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Through a video on the YouTube platform, developer Andy and Clash Mini’s manager were in conversation with content creator Molt. In the clip they focused on talking about the season reboot, they shared how it will work and the great news that it will bring. First of all, Andy let the players know that for the season reset, the achievements and progress they have made so far will stick. That is to say, the only thing that would change is the stars that are had with the minis since these will be exchanged for more prizes.

In other words, the minis that have been collected until the season reset will remain. While the stars will shrink and take to trade for prizes. Between these many coins, heroes, gems can be found and some other exclusivities. The goal of the Season Reboot is to provide players with a fresh and refreshed experience with new minis and new heroes. In addition, Andy commented that it seeks to offer something new and fresh for the player to solve in the game.

For his part, the “update without regret” was commented in the middle of the interview. That is to say, with the direction that the seasonal reset is taking, many users will seek to update without any fear. Now, it was also clarified that the only thing that will reset with reboot seasonal are all those aspects that are obtained for free. For gems or cash, this will remain with the player. Likewise, they gave a small taste of the things that they are planning, always, in order to satisfy the needs of the players.

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