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Spear Goblin – Droidcops

Recently through the official Clash Mini Twitter account we shared a look at the Spear Goblin character. This, as its name implies, is a goblin that has the ability to attack from afar, as it throws a spear at its opponent. the same It was presented as a “Mini Lanza”, which allows to obtain the gold from a distance.

In the shared publication we are presented with a mini gameplay in which the character is seen in action. You can see how he executes his attack while away from his opponent. Likewise, the moment in which it obtains an attack “bonus” is observed. This will grants greater speed to face your enemy, that is, it manages to throw more spears in less time. However, this is limited to approximately five seconds.

For its part, another notable aspect in the clip is the scope of the Spear Goblin. It is clearly seen how the character must approach his opponent at a certain distance, otherwise he would not be able to execute his attack. Likewise, it is possible to see in the video that these will be the characteristics that it will have the character with a star. You will most likely increase your power and attack speed with two or three stars.

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