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Samsung Galaxy A50s Review: A Significant Upgrade | Droidcops

The Samsung Galaxy A50s was recently released to the Indonesian market. This latest Samsung cellphone is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy A50 with a number of improvements. At least there are some features that Samsung has upgraded to this Galaxy A50s, including a larger camera resolution, the addition of the Super Steady feature to NFC technology.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A50s is also not much different from when the Galaxy A50 was first released. This is certainly very interesting, especially since this change certainly makes the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A50s much better than the previous generation.

That’s what we felt after a few days of testing the performance of this latest cellphone from Samsung. For more details, here are the results of our experience using the Samsung Galaxy A50s.


Samsung Galaxy A50s ReviewPhysically or in dimensions, there is no significant difference between the Galaxy A50s and the Galaxy A50. Still using a 6.4-inch screen with a slim body around 7.7mm. However, this latest generation of cellphones has slightly polished the appearance of the back cover to be more contemporary.

Samsung packs the back on the Galaxy A50s with more attractive patterns and colors. You can see a triangular prism-shaped pattern combined with gradient colors. There are three colors to choose from, namely Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White, and Prism Crush Green (the color we used). These patterns and colors provide beautiful reflections when exposed to light.

Although it’s not new (because there are many other vendors who use the same concept), but at least Samsung provides a new atmosphere that can be a differentiator from their Galaxy A series line. Moreover, all previous Samsung A series lines used plain covers without patterns.

Beyond that, Samsung keeps all the ports and buttons in the same place as the Galaxy A50. You can still find a USB Type C port with speakers and audio ports below, then the power and volume buttons on the right side and the SIM and microSD card slots on the left. On the back, there are three cameras in a vertically lined position complete with LED flash support.


Samsung Galaxy A50s ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy A50s comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen. For Samsung cellphone users, of course, they already know the quality of the Super AMOLED screen. Moreover, the Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy A50s has a FullHD+ resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels with a density of 403 ppi.

Oh yes, Samsung itself uses the concept of a notch on its screen called Infinity U. Where the small notch which is also the placement of the front camera forms the letter U. This notch is also used on Samsung phones in the A series and M series lines.

The display still looks spacious, due to the use of thin bezels on the right and left sides. From the technical specifications, the Samsung Galaxy A50s has a screen to body ratio of 85.1 percent and a screen aspect ratio of 19.4: 9.

All these specifications produce an optimal view and view. It feels very comfortable for everyday use, including for watching HD movies or playing games. This screen is able to provide images that are very attractive, sharp, clear and rich in color.

Brightness on the screen also doesn’t need to be set too high, because even below the 50 percent level it’s bright and clear enough. So you can save more battery power consumption.

One UI

apps edge galaxy a50sLike other A series, the Samsung Galaxy A50s also runs with One UI based on Android 9 Pie. Interestingly, when you first activate this cellphone, a system update notification appears. Where the One UI system on this cellphone has got some of the latest features. One of them is Apps Edge.

This feature allows users to ‘collect’ applications, contact lists, schedules and others that are frequently used in one place (a kind of window). In total there are 8 edges that can be used, starting from the Apps edge, people edge, task edge and five others. Edge is adapted to its function, for example apps edge for placing applications, then people edge for contact lists.

All of these are placed on the right side of the device and can be accessed by simply swiping the screen to the left. And each edge has a different capacity, specifically for edge apps there are 10 spaces for each menu where every 1 space in Apps Edge can be filled with a maximum of 2 applications simultaneously through the App pair menu.

If it’s not really important, you can still disable this feature. To activate or deactivate this feature, you can access it from the Settings menu > Display > Edge screen.

Not only that, here you can also take advantage of the Edge lightning menu, which is a notification feature in the form of a color light that will appear when there is a message or other. When enabled, this feature will replace the default notifications (pop ups and more) on the device. It’s quite interesting for those who want to try a new notification feature that is different from the current standard notification.

For other One UI features there are no changes, such as night mode, motion gestures, blue light filters to adaptive displays. Not to forget, Samsung has also used a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

NFC Features

NFC Samsung Galaxy A50sThe NFC feature has now been added to the Samsung Galaxy A50s. This feature is certainly very important in today’s all-digital era. You can now check your emoney card balance just by sticking it into your device. And the process of reading emoney cards via NFC is quite fast, paste and immediately the desired information appears.

But before that, make sure you have installed one of the many balance check applications available on the Play Store. In addition, the NFC feature on the Galaxy A50s allows you to make easy payments, moreover, Samsung Pay is also available in it.


Samsung Galaxy A50s ReviewNow on to the camera, one of the features that has undergone a significant change in the Samsung Galaxy A50s. The first is an increase in the main camera resolution, where there is an increase from a 25MP resolution (on the Galaxy A50) to a 48MP resolution (Galaxy A50s). With a larger resolution, of course, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy A50s will produce photos in high resolution as well.

The camera’s large resolution is very useful when you want to print photos, because photos will not break when printed in large sizes. Moreover, this camera sensor has a large size with a wide type.

Suitable for shooting landscape photos or those who need a wide frame. While the other two cameras are no different, namely 8MP (ultrawide) + 5MP (depth sensor). An increase also occurs for the front camera which is now 32MP from the previous 25MP on the Galaxy A50.

galaxy a50s photosSamsung Galaxy A50s photo results

The photos produced from the Samsung Galaxy A50s camera are also very optimal and bright enough. It’s just that, for certain moments (outdoors with excessive sun exposure) sometimes the resulting photo looks over.

So the color in the photo looks not optimal. So make sure you adjust the light intensity on the camera before shooting. Just swipe through the menu with the light icon on the screen (darker or lighter).

But in normal light conditions, all the resulting photos look very good with good colors. Moreover, with the support of Ai technology (Artificial Intelligence) the camera can detect the object to be taken. So that the camera system will adjust to the object to produce good photos. Food mode is also provided for those of you who like to photograph food. Others have bokeh photo mode (live focus), slow mo video recording to super slow mo.

Image resultSamsung Galaxy A50s photo results

Not only that, one feature that we consider to be the main attraction of this latest Samsung cellphone is Super Steady, which is a feature that will make video recordings very stable. Why is it interesting? Because this is not just any feature and can only be found on Samsung’s flagship phones from the S series and the latest Note series. This Super steady feature will certainly increase the prestige of the Galaxy A Series, especially the Samsung Galaxy A50s.

When we tried the super steady feature and compared it with videos without using this feature, the results were very noticeable. The video going down the stairs to the MRT station which is prone to shaking is much more stable when using super steady. It’s different when this feature is disabled which looks a lot of wobbling.

This feature will certainly be very useful for vloggers to produce the best video content directly from the cellphone. So there is no need to buy additional tools such as gimbals to get stable videos.


samsung game boosterIn terms of performance, this cellphone has actually increased by using the Exynos 9611 chipset (Galaxy A50 uses Exynos 9610). However, from the technical specifications there is no significant difference. Inside it still uses an Octa-core processor consisting of 4x Cortex-A73 speeds of 2.3 GHz and 4x Cortex-A53 1.7 GHz.

Likewise, in terms of graphics, it is still the same using the Mali-G72 MP3. However, the Exynos 9611 chipset supports the use of cameras up to 64MP. If I’m not mistaken, this chipset is equivalent to a Snapdragon 710 or 712 processor from Qualcomm.

However, the performance of this chipset can still be relied on for various activities, one of which is gaming. Even to add to the convenience of playing games on the Galaxy A50s, Samsung has integrated the Ai Gaming Booster feature.

According to Samsung, the AI ​​Gaming Booster feature can recognize the type of game being played and automatically optimize performance so as to provide a detailed view and minimize lag during the process of playing online games. Moreover, it is supported by large capacities, namely 4GB and 6GB (the products we use are 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM versions).

This is what we feel when we try to play popular online games such as PUBG, Free Fire, Pokemon, Asphalt and several others. In PUBG with high settings, the game runs quite smooth and has minimal lag. Including the other games already mentioned. This is certainly good news for Samsung lovers who also like gaming.

For benchmark results, here are the data:

Antutu : 153486

Geekbench: 355 (single core) and 1257 (multi core)

3DMark : 1382 (Sling Shot Extreme – OpenGL ES 3.1) and 1493 (Sling Shot Extreme – Vulkan)


Samsung Galaxy A50sThe Samsung Galaxy A50s is equipped with a large 4,000 mAh battery. Big enough and still able to supply power all day long. During normal use such as chatting, checking email, streaming to browsing, the Galaxy A50s battery can last all day.

However, different results will be felt when invited to play games. For gaming itself, the Samsung Galaxy A50s battery will be reduced by 8-10 percent in 1 hour duration. Then watching HD movies with the same duration of battery down by 6-7 percent.

No less important, Samsung has planted a 15W fast charging feature. Charging the battery from the 0-100 percent position only takes approximately 2 hours. If you are in a hurry, within 10 minutes the battery will be charged about 14 percent and increase to 20 percent in 15 minutes. And within 30 minutes of charging the battery will be charged 35 percent.


Improved features on the Samsung Galaxy A50s are able to raise its performance for the better. Features that previously didn’t exist are now available on this latest Samsung cellphone. The existence of features such as Super Steady on the camera will certainly help users who like to record videos. Likewise, the NFC feature, which has been rarely found on middle-class Samsung phones.

No less interesting, Samsung priced the Galaxy A50s at the same price as the Galaxy A50 when it was first released. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A50s is IDR 4,099,000 with 4GB RAM and IDR 4,899.000 for the 6GB RAM version. This means that for the same price you will get a Samsung Galaxy A50s with a very significant upgrade. You can also pre-order the Samsung Galaxy A50s via blibli.com.

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