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Review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, All Big and Sophisticated | Droidcops

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the flagship phones that made a commotion this year apart from its fellow flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Flip. Well, what’s unique about the Galaxy S20 Ultra is that all the specifications are all big, aka all big.

Not only the display is enlarged, but also includes RAM, internal memory, to the battery. Not only that, the builder sectors such as processors and GPUs are also included in the embedded heavyweight ranks.


samsung galaxy s20 ultra design

Starting from the design, don’t compare it to the Galaxy S10 and even the Galaxy S10 Plus. Because there will be many differences there, but don’t worry, this difference is the symbol of an update from Samsung for the Galaxy S20 product line, including the S20 Ultra.

The curve feels more like a gaming cellphone, firm with an edge design like most of the latest Galaxy S. The corners still look character from the previous Galaxy S, but it’s the body size that makes it look much different.

The flat screen impression is more visible than its predecessor which has a slightly curved screen due to the broad edge effect. The Curve Edge on the Galaxy S20 Ultra this time is not as thick as the S10, but the scope of its functions and features is simpler with several edge panel settings according to the user’s wishes.

The buttons are all on the right side of the body, namely the power button and volume button. The sim card tray is on the top side and don’t expect you to find an audio jack, because this device only allows bluetooth and also type-c cable, so it’s simpler.

The back of the body is inserted with multiple powerful quad cameras, with a main camera resolution of 108 MP. Don’t forget to embed Samsung’s logo and Samsung watermark on the bottom of the body.

There are two color variants for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, namely Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black. Luckily, the testers are currently tasting the Cosmic Black color variant with an elegant black color


samsung galaxy s20 ultra screen

Talking about design, it’s impossible to talk about the screen. Really, this 6.7-inch screen feels like a 7-inch screen thanks to the full screen character and also the rounded corners it brings. The screen already has a protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 with HDR 10+ features and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

This is a blessing in itself for film lovers and mobile gamers of course. Moreover, the resolution that is carried has entered the QHD 3200 x 1440 stage and is very pleasing to the eye with the quality of Dynamic Amoled 2X as a complement.

Uniquely, even though it has a high resolution level, the color sharpness it offers is still comfortable when used for a long time, especially when playing games and also watching free movies on YouTube.

The testers themselves are quite satisfied with using the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, especially during the pandemic season which requires testers to work from home. The examiners were satisfied because during the meeting time via video call, not only the camera played a role, but the cool and spacious appearance of the screen made the concall activity more comfortable.


samsung galaxy s20 ultra specs

Leave the screen for a moment, moving on to the specs. Of course, many already know the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from leaks and also the official Samsung Indonesia website. First, this Samsung flagship phone is equipped with Android 10 OS with Samsung-style modifications to One UI.

Unlike the US version which uses Snapdragon 865, the devices we tested or those in Indonesia use Exynos 990 (7nm). In terms of performance, the testers themselves don’t know the unit with Snapdragon, but when compared to cellphones that already use the processor, the use of Exynos is not wrong.

Both power and multitasking work very well and is smoother and faster. Maybe this is the influence of the clock speed which reaches 2.73 to 3 GHz. For graphic quality, Samsung entrusts the Mali-G77 MP11 for a smoother and more detailed color display.

The Exynos 990 also supports the LPDDR 5 RAM memory standard, which promises 30 percent faster data transfers than the Galaxy S10. In addition, without the presence of Exynos as a processor, one of the features on the main camera, namely Single Take, will not function properly, or even be removed.


samsung galaxy s20 ultra performance

Since the specifications are common, Droidcops tries to reveal the results of the tests carried out by the test team on this Galaxy S20 Ultra product. The testers tried to use several test applications such as 3DMark, PCMark which must be familiar and several test applications that the testers wanted.

For 3DMark, there are three kinds of tests in 3D Mark, namely Sling Shot Extreme – OpenGL ES 3.1, Sling Shot Extreme Unlimited – OpenGL ES 3.1, and Sling Shot Extreme – Vulkan. The result is a 3DMark score of 6,682.

Then from the PCMark score which focuses on the work 2.0 test or work performance on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is 11,507. Turning to 3D Benchmark, there is something unique about using the 3D Benchmark test application to test the graphics quality.

Usually there will be a position where every cellphone freezes or hangs, or at least stutters but that’s not the case with the S20 Ultra. On average, the test runs at a full 120fps at the middle point and a full 60fps at the xtream point.

Meanwhile, from the gaming side, when playing PUBG all settings at the highest level can be played smoothly. We enjoyed the QHD quality of Samsung’s latest mobile screen and benefited from the 2X Dynamic AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

It should be emphasized, the selection of maximum graphics settings and 120 FPS has an impact on battery power draining faster. This is natural, considering that smartphones work harder in displaying these graphics.

As for the Call Of Duty Mobile game, it’s no different, it runs smoothly without any problems. It’s just that the use of graphics and an internet connection requires the Galaxy S20 Ultra to work a little more for this game, as a result in no less than 5 minutes the heat of the cellphone reaches 40 degrees Celsius from 34 degrees. But the game is no problem and the game is still running smoothly.


camera samsung galaxy s20 ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra uses a 108 MP f/1.8 + 48 MP f/2.6 periscope optical zoom + 12 MP f/2.2 ultrawide + 0.3 MP TOF 3D depth camera. Featured features include a 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom lens and a 100X Space Zoom.

The presence of a 108 Megapixel camera, of course, makes the Galaxy S20 Ultra capable of producing quality photos and more detailed images. Even more amazing, this smartphone is equipped with a 48 Megapixel resolution Periscope lens which has 10x Hybrid Zoom and 100x Super Resolution Zoom capabilities, this is not owned by flagship smartphones in its class.

There are several unique features besides the 108MP resolution it has. Starting from Panorama which is unusual because the angle is quite wide, then super slow motion, AR Zone, until the latest is Single Take which can make you produce 3 images with different effects, as well as 3 videos with different durations in one shot.

The design of the camera section is more protruding and very different from the previous Galaxy S series, this is probably made to support the functionality of the 100% zoom feature.

In total there are 4 main cameras on this smartphone plus a 40 MP f/2.2 selfie camera with Infinity-O Display style. The Samsung S20 Ultra is the world’s first Android phone capable of recording 8k 30fps and 4K HDR 120fps videos.

Photo Results

Below are some photos using the main camera resolution of 108 Megapixel. You can see the results for yourself and compare them with your flagship cellphone at home.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra photo resultsNormal Photo

samsung galaxy s20 ultra photo resultsFront Bokeh Photos

samsung galaxy s20 ultra photo resultsBack Bokeh Photos


Galaxy S20 Ultra FeaturesTalking about features, apart from all the advantages in terms of cameras to performance and specifications, the Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra also has a variety of interesting features that help users in everyday life. In fact, some are also very useful to get through the days of working at home. Anything?


To run various programs and applications, Samsung burdens the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a large RAM capacity, which is 12GB. Not only that, to satisfy Galaxy S20 Ultra users, they also embed 128GB of Internal memory.

Samsung itself still provides the option of adding memory capacity with the presence of a microSDXC slot. This of course will greatly provide flexibility for users in terms of storage, especially considering the large camera resolution, of course, once a snap takes tens of Megabytes of memory in one capture.


Samsung has enriched the latest S20 Ultra with a variety of security features, from patterns to biometric security, namely fingerprint and face recognition. Not only that, support from Google Play Security is also present on this latest Samsung cellphone.

Still from internal Samsung, this South Korean trademark can also apply the Samsung Privacy Website, Digital Wellbeing Parental Control, to Anti Malware which is rarely available on the latest Android phones today.

Screen Record and voice recorder

Some of the latest cellphone products rarely have built-in applications or software that accommodate screen records and voice recorders. Not infrequently users have to use third party applications, but fortunately, the testers found the default application on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cellphone.


Super Fast Charging with USB Type-C to Type-C, based on the products on the Droidcops review table. Not only that, as a product of the Galaxy S line, the S20 Ultra also has the advantage of Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

This is the most unique, wireless powershare for all types of devices that support wireless charging.


samsung galaxy s20 ultra price

Not only is the performance and features great, but the 5000 mAh battery makes you no longer need to carry a power bank everywhere. Equipped with a 45W fast charging feature, making charging fast and easy.

During the test, the testers were amazed because the 5000 mAh capacity that can be owned can last up to 2 days when used properly in multimedia with the wifi on. In fact, when using cellular data, this Samsung cellphone can hold power for more than two days.

Unlike the case with the test situation, the battery can only last up to 18 hours non-stop. Starting from watching Youtube, to continuing to play cellphones, browsing, chatting, and watching Youtube again.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price

You can officially get the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a nominal value of Rp. 20,999,000 according to the official Samsung Indonesia website. However, to get the best price, you can visit the official Droidcops.co.id website so you can see offline and online stores with the best price offers.

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