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Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver Review: New Color New Features | Droidcops

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has been released since the beginning of this year along with the Samsung Galaxy A51. But some time ago, Samsung presented a refresh on the Galaxy A71 series, one of which was a stylish and more contemporary color, Haze Crush Silver.

Not only that, the Galaxy A71 has also now experienced the addition of very interesting new features. These features include the Single Take feature, wider Pro Mode settings, Music Share to Quick Share.

What is quite interesting is the addition of the Single Take feature on the camera. Not without reason, because this feature actually only exists in Samsung’s flagship series, namely the Galaxy S20 series. Then the Pro mode feature on the camera already allows you to shoot manually with wider setting options.

For this reason, this time Droidcops will try to describe it as well as review the Samsung Galaxy A71.

New Color Today

Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewPreviously, Samsung presented a choice of Prism Crush Black and Blue colors on the Galaxy A71. Now they are doing a refresh with a new color called Haze Crush Silver.

In our opinion, this new color does look much more stylish and contemporary. It still packs a prism pattern, but the silver color looks softer. Each prism pattern is identical in color with a nice little play of gradation.

What is more interesting is that the surface is not slippery because it is packaged with a matte material, not a glossy one. Besides being more comfortable to hold, it also doesn’t leave fingerprints.

You will also not see the fingerprint sensor which is generally on the back of the device. Because the Samsung Galaxy A71 embeds this feature on the screen (fingerprint in display).

The fingerprint sensor is quite responsive, the scan is quite fast although sometimes it still encounters a little delay because the position of the finger is not quite right. But in general all went well.


Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy A71 is equipped with a large screen size of 6.7 inches with a FullHD + resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The design is also more modern carrying the Infinity O Display concept with thin bezels, so it looks much more spacious.

Talking about the screen, no one doubts the quality of Samsung’s Super AMOLED. Likewise in the new Galaxy A71, where the image displayed on the screen is very good. Samsung also provides two screen display options, namely Vivid and Natural.

Choose Vivid if you want to enjoy a look that is rich in colors and deeper blacks. While Natural is softer with more color saturation that looks more as it is.

Another thing we like about the Galaxy A71 screen is that it has a wide viewing angle. Because the image is still clearly visible even when viewed from a slanted angle. The resulting brightness level is also very good, it doesn’t have to be on a high setting, below 50% can still be seen clearly.

We are very satisfied with the quality of the screen, watching movies on Netflix, Youtube becomes more fun using the Galaxy A71.

Cool Features

Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewThe Galaxy A71 runs on Android 10 with a One UI 2.1 interface that offers a variety of interesting features. One of them is Edge screen. This feature was previously only embedded in Samsung’s flagship series that used the Edge screen. But now it is available on the Galaxy A71.

For us, this feature is quite useful as a shortcut to open frequently used applications. More like a second home screen but no need to switch to the next screen. You can select any application to be included in the Edge panel.

In addition, the Galaxy A71 also has a new feature, namely Music Share. This feature allows you to share music on the same Bluetooth speaker. Because generally, Bluetooth speakers can only be connected to one device.

So with Music Share, others can play their music on the same speaker. But the condition is that it can only be used for fellow Samsung phones and also make sure that the cellphone has the Music Share feature. Because not all the latest Samsung cellphones are equipped with this feature, only in the upper middle class.


Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewOne of the newest camera features in the Haze Silver color version is an upgrade in Pro mode. In previous versions, this Pro mode you can only set ISO (100-800), exposure and white balance.

Now you can adjust the shutter speed (up to 1/24000), color saturation to manual focus. It is suitable for those of you who want to explore photography skills. By maximizing this Pro mode feature, the photos you get can be more than auto.

In addition, Samsung has also added a Single Take shooting facility. This feature is only found in Samsung’s flagship series, such as the Galaxy S20 series. This feature allows you to produce photos and videos at the same time with just one press of the shutter button.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewWhen Droidcops tries, in the gallery there will be 5 files consisting of 2 photos and 3 videos. For photos, this mode will automatically select one photo with the best composition and 1 photo in black and white format.

While the 3 videos produced consist of normal videos, fast forward videos and boomerang videos. It’s quite fun and very easy, because you don’t have to switch from photo mode to video mode.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 itself is equipped with four rear cameras with a sensor configuration of 64 MP (main camera) + 12 MP (ultra wide) + 5 MP (depth) + 5 MP (macro).

The photos from the camera are no less good. The main sensor with a resolution of 64 MP is recognized as having good, sharp and detailed photos. Likewise, in terms of contrast and color, it is very lively.

To use this 64 MP camera, make sure the ratio setting is 3:4 (64 MP). Oh yes and one more thing, at this resolution you can’t zoom.

Here are the photos:

Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewSamsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewThe second camera on the Samsung Galaxy A71 is ultrawide. Set the resolution at 3:4 ratio and you can take photos in a wider angle. The results are indeed not as sharp and detailed as the main camera, but it’s still quite okay to get photos from different angles.

Here are the photos:

galaxy a71 reviewNext is a 5 MP camera which is a depth camera to produce bokeh photos. The result is quite good because it can detect and separate objects with blurred backgrounds that look neat. You can also still adjust the blur effect (blur the back).

Here are the photos:

galaxy a71 reviewAnd the fourth camera with a resolution of 5 MP uses a macro lens. For those who don’t know, this macro lens is very useful for photographing small objects. So it looks bigger and clearer.

The quality is no less good. In order not to be curious, here are the results of macro photos on the Samsung Galaxy A71:

galaxy a71 reviewAs for the selfie camera, the Galaxy A71 is equipped with a 32 MP sensor using a Sony sensor. The quality is also very good because it can produce selfie photos with fairly accurate skin tones.

This front camera is also equipped with a Selfie Live Focus feature with a bokeh effect with fairly good subject and background separation. However, the general problem with the bokeh front camera is still visible in the hair area. But it’s a minor problem and is not very visible on the cellphone screen.


Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy A71 is powered by Snapdragon 730G (still the same as the previous color version). Even though PUBG settings can’t be right-aligned, the performance is quite optimal for performance. Because this processor has experienced a higher graphics increase of up to 15% than its predecessor.

Moreover, the Galaxy A71 is also supported with AI Gaming Booster which will provide better gaming performance. For those who don’t know, AI Gaming Booster can adjust the performance of the game being played.

Whether focusing on saving battery power, gaming performance, or balancing the two so that it can be adjusted according to needs.

For those who are chatting with friends while playing games, there is a pop up bar that provides the opportunity to multitask to some other essential menus such as the browser and YouTube.

No less important, there are settings to minimize notifications or disturbances that hinder the playing process. Those who want to show off their skills can also record videos while playing games and can directly share them on social media.

From our experience playing games like PUBG, Asphalt 9, COD Mobile and some games with high graphics can be played smoothly. Meanwhile, from the benchmark results, here are the scores obtained by the Samsung Galaxy A71:

Benchmark Score
Antutu v8 239,463
Geekbench 4 533 (single), 1663 (multi)
PCMark 7573
3DMark 2054 (OpenGL), 1879 (Vulkan)


Samsung Galaxy A71 Haze Crush Silver ReviewFrom the battery, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is not equipped with a 5000 mAh or 6000 mAh battery. This cellphone only plants a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. But in use it is very reliable.

For standard use at home using Wifi networks such as WA, social media and without playing games, the Galaxy A71 battery can last for 2 days. Then when used for heavier activities in addition to watching Youtube and playing games, the battery lasts from morning to night.

When streaming Youtube using Wifi, an hour-long HD video can reduce battery life by 9 percent. Oiya, this is done by setting the brightness at the maximum level, stuck right. While the brightness of 50% with the same video duration the battery is reduced by 7 percent.

When the battery runs out, recharging it is fast. Because this cellphone already uses 25W fast charging technology. From position 0-100 percent it only takes 1 hour 25 minutes. Where to charge for 30 minutes the battery can be charged by 48 percent.


There’s nothing wrong with this refresh that Samsung has done on the Galaxy A71. The selection of the right colors does look fresher and in accordance with current trends. Not only does it change colors, but Samsung has also added some features that we find quite interesting, especially on the camera side.

Quality photos have now been improved with new features such as Single Take and settings in Pro mode. Not only more complete, but also feels up class. With a price of around 5 million, you can feel the features of a flagship cellphone.

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