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Some time ago, Samsung released the latest cellphone from the Galaxy As series line. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy A30s which offers a number of improvements from the previous generation, the Galaxy A30. This cellphone complements the presence of three other series, namely the Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A20s and Galaxy A50s.

We have tested two of these series (a review of the Samsung Galaxy A20s and a review of the Samsung Galaxy A50s), and now it’s the turn of the Galaxy A30s, which is ready to see its capabilities when used daily. At least there are some pretty interesting features of the A30s that the A30 doesn’t have, including the camera, gaming performance and NFC features.

Without further ado, here are the results of our experience using the Samsung Galaxy A30s for a week.


Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewIn appearance, the Samsung Galaxy A30s carries the concept of a screen with a notch called the Infinity V Display. Different from the Galaxy A30 series which uses the Infinity U screen. We personally prefer the Infinity V display because it looks more dynamic. However, this difference is not too significant because both offer a broad view.

Oh, just for information, in the Samsung cellphone line itself there are several terms for this notch screen. In addition to the Infinity V Display, there are also Infinity U and Infinitiy O. The characteristics are adjusted to the shape of the notch, for example the Infinity V bangs above the screen resemble the letter ‘V’.

Likewise with Infinity U which forms the letter ‘U’ and Infinity O which forms the letter ‘O’ on the surface of the screen. Actually, it is no different from other cellphones, only naming terms such as dewdrop, waterdrop and punch hole.

Apart from this, the use of Infinity V on the Samsung Galaxy A30s makes the screen look more spacious. Moreover, the right and left side bezels are also quite thin, only around 7.8mm. And in general, the design and shape of this cellphone is no different from the Galaxy A30, including the placement of ports, buttons and cameras.

However, Samsung gives a little difference by using a triangular prism pattern on the back cover. The same pattern is also applied to the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy A50s (see Galaxy A50s review here). There are 3 color choices, namely Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White, and Prism Crush Green.

A transparent soft case is also provided in the box. Besides being able to protect the device body from the risk of getting dirty or scratched, this transparent case also allows us to see the pattern of the back cover.

Screen and Fingerprint in Display

Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewThe screen is one of the features that has changed from the previous generation. Even though they both use a 6.4-inch screen, Samsung has reduced the resolution capacity on the Galaxy A30s. If the Galaxy A30 has a FullHD+ 1080 x 2340 pixel screen with a density of 403 ppi, the Galaxy A30s is only equipped with an HD+ resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels with a density of 268 ppi.

This of course slightly affects the quality of the screen display (in terms of color and sharpness). But there’s no need to worry, because the Samsung Galaxy A30s still uses a Super AMOLED panel. So that the screen is still able to display images with clear and bright enough. Likewise, the touch panel is very responsive to finger movements.

Including when using the fingerprint in display feature that is already embedded in it. Oh yes, the above-screen fingerprint feature is an improvement on the Galaxy A30s. This technology allows us to unlock the screen directly on the surface of the screen.

And the in-screen fingerprint capability on this cellphone is very responsive and can read fingerprints quickly. Just stick your finger over the sensor that appears on the screen and in less than a second the screen lock will unlock. But make sure we have registered fingerprints according to the prompts that appear.

NFC Features

Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewThe interesting thing about the Galaxy A30s is that it is equipped with the NFC feature, just like the Galaxy A50s. This feature was previously absent on the Galaxy A30, so it’s a pretty significant improvement. This feature is very helpful for activities related to e-money or electronic money.

Such as making payments, checking to filling in emoney balances. Especially now that almost all public transportation requires the use of e-money. And the NFC feature on the Galaxy A30s makes it easier for us to check how much money is left and immediately refill it if the balance runs out.

The process of checking the emoney balance on this cellphone is quite fast, taking place in less than 1 second. But make sure you have an application installed to check your balance from the Play Store, or you can also use an e-commerce application.


Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewOne of the significant changes from the Samsung Galaxy A30s from the Galaxy A30 is in the imaging sector. Where three rear cameras have been installed with an increased resolution. The triple camera configuration on the Galaxy A30s consists of a 25MP + 8MP + 2MP sensor.

For this 25MP main camera, it uses a Sony IMX576 sensor with an aperture of f/1.7 and PDAF. Then the 8MP camera is an ultrawide lens with an f/2.2 aperture and a 2MP camera with a depth sensor.

The use of a 25MP sensor as the main camera does provide reliable photo results. The resulting image looks quite sharp and detailed with good color saturation. Locking the focus on the object is quite fast, it only takes a fraction of a second.

The shooting mode is quite complete, there are panoramas, live focus (bokeh photos), food (food photos), pro to slow motion videos. For photos, see below:

Samsung Galaxy A30s photo resultsSamsung Galaxy A30s photo resultsThen the 8MP camera that uses an ultrawide lens allows us to take pictures of objects in a wide angle. Very useful when you want to take photos in tight spaces. But the results are not as sharp as the main camera, because it only uses an 8MP resolution. Here are the photos:

Samsung Galaxy A30s photo resultsSamsung Galaxy A30s photo resultsWhile the 2MP camera which is a depth sensor functions when you want to take bokeh photos (blur on the back). This sensor will be active when we select Live Focus mode.

For the front camera, it still uses a 16MP resolution with an aperture of f/2.0. The result can also provide selfie photos that are very adequate, and can be directly shared on social media.


Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewIn terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy A30s has not changed from the Galaxy A30 series, which is still using an octa-core Exynos 7904 processor. This processor will also be supported by 4GB RAM memory with 64GB ROM. That means that in terms of performance, the Galaxy A30s is not much different from the A30. There are only differences in some features.

For daily use ranging from browsing, streaming, photographing, chatting, sending email to gaming, this cellphone is still quite okay. For gaming performance, Samsung has added the Ai Gaming Booster feature which is claimed to increase performance.

Not only improving performance, this Game Booster also allows us to disable incoming notifications so that they are not disturbed while playing. Including recording video games and informing data about battery, memory and several other items.

Trying the PUBG game was quite smooth even though it experienced a decrease in the frame rate after playing for more than 30 minutes. For maximum graphics, it can only be in HD settings with high frame rates.

From the benchmark results, the following scores are generated:

Benchmark Score
Antutu v7 99474
Antutu v8 122678
Geekbench 272 (single), 1021 (multi)
3Mark 653 (OpenGL ES 3.1), 734 (Vulkan)


Samsung Galaxy A30s ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy A30s already uses a large battery, which is a 4000mAh capacity. This battery is also supported by 15W fast charging technology plus the use of a USB Type C port which can speed up battery recharging, including offering faster data transfers.

As for the battery life, it’s pretty good for all day use. For activities that are quite active such as browsing, chatting, email to multimedia, the battery can last from morning to night. Especially for playing videos with a duration of 2 hours, the battery is reduced by 12 percent.

While trying to stream video over a wifi network, 1 hour HD video reduces battery power by 11 percent. Then when invited to play PUBG games for 1 hour the battery drains up to 12 percent. To recharge the battery it takes approximately 2 hours (2 hours 5 minutes to be exact). Where to charge for 1 hour the battery is already charged 51 percent.

Test Battery
2 hours HD movie down 12%
1 hour HD streaming down 11%
1 hour PUBG game down 12%
Charging 1 hour 51% Filled
Charging 2 hours 5 minutes 100% filled


Some of the features that Samsung has improved on the Galaxy A30s are quite helpful in increasing the attractiveness. A high-resolution camera and the addition of the NFC feature can at least attract consumers to have this latest cellphone.

Through the Galaxy A30s, Samsung is trying to bring affordable NFC phones to their loyal users. At a price of 3 million, the Samsung Galaxy A30s will be the cheapest Samsung cellphone that is equipped with the NFC feature.

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