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Shield Maiden: Round 2 – Droidcops

Clash Mini shares for his followers, again, another look at the character of Shield Maiden. However, on this occasion they also allowed us to appreciate how to add a star to the character we want. Let’s remember that they had already told us about the latter in another post, but we had not had the opportunity to visualize it in a clip. This is how the gameplay starts, adding a star to the PEKKA character and the goblin character.

In this sense, according to those who appreciated, it will be enough to add the character to the board. After this, if there is more than one, the character on the board is dragged. That is, if you want to add a star to the goblin that is on the board, just drag another goblin and settle on it. The important thing is to have a “reserve” in our ranks, since apparently the another way to get the stars is unlocking the “star mini”.

Now, in terms of what is seen regarding the character of Shield Maiden, in this second round, it is little. However, it can be noted, again, as his attacks cause obvious damage to the enemy. In this case, with only three attacks he managed to finish off the opponent, of course, at the end of the video you can see how he received help.

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