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Team Offensive or Team Defense? – Droidcops

Recently through his official Twitter, Clash Quest, he conducted a survey of his followers and fans. In it, he focused on discovering what type of team is greater, the one that works more on its offense or who develops its defense more. Also, this post was shared with a small clip illustrating both teams. The results obtained determined that the followers of the video game are more of the offensive team.

In the first place, the video begins by setting up his offensive which is made up of the Barbarian, the Minion and the Wizard. The first attack is executed by the Minion with a 4 + 60% combo. This is followed by the Wizarda with an offense of 6 + 100% and finally the Barbarian. The attack that this last character executes was developed with a combo of 4 + 60%. The result that is displayed in the clip with these combinations is clear, they manage to break through and go to the next level.

For its part, when playing defense, the Minion is chosen again. Also, the Wizard and as for the barbarian, this changes by the Giant. However, it is also possible to see the participation of the Barbarian in this round of the clip. In fact, he is the first to act in this second part. It is followed by the Minion with the same type of attack used in the offensive, some bombs are used and the game ends, they got to the next level.

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