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The trend of wireless or True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds is increasing. The market continues to be flooded with the latest earbuds devices that have sprung up. One of them is the Galaxy Buds + from Samsung which comes with a number of interesting features.

These are Samsung’s second-generation earbuds, which are successors to the Galaxy Buds released last year. Physically the two are very identical and do not look different from each other. But as the latest generation, of course, Galaxy Buds + has more value than its predecessor.

One of the most notable improvements of the Galaxy Buds+ compared to the Galaxy Buds is its battery life. This is certainly quite important for users who like music and users who are more active outside the home or office.

If you are confused about choosing between Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds +, here are some differences between the two:

Galaxy Buds Galaxy Buds+
6 hours (earbuds) 7 hours (case) 11 hours (earbuds) 11 hours (case)
Not Integrated Spotify Spotify integrated
Wireless Charging Wireless Charging

Is it true that the Galaxy Buds + battery life can last for 11 hours? To find out the performance of these wireless earbuds, here are the results of our experience while using the Galaxy Buds +.

Purchase Package

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ReviewThe first thing to do when you first buy a device is to see what’s in the package. Inside the Galaxy Buds+ box you will find a pair of Galaxy Buds+ earbuds, a case that also functions as a battery charger, a manual and a USB Type C charging cable.

It’s just that there is no charger head in the Galaxy Buds + box package. But there’s no need to worry, because you can use a charger head from a Samsung cellphone or other cellphone. In addition, Samsung also provides spare protective rubber in different sizes. So that it can be adjusted to the right size when attached to the ear. Or as an alternative if at any time damaged or lost.

Attractive Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ReviewSwitch to design. Physically, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + are made of plastic material. There’s nothing wrong, because it keeps it light and comfortable when in the ear. Samsung itself includes a rubber with a slightly wing-shaped that functions as a ‘lock’ earbuds when attached to the ear.

In the right position, the earbuds will be firmly attached and not easily detached. If this rubber is damaged or lost, you don’t need to be sad, because Samsung includes three additional pairs of ‘wing rubber’ with varying sizes.

The case that also has a role as a charging dock is made of glossy material. But unfortunately will leave fingerprints on the surface of the case. But it’s not a big problem if you’re diligent about wiping after you’re done using it. This oval-shaped charging dock is equipped with a Type C port that serves to recharge its power.

In addition, there are no other ports except for the presence of a four-pin connector that serves to charge the earbuds. Oh yes, this charging dock has magnetic properties that will make each earbud stick in the right position.

You also don’t have to worry about placing the earbuds wrong, because there is already a marker in the form of the letter ‘R’ which means right earbud and ‘L’ for left earbud. The Galaxy Buds+ are also IPX2 certified, which is splash-proof, not water-resistant.

Easy Installation

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ReviewUsing the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is very easy for everyone, including those who are using earbuds for the first time. Just open the case and the Galaxy Buds+ are active and ready to connect. You can connect it via Bluetooth, how to activate Bluetooth on the cellphone then searching Galaxy Buds + and just pair the two.

That’s how the Galaxy Buds+ connects instantaneously. For more complete functions, you install the application Galaxy Wearable from Samsung on the Play Store. For Samsung cellphone users, this application is already integrated. In this application, you have wider access, including viewing the remaining battery on the earbuds and the charging dock.

Samsung also includes an Ambient Sound feature that can be adjusted via the Galaxy Wearable app. By activating the Ambient Sound feature, you can still hear the sound around you even when you’re using the Galaxy Buds+. Very useful when using earbuds while driving, because you can still hear the sound around you. You can set it from low to high level.

Or you can also disable this feature to get a more immersive audio without disturbing the surrounding sound. For information, this feature is different from Noise Canceling. In addition, you can also do several other settings such as setting the equalizer, disabling the touchpad on the earbuds and updating the software.

Touchpad Functions and Uses

Touchpad FunctionsEach earbud is equipped with the same touch function or touchpad to control different uses. Regarding the touchpad, there are several functions that can be done as follows:

  • Touch 1x to play or pause When listening to music
  • Touch 2x to play next music and answer and end phone calls
  • Touch 3x to go to the previous music
  • Touch and hold to reject the phone call

If not needed, you can also disable this touchpad function via the Galaxy Wearable app.

Okay Performance

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ReviewIn terms of audio, it is explained that the Samsung Galaxy Buds + uses AKG technology. Unfortunately we haven’t tried the first version of the Galaxy Buds so don’t know the difference in audio quality between the two. But what we feel, the audio issued by the Galaxy Buds + is quite good. Bass sound is quite pronounced even though it’s not too ‘kick’.

Music genres such as pop, it feels quite right to be heard through this Galaxy Buds +. Where the bass sound is not dominant and does not overpower the vocals. But we can still adjust the audio output with the existing equalizer settings. Do you want dominant bass or dominant treble or soft audio, depending on the taste of the user’s ear.

One thing that should also be noted is that the music file being played can also affect the audio output. Meanwhile, when making calls or receiving calls the sound quality is very good. Communication went smoothly, the voice that sounded very clear and clear.

There’s nothing wrong with using alternative rubber earbuds that are included in the purchase package. You can choose a size that is smaller or larger and adjusted to the ear. The reason is, the right size also affects the received audio depth. The closer the Galaxy Buds+ is to your ear, the better the audio quality you will receive.

Really Long Lasting Battery

galaxy buds+ batteryContinue to battery performance. The claims of the Galaxy Buds+’s long battery life have been proven to be true. Even if we don’t use it continuously, we can use these wireless earbuds all day long. During one hour of use to listen to music from the cellphone the battery is only reduced by 8-9 percent. Then the use of 2 hours of battery down 15-16 percent.

That does not include the additional power from the charging dock which will charge the earbuds when they are inserted into the case. This means that the earbuds are always charged when not in use and inserted into the docking case. With a note that the battery in the dock still has power.

To recharge this docking charging battery takes approximately 2 hours from 0 to 100 percent using a cable. Not only wired, you can also recharge the Buds+ battery wirelessly. Because the Galaxy Buds + already supports wireless charging technology.

To charge the battery wirelessly, you can use a wireless charging device or through a Samsung cellphone that already supports the Wireless PowerShare feature. The trick is to activate the Wireless PowerShare feature on a supported Samsung cellphone and simply attach the Galaxy Buds+ docking case to the back of the device. The battery will automatically charge.

For a list of Samsung phones with the Wireless PowerShare feature that can wirelessly recharge the Galaxy Buds+ battery, including the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultras.


For earbuds users, battery is an important factor besides audio quality. And Samsung has already made that happen by increasing the battery life of the Galaxy Buds+. With the ability of the battery that can supply power for more than 11 hours, the Galaxy Buds + can be an option.

Regarding the audio quality is also fairly good, including the sound when receiving and making phone calls. The absence of the Noise Cancellation feature can be covered with Ambient Sound even though with different qualities and ways. With the big name Samsung, the price of the Galaxy earbuds + is also affordable.

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