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Rewind tactic: turn back time and rearrange your strategy – Droidcops

Recently through the official Clash Quest Twitter account an idea was shared with us that may or may not be in an update. This was shared by a follower of the video game to the creators of Clash Quest and in it he proposed a rewind tactic. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis is to offer the ability for players to turn back. Especially if a troop was used by accident or if a spell was lost.

In the Clash Quest post we were shown this strategy as a great solution for those actions that are executed by accident. In addition, other fans of the video game were encouraged to continue submitting these types of ideas. As expressed in the tweet, it is not known when one of these could come true and end up being part of Clash Quest.

However, some followers demonstrated and shared their opinion about the possibility of rewinding. Recall that, in the post, it was asked what they thought of the idea sent by one Quester. It is then that two positions were shared, one of them supports the idea, since it is certain that unwanted strategies are used by accident. Likewise, the second posture leaned toward refusing to rewind. His argument is that from mistakes you learn, if you make a mistake, you will understand and will not make the same mistake again. There are also those who questioned How many times would the rewind be one, two or three?

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