 3 of the hell event.

East Hero is used to increase the attack life of the other members of the troops. Deeproot, the observer is highly durable and can cause massive damage to multiple enemies. By combining the observer with other heroes, it helps to lower the defense of enemies and thus make the most of Deeproot.

Best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile -the watcher

The best healers

Test the effectiveness of the best healers.

Felicia, Cousin Donna

This is a siege hero that you can unlock by beating normal stage 1-6. Without a doubt, she is the best healer in the whole game, and she is easy to obtain.

Has the ability to heal the entire team with a considerable sum of life points, you can also combine any type of heroes. To get the most out of this healer, you must place her in the second line of the formation.

Best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile - La prima Donna

Lochfin, the Squire of the Sea

An infantry hero that is unlocked by beating elite stage 1-6, 4-6, or 6-3. This is a healer with a survivability on par with tanks. This means that its final ability does not heal, but it does quite a bit of damage while it is healing the army.

Sea squire

Best DPS

An excellent option to advance in the game.

Boom-Hilda, the tracker

This is a rank DPS hero, which you can get by beating elite stage 2-15 or 7-6. Its ability is to stun enemies from afar, and it also has the ability to cause damage to the entire rival army. This is the deadliest hero in the one-on-one game, causing lethal damage to his opponent. He has the ability to attack from afar, making him a difficult character to defeat.

best heroes to hunt in lords mobile - boom hilda the tracker

Monica the Incinerator

A magic hero unlocked by beating normal stage 7-18. This is a deadly sorceress capable of causing huge explosions to stun the entire enemy army. If we combine this hero with tanks that have the ability to stun, you can manage to annul the opponent. Monica, the incinerator must be protected, for this you must keep it in the last line of formation.

These are without a doubt the best heroes of Lords Mobile. Accumulate coins by beating each stage and unlock the heroes to strengthen your guild. And when you get all your heroes, remember that you must balance your team in the best way.

Monica the Incinerator

Useful tips for hunting in Lords Mobile

Get the most out of monster hunting by following these helpful tips. There are many details that you must take into account to achieve a successful hunt and become a magnificent hunter.

Create or join a guild

Being part of a guild is quite beneficial. Well, each member receives chests of hunted monsters, obtaining rewards, it is also useful to hunt with the collaboration of other colleagues, to save energy. If you create your own guild, you must have a minimum of 11 members, otherwise the game will send you a warning and close your guild.


Investigate monster hunting at the academy

Find the monster investigations in the academy, and prioritize leveling up each of the investigations. This helps you do more damage, save energy, and hunt monsters of any level. These are investigations that can be done while hunting monsters.:

  • Monster Hunt X, which allows you to hunt monsters even up to level x.
  • Recovery, limit and energy savings, to recover energy quickly, increasing the maximum energy and spending the least per hunt.
  • Aggressive hunter, to increase the number of hunts in a row against the same monster, increasing the damage bonus.
  • Animal handling to travel faster
  • Monster hunter, to boost the damage you do to monsters
  • Survival tactics, to increase the maximum life of the heroes
  • Hunter recovery, to regenerate the life of your heroes more quickly
  • Magic Points Advantage, for the heroes to use other abilities.

Hunt low level monsters until you get stronger

If you’re just starting out, focus primarily on Level 1 monsters. Before you start hunting Level 2 or Level 3 monsters, make an effort to progress through investigations and heroes. If you don’t spend a lot of energy and the rewards you will get will be few.

Among all Guild members can help each other to hunt monsters. thus defeat those of level 4 or 5 and win chests as a reward.

Discover the weakness of each of the monsters

To hunt efficiently, it is essential that you know the vulnerability of a monster. For example, to know the Trojan horse’s weakness you must press the icon framed in the image. Clicking sends you to an informational screen that says the type of damage, its greatest strength and its weakness.

Monsters are weak to physical and magical attacks.


These are very useful tips to have fun and advance to the level, becoming a professional playing Lords Mobile. Knowing the best heroes will allow you to have the ability to advance quickly in the game. However, in addition to these tips, follow these additional recommendations, and you will see how well you will do in the game:

  • Build optimal teams to hunt monsters.
  • Upgrade your heroes constantly.
  • Find the hunter set equipment.
  • Know each type of monster.

Get the best heroes to hunt in Lords Mobile and have the most fun playing Lords Mobile like a pro.

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