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Review of Samsung Galaxy Fit2, Long Lasting Battery at Competitive Prices | Droidcops

Smartbands or smart bracelets are an alternative to health tracking devices other than smartwatches. With the function of tracking all activities, the smartband is more practical and the price is much more affordable. The choices are now even more abundant.

But among the many smartband brands, Samsung is one of the best. And recently they released the latest smartband in the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 series.

Apart from the improved features, the most attractive thing about the Galaxy Fit2 is the price. Yup, Samsung is priced at a more affordable price.

The reason is, in the previous generation, namely the Galaxy Fit, when it was first released, Samsung marketed the smartband at a price of 1,699,000. Well, the price of the Galaxy Fit2 is now only sold at Rp. 699,000. The difference is quite significant.

But does this price affect its performance? For this reason, this time Droidcops will try out the features of the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 directly.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Design

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsIn general, the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is not significantly different from previous Samsung smartbands, such as the Galaxy Fit and Fit e. But as the latest version, of course there are a number of differences.

The most prominent is in size, where the Galaxy Fit2 comes with a larger physical, especially on the screen. Overall dimensions range from 46.6 x 18.6 x 11.1mm, but it still fits nicely in the hand.

Even though it is bigger, it is actually lighter than the Galaxy Fit (23 grams), which is only 21 grams. The silicone strap itself is quite thin, with two color options for the silicone strap available, namely black and scarlet (the product we reviewed).

Samsung’s built-in silicone strap is very soft and comfortable when wrapped around the wrist. But there are things that are different from the way you use the Galaxy Fit2 compared to other smartbands.

Where Samsung maintains the clasp mechanism by tucking it into the inside of the band (same as the Galaxy Fit). It was a bit complicated at first, but the positive thing is that this bond is strong enough to stick even though you are invited to do heavy activities.

Another positive thing, it looks neater without the remaining rope dangling out. Oh yes, we can still replace it with a third-party strap that is widely sold online. But the quality issue is definitely not as good as the default Galaxy Fit2.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 screen

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsCompared to the Galaxy Fit and Fit e, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 screen has a larger size, which is 1.1 inches (0.95 inches Galaxy Fit and 0.74 inches Fit e).

So it can display all the info clearly. The touch function is also very responsive, we didn’t experience significant disturbances when accessing all menus by sliding the home screen to the left or right.

Changing the watch face is also easy, because Samsung provides a variety of watch faces in the Samsung Wearable application. Just select one and the display will change.

The screen type is still the same, using an AMOLED screen with a resolution that has also increased to 126 x 294 pixels. The quality is unquestionable, bright and bright. In our opinion this is the best screen out of several smartbands we’ve used before.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Performance

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsAs a fitness tracking device, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 can be used for various activities. Because in it installed accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to track every movement.

This accelerometer is also used to monitor sleep activity, including optical heart rate which continues to monitor in real time during activities.

On the device screen, we can see steps, heart rate to stress levels. It’s not a special feature, because these features are on all smartband devices.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsThe interesting thing may be the presence of the ‘Hand Wash’ feature. Although trivial, this feature is quite useful as a reminder so that we always wash our hands. Especially during a pandemic like now.

We can set a reminder every 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours. And the Galaxy Fit2 will remind you in the form of a vibration according to the selected duration.

Oh yes, first make sure we install the related application, namely Samsung Wearable to manage device settings and Samsung Health to view more detailed tracking records.

samsung galaxy fit2 reviewHere we can set the target of each activity to be carried out. Settings can be made based on steps, distance, time or the number of calories burned. Choose according to ability.

As it goes, we set on a target of 10000 steps every day. Not immediately fulfilled, but we managed to walk 5000 steps in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. Then run, our settings are based on distance, for example 10 miles and so on.

The interesting thing, we will get some notifications if we are silent for too long, so we will not miss any activity targets. Likewise, during sleep, the Galaxy Fit2 will track sleep duration and sleep disturbances. So we can track the quality of our sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsAnother feature, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 can track stress levels. From our experience this feature is quite influential. When on vacation and being relaxed, the measurement of stress levels is still at a low level or blue bar.

But when starting a half day of work, stress levels increase to mid to high levels or yellow bars. That means we have to take a break to refresh our minds.

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic conditions we were unable to determine the Galaxy Fit2’s ability to track activities in the water or swimming. But one thing is for sure, this device is waterproof. Where the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 can be used up to a depth of 50 meters in the water.

Other Features in Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 reviewSamsung still retains some of the usual features in smartwatches. One of them is notifications from frequently used applications, such as WhatsApp, Line or Gmail.

Simply slide the main menu screen to the right then we can see incoming notifications. A maximum of four notifications that can be displayed complete with the application icon. Touch one, it will appear all the contents of the message.

We can also respond to these messages directly from the Galaxy Fit2 via the Quick Responses menu. There are 10 default messages to reply to messages quickly. But we can still create our own text.

Make sure the message is short and concise, for example ‘we are in a meeting’ or ‘we are on the road’. Another feature controls music from the Galaxy Fit2. We can control the music playing on our smartphone from the Galaxy Fit2.

Some things that can be done are play/pause, play the next/prev song and control the volume. So there’s no need to take out your smartphone to change songs or turn up the volume.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Battery

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ReviewsThe battery is also an advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Fit2. Because it has embedded a 159 mAh battery which is claimed to last up to 21 days for passive use.

Where not used to track sleep activity, disable the heart rate tracking feature and disable automatic tracking.
However, for active use by activating all features, the battery can indeed last a long time.

Within 3 days, the battery is only reduced by about 23-24 percent. That means the battery in this device lasts at least 13-14 days.


Although the price is cheaper, the features are still very reliable. We still get a variety of sports tracking features as well as features that are usually found in smartwatches.

A slim shape with a long-lasting battery, it feels like the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is ready to compete as the best smartband in its class.

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