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Review of Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Complete Health Features! | Droidcops

Samsung Indonesia launched the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch with various feature enhancements and designs that look more modern, yet minimalist at the same time.

This smartwatch is launched in two models, namely the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth and the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic. The Classic model of the Galaxy Watch4 is available in a variant with Bluetooth or LTE.

On this occasion, Droidcops has received a Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth smartwatch unit which, when viewed from the specifications, has the advantage of Health features.

Can’t wait to try it directly to prove the advantages it has to offer, here’s my review for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth.

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price for samsung galaxy watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth unit that I’m reviewing comes in a predominantly white box, with the product image in the middle, the Samsung logo on the bottom, and the product name on the top.

Opening the box, I found a Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth smartwatch unit, along with a magnetic charging dock, and a user manual. Overall, the purchase package is very minimalist typical of Samsung.

Design and Appearance

price for samsung galaxy watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 that I reviewed is a unit with a diameter of 44mm. The body frame uses aluminum which feels light when held.

That was my first impression, even when wearing it on my wrist, its light weight makes me feel like I’m not wearing a smartwatch.

The light weight of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 unit feels quite reasonable, because this smartwatch only weighs 30.3 grams, making it very comfortable to wear all day long.

One of the minuses of this design I can probably mention is the strap that fits at the top end, is not too flexible, so it doesn’t follow the shape of the wrist. This might be an issue for users with small hands.

price for samsung galaxy watch 4

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 uses a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED type with a maximum resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, which for me, is more than enough. The display is clear with sharp color contrast.

To provide protection on the screen, it is also covered with Corning Gorilla Glass DX + protector which works well with the screen. I admit the speed of response is very good.

To test the response of the screen, I also tried splashing water on the surface of the screen, and the IP68 certification owned by the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is indeed proven, especially the response on the screen is also still good in wet conditions.

Device Pairing Process

price for samsung galaxy watch 4

As a Samsung smartphone user, I didn’t find it difficult when I first paired or connected my Galaxy Watch4, as both devices recognized each other once Bluetooth was turned on.

The pairing process is also easy, where I am asked to match the code that appears on the smartphone and smartwatch screens, and it will automatically download the Galaxy Watch4 software to the smartphone.

Voila, I can already use the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. One of the features that piqued my curiosity is writing the initials or names that will appear on the smartwatch screen.

This feature can be used by changing watch faces, and after trying it, I think this feature does seem simple, but unique and quite useful.

Health Features

price for samsung galaxy watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is equipped with a number of health features such as Body Composition which can be used to measure body condition for various needs such as the amount of body fat, the amount of water content in the body, BMI, etc.

While using this feature, I did not encounter any difficulties at all. The operation is easy, using only two fingers, each of which is placed on two buttons on the side of the smartwatch body.

Several other available Health features are quite commonly found on smartwatch devices on the market today, such as heart rate monitors, sleep time monitors, to the feature to check blood pressure using the PPG sensor.

galaxy watch 4 price

I also tried the Walking feature and walked around the living area to test how well the calculation system works, the results are quite satisfactory.

It should be noted, personally I like the interface of all the features in this Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Simple and easy to understand menus.

One thing that makes me a little curious is the blood sugar meter feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, because after several tries, I always get a message that this feature is not available, even though I have done the activation steps correctly.

Overall, I felt the direct benefits of the Health features offered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and in my opinion, this is the main advantage of this smartwatch.

Specifications and Performance

galaxy watch 4 price

Turning to performance and technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is equipped with the Exynos W920 chipset with the Mali-G68 graphics processor. The interface comes from the One UI Watch 3 which is based on Android Wear.

The performance of the processor it carries is supported by 1.5 GB of RAM, with 16 GB of internal memory. As far as my experience using this smartwatch, the performance is quite good.

In general, the performance and responsiveness of the touch screen is also quite good. Although I found several screen freezes occurred while using it, it didn’t really interfere with the overall screen performance.

This smartwatch is equipped with a 361 mAh battery with wireless charging technology using Qi technology. Unfortunately, the battery charging time is still quite long, approximately 2 hours, until the battery is fully charged from the zero position.

Even so, the battery life is durable enough to last a full day, while taking advantage of its features. This is also one of the advantages that I feel when trying the Samsung Galaxy Watch4.


galaxy watch 4 price

Seeing the price tag at 3 million, I think that all the features and technology provided by the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth is very worth it.

In addition to health features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is also equipped with other features such as a music player, answering calls, message notifications, weather indicators, and so on.

This 44mm Bluetooth version can be an alternative for those of you who don’t like smartwatches with large or bulky designs, because the unit I reviewed is very slim and light.

But, of course, there are other options for units that have a diameter of 40mm, and the Classic Bluetooth model with a diameter of 42mm if you feel 44mm is still too big.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth 44mm is really worth it and its features are also very useful.

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