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Samsung QLED TV Q7F

Samsung innovated on picture quality, design, connectivity, and intelligence for their Samsung QLED TV series, so not only to create TVs that function as entertainment devices with advanced technology, but also to provide the best home interior aesthetics.

This time, Droidcops had the opportunity to taste the 65-inch Samsung QLED TV Q7F product. Curious as to what?


samsung QLED design

Even though it has a size of 65 inches, the body shown on the Samsung QLED TV Q7F smart tv design is quite thin, the bezels are much thinner than other TVs. Unlike tv in general with all the connectivity displayed on the back of the tv body. Has a stand-alone box for TV connectivity access. Starting from USB, HDMI, to Ethernet lines and also antennas.

The power cable connector labeled One Connect is right on the back side. But unfortunately, it will be a little difficult if you experience damage to this section. The cable model, which is similar to fiber optic, becomes a hassle if you have to replace it with another model. Only by contacting the Samsung Service Center can you find a solution.

The face of the TV looks more simple with the combination of a slim built-in table stand with a pipe model so it doesn’t take up too much space.


Samsung QLED TV screen

The wide screen of the Samsung Smart TV doesn’t hurt the eyes even if you look at it from the closest angle. In addition, the colors displayed are also evenly distributed even if viewed from the left or right side. This is possible because the 65-inch Samsung Q7F utilizes Quantum Dot technology.

Thus, the Samsung QLED TV that we are testing is able to produce 100% color volume, besides that more than one billion color gradations can be displayed properly by this latest Samsung Smart TV.


Samsung QLED TV technology

Samsung also provides a variety of Samsung Smart TV technologies titled Q Style to support the sophistication of this 65-inch QLED Q7F Smart TV. Starting from the Q Engine Processor which is able to optimize the 4K display character well.

Q Contrast Plus which is able to give a more dramatic impression to the Samsung QLED TV screen display. In addition, the latest Samsung Smart TV technology is also able to display a deeper impression of the resulting image plus an anti-reflective screen with a good level of comfort.

Furthermore, the Q HDR ELITE owned is able to increase the contrast ratio and also the ability to express color in detailed content for the better. With this technology, the resulting 4K display looks brighter and more brilliant.

The next technology is Direct Full Array, a panel with intelligently controlled backlighting zones that can adjust automatically to provide pure black and white light.

one invisible connection

One Invisible Connection, one thin cable technology that is almost invisible. Combines power connection as well as AV data transmission to the TV and is available up to 15 meters long. Therefore, it is quite free when you have to place the TV in any corner of the house, even though it is far from the wall socket.

Ambient Mode, designed to redefine the appearance of the television screen when not in use for viewing. Based on the background picture, it allows the installed TV to blend in perfectly with the surrounding walls and interior design, mimicking the pattern of the wall behind the TV and creating stunning visuals.


The features of the Samsung Smart TV are no less diverse, starting from the No Gap Wall Mount which allows the Samsung QLED TV to be closer to the wall, closer than other smart tv models with an easy and fast installation process.

Furthermore, there is Auto Detection, the latest Samsung QLED TV Smart TV is able to find and recognize all user devices that are connected to the TV automatically. Lastly, the One Remote Control feature that allows users to control most media devices connected to the TV such as Blu-ray players, sound systems, and game consoles with one remote.

one connection

One Remote Control makes it easier for users to navigate from one device to another, access various services, functions and TV content more quickly and comfortably.

As a recommendation, you can also take advantage of the SmartThings app. The application allows you to be able to share content and applications that are on your smartphone to the Samsung QLED TV screen more simply and easily.

Of course, you can access this application with all the best smartphones you have. However, during the experiment there were several smartphones that were not yet compatible to be able to use this application.

Until now, the testers are still looking for the cause, because it is not based on old or new which is the reference for smartphones to operate Samsung’s SmartThings.


  • Thinner design
  • Full screen, thin bezels
  • Q-style technology
  • Many Features


  • Weight Weight
  • The One Invisible connection cable is a bit risky because of its thin model


This 65-inch QLED Q7F Samsung Smart TV has a very complete wealth of features. Besides that, the technology that is carried is also very helpful for users and even tends to indulge.

The table can be shifted left or right

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