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TECNO Spark 7 Pro Review, Really Worth it in its Class! | Droidcops

TECNO Mobile Indonesia officially launched its newest cellphone, Spark 7 Pro to compete in the local smartphone market, by offering qualified specifications such as a 48 MP camera, 5000 mAh battery, 6 GB RAM, and a MediaTek Helio G80 processor.

Interestingly, the price tagged for the TECNO Spark 7 Pro spec is not up to 2 million. Armed with curiosity, I wanted to find out how much this cellphone is worth compared to the price tag.

In this review, I had the opportunity to try the TECNO Spark 7 Pro directly. This review is more inclined to discuss my experience when using it to perform various work and daily activities.

Especially for the camera, this smartphone favors the Super Night Shot feature as one of its main selling points. Here’s a full review of the TECNO Spark 7 Pro.

Unboxing TECNO Spark 7 Pro

tecno spark 7 pro price

The Techo Spark 7 Pro device is packaged in a striking yellow box, with large ‘SPARK 7 Pro’ writing on the front and left and right sides. The box design looks simple, but quite catchy.

Inside, there is one TECNO Spark 7 Pro smartphone device, one earphone, one charger cable, one charger head, and one transparent soft case.

Sturdy Design

tecno spark 7 pro price

The first impression when I held the TECNO Spark 7 Pro unit was ‘heavy’. Yes, the device that is included in this entry-level class has a sufficient weight of 210 grams. The feel I got when I tried it was solid.

Even in size, the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is quite comfortable to hold. This cellphone has dimensions of 164.9 x 76.2 x 8.8 mm which is not too big, but also not too small. In short, it fits.

In my hands which are rather large, the TECNO Spark 7 Pro feels comfortable, and the texture on the back panel cover really helps my grip not slip easily.

tecno spark 7 pro price

The triple camera carried by the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is in the upper left corner of the back panel, with a vertical design. While underneath there is text that says ‘AI’ and ‘SPARK’

The location of the fingerprint scanner on this TECNO cellphone is located on the back panel, in the middle position and slightly upwards. I wasn’t used to it at first, as I was more familiar with the on-screen scanner, but after using it for a few days, my fingers got used to it.

Overall, the design of the TECNO Spark 7 Pro looks contemporary, especially with the choice of colors. The TECNO Spark 7 Pro device that I am reviewing is the variant with Magnet Black color.

In addition to the Magnet Black color, there are also variants in Spruce Green and Alps Blue colors. What I like about the color selection is that the tonal tends to be darker.

Screen with 90Hz Refresh Rate

tecno spark 7 pro price

TECNO Spark 7 Pro is equipped with a 6.6-inch TFT screen that is capable of displaying HD+ quality images. The maximum resolution reaches 720 x 1600 pixels.

With a large screen size and a display that supports a 90Hz refresh rate, my experience while using it is quite satisfactory. Especially when trying to watch Youtube and play light games.

Even when I only use it to navigate, the screen response rate is quite fast. I didn’t find any issues or problems that bothered me too much while using it.

48 MP camera

tecno spark 7 pro price

TECNO Spark 7 Pro is equipped with a triple camera, with a configuration consisting of a 48 MP + 2 MP + QVGA camera. Then on the front there is a selfie camera located in the upper left corner, and carries a resolution of 8 MP.

The main segment of this cellphone targets teenage users (Gen Z), and carries the tagline “Spark 7 the Night”, with the superior feature of Super Night Shot. For this reason, the first camera test I did was to take pictures at night.

tecno spark 7 pro price

In the first test, I tried it to photograph the night view of Jakarta from the roof of the tower, using the Super Night Shot feature.

The photos are quite smooth, with not too much noise. However, in some of the photos that I took the objects tend to be smooth, so some details are lost.

tecno spark 7 pro price

I also tried several shots using the same feature, with different objects and shooting angles, and the results were admittedly not much different. Even so, for the specifications offered in the 1 million price range, I am quite satisfied with the photos.

It must be admitted, there are not many smartphones in the entry-level class that are capable of producing shots like the TECNO Spark 7 Pro. So that the presence of this smartphone will certainly make the competition for cellphones in the entry class even more attractive.

Next, I tested the camera to shoot several objects during the day. Honestly, I quite like the tonal color produced, because the colors are not too excessive and the details are also sharp, especially when used in places with sufficient light.

Its portrait mode is also quite good, although on some shots, the color tones for me are too warm. But for this matter, it’s more a matter of personal preference. Here are some shots I took.

tecno spark 7 pro pricePhotos use maximum zoom at night.

tecno spark 7 pro priceThe photo with the widest zoom.

tecno spark 7 pro pricePhotos in normal condition.

tecno spark 7 pro pricePhoto in portrait mode.

tecno spark 7 pro pricePhoto in portrait mode.

MediaTek Helio G80 Performance and Big Battery

tecno spark 7 pro price

TECNO Spark 7 Pro carries a MediaTek Helio G80 processor, and runs on the Android 11 operating system. This cellphone has 6 GB of RAM supported by 64 GB of internal memory.

To support its overall performance, the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery. Unfortunately, this cellphone does not support a USB type C port, because it still uses a micro USB connector.

My experience using TECNO Spark 7 Pro to play light games, there are no obstacles that are too annoying. Graphic display in the game also looks smooth, and navigation can be done smoothly. However, it must be admitted that the chipset it carries is not recommended for running heavy games.

Even when I use my smartphone to watch streaming shows, everything can be done smoothly and seamlessly. Coupled with a good internet network, viewing pleasure from the 6.6-inch screen is quite satisfying.

Battery life is quite durable, especially when used for a full day. I tried it with the battery fully charged since the morning around 9:00. The activities I do include watching Youtube, playing games, and running various applications quite intensely.

At around 8pm, the battery remaining was 42%. For me, the battery life is quite durable and only needs to be charged once to support activities throughout the day.


After being satisfied using it for 2 full days, I conclude that the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is a smartphone in the entry-level class that exceeds the average limit. That is, the overall performance is above my expectations.

For the price of Rp. 1,899,000 offered, I think it is very comparable to the specifications. What’s more, it’s still rare for cellphones in the entry class that offer large RAM like this TECNO Spark 7 Pro.

During the promo period, the price of the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is Rp. 1,799,000 through a Flash Sale which is carried out exclusively at Shopee starting on June 10, 2021.

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