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In the range of Samsung phones, the Galaxy M series (M and Ms) are more targeted at using large batteries. If previously there was the Samsung Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 with a 500mAh battery, the latest Samsung has also brought the Galaxy M30s with a number of improvements.

One of the feature improvements on the Galaxy M30s is in a larger battery capacity, reaching 6000mAh. Changes are also in the camera sector which presents a higher resolution. Including better performance with the presence of the Ai Gaming Booster feature.

With these improvements, of course, this latest Samsung cellphone offers longer durability with better photo quality than its predecessor. To prove it, here are the results of our experience while using the Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Thin Design

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewIn form, the Samsung Galaxy M30s still carries a slim body and wide screen. The front view is dominated by a wide screen with a notch called Infinity-U. And this section is nothing different from the previous series, namely the Galaxy M30.

Likewise for the placement of buttons and ports, the position is also the same. Where the power and volume buttons can be accessed on the right side and the SIM card port on the left. Then the charging port, speakers and 3.55mm audio jack are placed at the bottom.

While on the back, we will see the placement of 3 cameras complete with LED flash and fingerprint sensor. Compared to the Galaxy M30 series which places an LED flash under the camera, the Galaxy M30s actually puts the flash next to the main camera. So that this camera compartment looks large with a square shape.

Likewise for the gradation pattern on the cover. The Samsung Galaxy M30s applies gradient coloring with a pattern from right to left. The device we tested had a blue to green gradient pattern. The other colors are black and white.

Super AMOLED screen

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy M30s uses a 6.4-inch FHD+ resolution screen. This screen looks spacious because the bezel size is quite thin. It feels very spacious when watching videos or playing games. Moreover, this screen already uses a Super AMOLED panel, so it is able to produce sharp and colorful images.

It’s not easy to find a cellphone in the 2 million price range that already uses a Super AMOLED panel. And this is the main attraction. The advantages of Super AMOLED screens are deep blacks, bright colors, and accurate balance.

The brightness setting also doesn’t have to be high, just setting it below 50 percent can already see the screen comfortably. It’s just that, the panel is a little shiny which gives a pretty annoying reflection effect. But in general the screen is very classy in its class.

48MP camera

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewThe camera is one of the features on the Galaxy M30s that has undergone quite a significant change. Although the Galaxy M30 and Galaxy M30s both use three rear cameras, the number of resolutions is much increased. For comparison, the previous Galaxy M30 had a resolution of 13MP + 5MP + 5MP. And the Galaxy M30s has a 48MP + 8MP + 5MP camera installed.

The 48MP main camera has an aperture of f/2.0. To produce photos with a 48MP sensor, make sure you have it set at the highest resolution. Look in the top menu in the camera app, select the ratio 3:4 High (48MP). The resulting photos are very good, in abundant light conditions the images are sharp and clear. Zoomed up to 100 percent the image can still be seen clearly.

However, the process of saving shots with a 48MP sensor takes a little longer than using a lower resolution. Because the resulting photo has a fairly large file size, ranging from 10MB to 15MB with a resolution of 8000 x 6000p. But the results are quite satisfactory when printed in large sizes.

Here are the photos:

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewSamsung Galaxy M30s ReviewThis main camera will be supported by a 123-degree ultra-wide lens with an 8MP resolution with an aperture of f/2.2. Although only 8MP but its ability to capture objects in a wide angle is quite good. Although not very sharp, but the photos are quite bright and clear. Suitable for photos of buildings, landscapes and more. To use this ultrawide camera, simply slide the tree icon above the shooting menu.

Here are the photos with the ultrawide camera:

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewOne other camera is a 5MP Depth Lens which is used to produce bokeh photos. The results of the bokeh photos are also reliable, as long as the photos taken are in accordance with the instructions that appear on the screen, especially in terms of distance.

Because if the distance between the camera and the object is too far or too close it will affect the results. Tap the object that will be the focus and if the ‘effect ready’ notification appears, the photo is ready to be taken. To produce bokeh photos, select the Live Focus menu from the camera menu.

Here are the results of bokeh photos on the Galaxy M30s:

Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewOh yes, the Galaxy M30s camera also has an increase in video recording which now supports formats up to 4K (2160p). Interestingly, Samsung has also embedded the Super Steady feature to keep video recordings.

To activate the Super Steady feature, you can tap the hand icon above which is parallel to the settings menu, flash and resolution. It feels special, because this feature was first used on the Galaxy M series line.


Samsung Galaxy M30s ReviewSpeaking of performance, the Samsung Galaxy M30s is powered by an Exynos 9611 processor or the same as that used by the Samsung Galaxy A50s. The processor is improved from the Galaxy M30 which uses the Exynos 7904 processor.

This increase will certainly be felt, because it has a speed of up to 2.3Ghz + 1.7Ghz. Including when used for gaming. All popular games with high graphics can be played smoothly, such as Call of Duty (COD), PUBG or Asphalt 9. Moreover, in Extreme settings, this latest Samsung cellphone is still able to provide stable frame rates.

This is also inseparable from the influence of the Ai Gaming Booster feature installed by Samsung. This feature will optimize the gaming experience on the Galaxy M30s. Because AI Gaming Booster can recognize all types of games being played and automatically optimize performance according to needs. This feature will analyze whether the game is heavy or casual, then optimize the balance between battery, performance and temperature.

But it’s a bit unfortunate, to open some applications there is still a little delay. Even though the RAM capacity provided is quite large, namely 4GB with 64GB of internal memory. Maybe in the next software update this problem can be solved.

We also include the results of the benchmark test, here are the results:

Benchmark Score
Antutu V8 182476
Geekbench 5 349 (single), 1342 (multi)

Big Battery

The battery is the selling point of the Samsung Galaxy M30s, because it has a 6000mAh capacity embedded in it. Being the largest in the Samsung cellphone line, including the Galaxy M and Ms itself.

To test the battery life, we have done a series of tests that are not unusual from previous reviews. Includes browsing, gaming, watching videos, to using the camera. Including playing PBUG games from 100 percent to the end. Here are the results:

Test Duration Battery Down
Full PUBG game 8 hours 25 minutes (50% brightness + wifi)
Browsing (Chrome) 1 hour 4%
Watch movies (non-streaming) 1 hour
2 hours
PUBG Games 1 hour
2 hours
10 – 12%
HD Youtube Streaming (Wifi) 2 hours
3.5 hours
Asphalt 9 Games 1 hour
2 hours
Social media (Instagram, FB) 1 hour 6%
Camera (photo and video) 1 hour 10%
Play music 1 hour 6%

To support battery performance, Samsung has also embedded 15W fast charging technology with USB Type C support for a faster charging process. To charge the battery from 0 – 100 percent it takes almost 3 hours. The details are charging for 1 hour the battery is 45 percent charged and 2 hours is 89 percent charged.


With all the feature enhancements provided, it feels like the Samsung Galaxy M30s can be a strong competitor in the 2 million cellphone segment (current prices are in the range of IDR 2.8 – 2.9 million).

Because this latest Samsung cellphone has strength in a camera with a 48MP resolution, a Super AMOLED screen and has a large 6000mAh battery capacity. These three factors can be an attraction for consumers.

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