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Coin Master has become a game that has revolutionized the dynamics of digital platforms with its innovative system of spins. Therefore, it is normal that other games are released that have a similar strategy.

If you are looking for a game that looks like Coin Master, but perhaps it has a slightly different theme or setting, this is the ideal place for you.

Why are there so many games similar to Coin Master?

This question is quite frequent for fans of this game, because When entering any App Store, we can see that there are not only 5, but there are many more games that are very similar to this, and the answer lies in how attractive this game is to the public.

The system of the machines and the interactive adventures to which users are inserted daily, makes them always stay hooked on the game. In addition, the possibility of connecting with your friends and looting their villages also makes this game very captivating.

What are the 5 games most similar to Coin Master?

Despite the fact that Coin Master is the game that has become more famous in this style of multiplayer, the truth is that there are a large number of games that are very similar, and that offer the same benefits as Coin Master.

If you are already bored of the same theme and want a game that is just as entertaining, but with other qualities, you can download some of the options that we mention below:

1. Pirate Master

Pirate master
The 5 games most similar to Coin Master - Droidcops 12

This game has also become very famous, as its development dynamics are very addictive and it keeps its users hooked on it. It is quite similar to the Coin Master style, but its theme refers to a world of pirates.

In this game there is also a machine with spins that will provide you with the money you need to build and strengthen your own island. After that, you must crush all possible opponents looting their islands and stealing their treasures.

It was created by CookApss and features more than 500,000 downloads on the Play StoreIn addition to this, it has a 4.5 star rating. Its download is completely free and like Coin Master, it has a series of interactive elements that you can buy but are not essential to enjoy the game.

2. Piggy Boom

Piggy boom
The 5 games most similar to Coin Master - Droidcops 13

It is a game developed by Aladin Interactive especially for Android systems, and it has more than 150,000 reviews on the Play Store, giving it a rating of 4.3 stars. East, promises to be an interactive game where you will win large amounts of coins and go on great adventures.

Also, like the previous games, this game is interactive, allowing you to connect with all your family or friends through Facebook. Also, it allows you to win special cards through its surprise chests, and exchange them with all your friends.

The special feature of this game is its theme and its characters, because unlike the previous one, Piggy Boom has a much broader theme. Here you can get from Caribbean islands, to mythical palaces of the East.

3. Island King

Island king
The 5 games most similar to Coin Master - Droidcops 14

This is one of the games most similar to Coin Master, since its theme is basically the same. However, Island King has a character with a different story. Its main character is Luna, a girl who lost her father, as a Dragon took him to a very distant island.

Luna’s objective is to travel through all the islands necessary to rescue her father (she does not do it alone), as she has a series of friends who accompany her. Along the way you will find several islands, all of them with different themes and with great treasures to discover.

Island King lets you play with three quite special interactive elements, with them you must create strategies to be victorious in each mission. These three main elements are: Build, Steal, and Attack.

It was developed by Forever9games, and it already has 4.4 updates, as its more than 10,000 downloads show that it has been quite popular. In addition to this, the game has a total of 368,800 reviews, and the vast majority of them leave them a 4.5 star rating.

4. Coin Trip

Coin Trip
The 5 games most similar to Coin Master - Droidcops 15

Coin Trip is a game quite similar to the famous Coin Master, but it maintains a different theme. As the name implies, in this game you will enter a world of travel and adventure where you must collect the pieces of a puzzle to discover new places.

The constructions that you can create here are quite varied (You can start with a building and then create your own monuments and dream places). Likewise, you can attack or assault other players to win coins and prizes that will allow you to improve your constructions.

You should know that, this game was designed by the Lion Studios platform and is available for Android and iOS systems, in addition, the file size is quite light. It should be noted that this game has more than 1,000,000 downloads and 40,000 reviews on the Play Store, which rate it with more than 4 stars.

5. City Boom

City boom
The 5 games most similar to Coin Master - Droidcops 16

This game is the one that has the most differences with Coin Master, but at the same time it is one of the most similar, because instead of the classic slot machine or slot machine, it has a magic wheel where the player can obtain other rewards such as gold and prizes.

Instead of having an island or a village to build, City Boom will give you the possibility to build your own city, which will be the basis of all your strategies. Like Coin Master, you must attack other towns to get the necessary rewards and continue to advance in level.

Some of the most iconic characters in this game are adorable pets that you can progressively win, and who will be the ones who will protect your cities while you are attacking your enemies.

With this game, you can also invite all your friends, and even combine objects to get extra coins by serving food to your inhabitants (this feature being one of the most attractive qualities of this version).

And you, which game similar to Coin Master do you like the most?

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