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Rosaria, type A character, as we said in our Genshin Impact tier list, it falls within that succulent range of characters that are obtained from chance Or, as you may well have guessed, yes, wishes. That part of the game that we all love above all else but in the end only serves to ease the anxieties of a gambler.

Genshin wishes

Let’s go, but, to what interests us. Having covered the obviousness of how to get this characterLet’s talk about why it is necessary in our team if we want to face the Genshin in a certain way, then this character opt for a boost or damage build according to our interests.


Rosaria has a very organic range of skills that allow you to choose two opposite profiles to wield it in the game.

Bottomless rosaria

These are the following:

  • Normal attack: He can attack up to five times with his spear, targeting several enemies at the same time. In his charged attack, he lunges forward and wreaks havoc on anyone who gets in his way. Finally, as a dive attack, Rosaria throws herself to the ground, dealing area damage on impact.
  • Elemental Skill: He shifts behind the target, then stabs him with his spear until dealing cryogenic damage. Only with enemies of the same size or smaller.
  • Elemental Burst: He swings his weapon to slice through attached opponents, summoning an ice spear that smashes into the ground. Both attacks deal cryogenic damage. As long as this spear is active, a uniform blast of cold air is emitted that continues to attack with Cryo continuously.

Given your core skills, we are going to analyze both builds available so you can decide which one suits you best

Best builds

We are going to investigate the two basic character profiles, providing their best weapon and artifact for each one.

Rosaria’s two quintessential builds are as follows:

As support

Rosaria is an excellent sub DPS (Damage per second) on the element Cryo, which can wield high damage and offers different aids that raise the power of others. If it’s your only Cryo on the team, you are interested in increasing your energy recharge considerably. If you want other options, boost their attack states. If we do a correct build with a team to match, Rosaria can give us a 15% critical range and interesting elementary reactions of Cryo.

Rosaria genshin
Rosaria Genshin Impact: how to get her, skills and best build - Droidcops 10

To build this Build we are interested in the Homa staff as a main weapon and artifacts that increase the power of its energy and recharge. In this case, the Noblesse Oblige it would be without a doubt the option to choose.

As an attacker (DPS)

Thank you to your high attack rates, Rosaria can be used as a physical attacker, imposing its excellent DPS with a combination of lethal attacks that could give us the advantage against the right elements.

Rosaria Build 2
Rosaria Genshin Impact: how to get her, skills and best build - Droidcops 11

If we get complete your constellations, this power is clearly doubled, making it reach, for a type A character, at a very interesting and intimidating level of performance.

If you are interested in this option, always choose the Crescent pike as the main weapon along with the Gladiator’s finale to further enhance this girl’s offensive capabilities.

For our part, this is it. If you have any doubts about how to be eligible for Rosaria With the wishes, read our guide on how to get protogems in Genshin Impact along with our article on how to get Razor.

There you will find all the answers.

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