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Review of Samsung Galaxy M22: More Complete with NFC | Droidcops

Some time ago, Samsung released the Galaxy M22 which brought a large battery and roomy memory. The Samsung Galaxy M22 itself carries a 5000 mAh battery with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

The configuration that users need today, myself included is one of them. Because the applications that exist today are very memory draining, especially games.

With a large battery, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out faster. Likewise with a large memory space, we can store a lot of personal files without having to move them to a computer or laptop.

Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy M22 is also equipped with specifications and features that are qualified for a cellphone priced at 2 million. Super AMOLED screen, has four rear cameras to have NFC features.

To find out its performance, I will try to do a review of the Samsung Galaxy M22. Here are the results of my experience while using this latest Samsung cellphone.

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Samsung Galaxy M22 ReviewThe Samsung M series does not have a design that is as attractive as the Galaxy A series. However, things are slightly different in the Samsung Galaxy M22. The body is quite thin and fits well to grip.

There are fine lines that make the back a little ‘rough’ when held. This is quite useful because it makes it non-slip, so it can reduce the risk of slipping out of the grip.

At the top there is a camera compartment. For the placement of the camera, it is made into a grid by arranging 2 lenses above and 2 lenses below. While underneath there is a flash that may look a little strange, because it is separated from the camera compartment.

There is no fingerprint sensor on the back, because this Samsung cellphone uses a fingerprint sensor on the side. Precisely under the volume buttons and together with the power button.

When used, this sensor is responsive enough to read my fingerprint. No need to press hard, just touch it in the right position and the screen lock will open immediately.


Samsung Galaxy M22 ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy M22 comes with a 6.4-inch screen. For me this size is quite comfortable, because you can still use one hand to explore menus and existing applications.

Switching menus or applications is also very responsive, because the screen already supports a 90hz refresh rate. Including when I try to select the films on Netflix.

Sliding the screen left and right or down and up runs smooth and smoothly. Watching activities can be done comfortably without lingering.

No less interesting is the image display. Because, the Samsung Galaxy M22 already uses a Super AMOLED panel whose quality is already recognized.

Although the screen is still limited to HD +, it doesn’t reduce my satisfaction watching every episode of the currently popular movie, Squid Game. The image still looks sharp and clear.

If the resolution used is FullHD, it certainly adds to the attractiveness of this latest Samsung cellphone. Maybe the price is a consideration for Samsung so that it only uses HD + resolution on this device.

But in general, the presence of a Super AMOLED screen is enough to help you enjoy everything that is displayed.


Samsung Galaxy M22 ReviewAfter being satisfied with watching movies, now I want to try the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy M22 camera. The camera configuration on the Galaxy M22 consists of a main camera with a 48 MP resolution, an 8 MP ultra wide camera (123 degrees), a 2 MP depth sensor camera and a 2 MP macro camera.

The ability of the main camera is still reliable. In conditions of abundant light the photos are quite sharp. At least you can still show off on your Instagram or Facebook account.

Likewise, in low light conditions, I can still take advantage of the Night Mode feature that has been provided by Samsung. The result is decent, photos can still be seen clearly even though there is still noise.

Trying out its ultra wide camera is also quite helpful in producing photos in a wider angle. Suitable for photographing large buildings or natural landscapes.

Here are the photos from the Samsung Galaxy M22 camera:

galaxy m22 photosMain camera photo (normal)

galaxy m22 photosUltrawide camera photos

galaxy m22 photosNight mode photo results


Continue to performance. Here the Samsung Galaxy M22 tries to provide slick performance by using a powerful chipset in its class.

This time, Samsung chose the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset, a mid-range processor that is still worthy of playing mainstream games. Plus support for 6 GB of RAM capacity and 128 GB of internal storage.

Some of the games I tried to play like PUBG, Genshin Impact and CODM. Everything can be played smoothly with PUBG’s maximum settings in ‘HD’ graphics and ‘High’ frame rates.

While playing PUBG and CODM for more than an hour, I also didn’t feel excessive heat. The back body just feels warm. It’s different when running Genshin Impact which does require high graphics.

In about 20 minutes the rear body starts to feel warm and continues to grow up to 1 hour. However, the heat does not interfere with smooth playing.

From the benchmark results, the score obtained from the Samsung Galaxy M22 is quite enough for a cellphone at a price of 2 million. For more details, here are the benchmark results:

galaxy m22 reviewBattery

Typical of the Samsung M series, the battery is one of the main features on the Samsung Galaxy M22. This cellphone is indeed equipped with a 5000 mAh battery which is now also widely used by other brands of cellphones.

To watch 720p HD videos on Youtube, within 30 minutes the battery drops 4 percent. And only dropped to 6 percent after 1 hour later.

Then when playing PUBG games for 1 hour, the battery is reduced by about 8-9 percent. CODM games played 30 minutes battery down 5-6 percent. And the Genshin Impact game played for 30 minutes the battery dropped to 8 percent.

Then what about recharging the battery? The Samsung Galaxy M22 itself is equipped with 25W fast charging technology. However, in the sales package, Samsung only carries a charger head that still has 15W fast charging.

Charging for 60 minutes, the battery is charged 55 percent. And from the 0 percent position to reach 100 percent it takes 2 hours 5 minutes.

NFC Features

samsung galaxy m22 reviewThere is another interesting thing that caught my attention. Because, Samsung has embedded the NFC feature on the Galaxy M22. Features that may be rare in Samsung’s 2 million cellphone.

The existence of this feature makes it easier for me to check the remaining balance of eMoney and eToll cards before traveling via toll roads or also paying for parking, which is now starting to use the non-cash system.

You no longer have to go to an atm that provides e-Money services or go to the nearest minimarket. Just stick an eMoney or eToll card to the back of the Galaxy M22 and the balance will appear on the screen (open it via the app).


The Samsung Galaxy M22 makes me smile. Because finally Samsung has an affordable cellphone that has quite complete features. There is a large battery that can add comfort while on the move.

Then it is supported by large memory which makes its performance even more capable to support the slick chipset from Mediatek G80. Even though it’s an old processor, Mediatek G80’s performance can still be relied on for gaming.

The screen is also beyond expectations and is able to present an attractive display. Plus the NFC feature further completes the appeal of the Galaxy M22.

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