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Should I buy the Coin Master spins offers? – Droidcops

If you have ever played Coin Master, you should know that from the beginning of the game you are constantly being shown advertisements for it, so that you can buy its “offers” for multiple spins. This ad promises you can finish your village faster or strengthen its security. However, is it really useful to buy this option?

Why are spins on Coin Master so important?

Coin Master has become one of the most popular games in recent years, the number of downloads it has generated in some countries is historic and its income increases exponentially every year.

Basically, its fame is generated by the way the game is developed, as it was designed in such a way that it would always keep users “hooked” on it.. One of the most addictive parts of the game is the slot machine.

Using this system, you will be able to obtain the necessary coins and implements and then start building your own village. So, only by constantly pressing the “throw” button on the machine will you be able to continue the game.

What are Coin Master spins offers?

It is about the game’s own publicity, as we must remember that downloading and playing it is completely free. But, the application will somehow seek to obtain some extra income and that they do offering you some “bonuses” or packages that you can buy with real money.

These offers can also be seen on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube where iconic characters such as the Kardashians, Jennifer López, Gemma Collins, among others, are shown. Which makes them even more attractive to the niche the game is targeting.

The packages that appear in the game claim to be Limited and have offers that are quite captivating. One of the best-selling offers is the one that costs 13.99 Euros and offers you 55 M of coins, 680 spins, a special chest and some other details.

The truth is, novice players can be tempted and choose to buy these offers. But nevertheless, when someone has been around longer and more experienced in the game, they know that buying these packs is not as useful as they think.

Well, if you are just starting to create a village, the coins and everything that these packages offer you are not enough to finish it. This means that you will have to spend more than 14 euros per village, and even then, it will not be enough.

Although the fact of pulling the machine is somewhat addictive, many times players get tired and look for a way to obtain the bonuses in another way. That is why, they look for miracle offers for free or find a way to pay for high profits.

But, what many do not know, is that there is a free way to obtain spins and other bonuses totally free and in a safe way. This option is provided by the game itself and is much simpler than it seems.

There are several ways in which you can get completely free spins, coins and other bonuses, among the best known we have:

1. Watch the videos

The application offers a method where you can watch the videos of some ads that sponsor the game. These videos are not usually directly related to the game, but they are quite short.

In fact, right at the end of the runs that you are allowed, the same application gives you the option to see an ad to win an additional run. Although this way you will not get millions of spins, it can be a plus to build or improve your village more quickly.

2. Link the game to Facebook

This is the option most used by users who love Coin Master, because by connecting with Facebook and inviting a friend to download the game, they can get up to 40 additional spins.

One method that is becoming increasingly popular among players addicted to Coin Master is to create Facebook groups to form a network of friends who can invite each other and thus earn more coins and spins per day.

Another way is by asking your friends to download the game and give you their spins. The advantage of this option is that each friend can give you up to 100 spins per day. This method is the least frequent, because if your friend is also a Coin Master lover, it is not very safe that he will give you his spins.

3. Accepting Gift Emails

When a user just downloads the application, an option appears where they can accept receiving daily emails about the game. By accepting this option the player will be rewarded with a daily link where they are offered free spins.

The only problem with this option is that it can only be taken when the user has just downloaded the game, so you must be very aware if you are thinking of playing Coin Master.

As you can see, there are several ways to obtain a large sum of daily spins without having to pay large sums of money for them. And not only that, with these methods you will also get coins, surprise chests and other prizes.

You just need to get a little creative and spend time using each of these strategies and then find out which one works best for you.

Is it possible to get unlimited spins on Coin Master?

On the internet there are many pages that offer links or tricks to obtain unlimited spins in the game. The truth is that this is not possible, even by paying you can get unlimited spins forever, so much less can you do it for free.

There are also sites that offer you a large sum of coins, daily bonuses, packages and more, which can be obtained for free. Most of them are fake and what they are looking for is to hack your account. Because, We recommend that you be consistent with the game and win your coins and spins / spins through the options offered by the application.

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