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Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: Tablet with Many Functions | Droidcops

Laptops are still the optimal device to perform many activities, such as work or study. However, the price which is quite expensive does not allow everyone to have it.

As an alternative, tablet devices can be an option. The screen size is larger than a smartphone and a more affordable price could be the reason. There are quite a lot of affordable tablet options that can be purchased.

The latest is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. This device can be an ideal option to accompany daily activities. Starting from work or study, watching movies, social media to light games.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet has a slim body with thin bezels complete with reliable specifications. I also had the opportunity to try the capabilities of this latest tablet from Samsung.

Here’s my experience while using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

Unboxing and One Hand Operation+ Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewBefore trying this latest tablet from Samsung, I will discuss what the purchase packages are in the box. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite itself comes with a white box.

In front of it is a large Galaxy Tab with an image of the model of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet. This writing can also be seen on the left side.

When opened, it contains the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite unit, manual, type C data cable, charging head and SIM ejector. Unfortunately, Samsung does not provide a transparent soft case. Instead, Samsung provides a tablet cover that can be purchased separately.

Especially for units, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is quite slim. Comes with a fairly large screen size of 8.7 inches, but the thin bezel reduces the thickness of the body and makes it slimmer. In fact, I only use a sling bag to carry this tablet anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewNot only that, the slim shape makes the tablet can still be held using one hand. For one-handed use, there is the One Hand Operation+ feature which is very helpful.

This is a feature of the gesture-based navigation system in One UI that allows us to control the tablet with just one hand.

By default this feature is not yet available but can be installed through the Galaxy Store. There are many actions that can be customized using gestures.

All can be set according to convenience. For example, I customize the back button with a swipe up gesture or do a screenshort with a diagonal swipe down and so on.

There are at least 40 features that can be controlled with the One Hand Operation+ feature. These gestures can also be adjusted for left or right hand use, including adjusting the diagonal angle of the gesture.

As an Entertainment Device

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewIn general, what distinguishes smartphones from tablets is the use of the screen. Where the tablet screen is made with a larger size than a smartphone. That’s why, many use the tablet as a device to enjoy multimedia content.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite itself comes with an 8.7-inch screen landscape and a resolution of 1340 x 800 (WXGA +). The advantages of thin bezels also make the screen display wider, adding to the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite movies.

Although the screen resolution is not FullHD yet, but I can still feel comfortable spending hours watching a series on Netflix.

The existence of Dolby Atmos technology is also an added value. The audio quality produced by Dolby Atmos sounds very good. But to feel the maximum Dolby sound, it’s better to use earphones or TWS which are currently mushrooming.

I myself use the TWS Galaxy Buds Pro which is part of the Samsung ecosystem. Not without reason, because there are many advantages of the Samsung ecosystem that can be obtained. One of them can use the Auto Switch feature which allows audio to be delivered between multiple devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewThis feature allows us to switch the use of the Galaxy Buds from a smartphone to a Tab A7 Lite tablet or vice versa. For example, when there is a phone call while I am watching Youtube on the Galaxy A7 Lite, the Galaxy Buds Pro will switch automatically to the smartphone.

Simply tapping it once or pressing the “Call” button on the smartphone screen. And when the phone call is finished, the connection will switch back automatically to the Tab A7 Lite. Very interesting, because I didn’t have to manually change the Bluetooth connection.

But make sure the Auto Switch feature is activated on both devices by opening Settings >> select Connections >> Then go to Bluetooth. Then select the earbuds under Paired devices.

Next, select Settings on the earbuds that are connected to the Galaxy smartphone and Tab A7 Lite. Enable Auto switch to other devices on both devices.

As Work Support

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewLike a smartphone, a tablet also allows us to do various activities. One of them is as a work supporter. This experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite can practically make it easier for me in several ways.

First, I can work anywhere without having to carry a large backpack that is usually used to carry a laptop.

Its compact size makes it convenient to carry anywhere, just use a small bag or sling bag that fits the size of the Tab A7 Lite.

Activities can be done anytime and anywhere, including when you are on the MRT or busway. In fact, I mostly wrote this article using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. There are two application options that can be used, Samsung Notes and Microsoft Office which are already installed in it.

Another feature that is also quite helpful is Copy & Paste which allows me to copy and paste from my smartphone to the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

This feature is quite helpful, because I can ‘copy’ the information stored on the smartphone and ‘paste’ it directly on the tablet without having to send it via email or other applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewTo be able to use this feature between smartphones and tablets are on the same internet connection and use the same Samsung account.

Here’s how to use the Copy & Paste feature on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, open Settings >> tap Advanced features >> tap Switch near “Continue apps on other devices”.

Regarding internet connection, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite already supports cellular network (LTE). In the purchase package, Samsung provides bundling of 2 XL cards complete with special prices for the 63 GB XL Familiar Package.

Another internet option can be tethering from a smartphone using a wifi connection. Just activate the Auto Hotspot feature on your Samsung smartphone and Tab A7 Lite, and it’s already connected to that network.

There is something interesting here, because I can share internet connection (tethering) automatically without having to choose a Wi-Fi network, fill in passwords and so on.

As a PJJ Companion

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewI also tried to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite to accompany children’s online learning activities or PJJ (Distance learning).

There are at least two activities carried out, namely using the Zoom Meeting application and Google Classroom. When using Zoom, the front camera with a capacity of 2 MP is still able to offer good quality.

Although not very clear, but the face can still be seen clearly. Likewise, the quality of the sound produced, the subject matter given sounded quite loud. What is quite helpful is when you switch to using the Google Classroom application.

The screen is large enough to feel comfortable enough to open the existing subject matter. The writing looks bigger and can be read clearly. In addition to children being able to catch the material being taught, large text is quite important to maintain the health of children’s eyes.

And in general, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite can be the right solution for online teaching and learning activities.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewAnother thing that is also interesting about the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the presence of the Samsung Kids feature. This feature contains a variety of fun and educational content especially made for children. Just download and these contents can be used immediately.

In it, the parental control feature can be activated to protect children from using digital devices and not being exposed to content that is not appropriate for their age and development. Parental control will show the status of individual application usage, or a daily timer to limit tablet use.

Performance and Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite itself is powered by a Mediatek Helio P22T processor with 3GB RAM support and 32GB storage space. Where the storage capacity can be expanded using an external microSD up to 1 TB.

It’s not the best specification, but it can still be relied on to accompany daily activities. At least during use for some of the activities above, these specifications are still quite okay.

Switching from one application to another is quite smooth although there is a slight delay when opening multiple applications at the same time. You can still be invited to play PUBG games with balance-medium or smooth-low graphics settings.

From the camera side, the sensor with a resolution capacity of only 8 MP is indeed quite small. But for photos in bright light conditions, it’s still quite okay to save the moment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Reviewsamsung galaxy tab a7 lite reviewTab A7 Lite photo results

How about the battery? The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has a battery with a fairly large capacity of 5100 mAh. From my experience, when streaming Netflix using a Wifi network, within 1 hour the battery drops by 12 percent.

Then when using Zoom for 30 minutes the battery is reduced by about 5-6 percent. Then playing HD videos for 1 hour on Youtube consumes 11-12 percent of the battery.

To recharge the battery, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is equipped with a USB Type C port with a 7.8 W charger. Where to recharge the battery from 0 percent to 100 percent it takes up to 3 hours 35 minutes.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite itself is priced at IDR 2,499,000 with a choice of gray and silver colors.

The table can be shifted left or right

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