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Review of Notale NTL-AP1: Complete Air Purifier at an Affordable Price | Droidcops

Having a healthy home is the dream of all families. Where one indicator of a healthy home is to have good air circulation.

Apart from going through the window, you can also take advantage of an electronic device that can solve the problem of dirty air in the house, namely the Air Purifier.

Air Purifier is an air purifier that functions to help filter incoming air pollution and has the ability to remove various dust particles measuring more than 0.3 microns to 99.9%.

That’s why the Air Purifier is perfect for keeping the air in your home fresh and clean. What’s interesting, in the market itself, there are quite a few choices of Air Purifiers, one of which is Notale.

In addition to the affordable price, the Notale Air Purifier also has complete features. It is suitable for maintaining the air quality at home to keep it clean and healthy.

Well, recently Droidcops had the opportunity to try out Notale’s Air Purifier (NTL-AP1) directly. To what extent this device cleans the air and kills germs, see the review below.

UV Sterilizer and 3 in 1 HEPA Filter

Notale NTL-AP1The combination of UV Sterilizer and 3 in 1 HEPA Filter is the main advantage in the Notale Air Purifier NTL-AP1. Its function is very effective in capturing and killing viruses, bacteria and pollution.

Where the HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter is able to filter large particles, remove micron particles and remove odors from the air.

Notale claims that the HEPA Filter in the NTL-AP1 is very effective at capturing almost every particle size. They can capture viruses, bacteria, pollen, PM2.5, allergens, and more.

After being filtered by a HEPA filter, the UV Sterilizer feature will kill the virus. As is known, many studies say that ultraviolet (UV) light is very effective in killing viruses, microbes and bacteria.

Notale NTL-AP1Even hospitals in China and America are using UV light (especially UV-C) to fight the Covid-19 virus. That’s why the presence of UV Sterilizer in Notale NTL-AP1 has a very important role to destroy viruses, microbes or bacteria.

Especially now that the pandemic is not over. As is known, one of the spread of the Corona virus comes from the air. Well, viruses that may be accidentally carried from outside the house can be overcome with these two features.

Although it has not been proven effective against the Covid-19 virus, it can at least reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the family. The main thing, the air in your home will be protected from viruses or bacteria that can cause disease.

You also don’t have to worry about UV exposure. Because Notale has protected UV rays with a cover, so the rays of the light will not spread everywhere.

Wide Area Coverage

notalal ntl-ap1The thing that is no less important than an Air Purifier is the entire area that can be reached. The Notale Air Purifier NTL-AP1 can cover an area of ​​up to 50 square meters.

That means it is still quite optimal when placed in the living room and very optimal for the bedroom. This is what we feel, when placed in the room the air becomes fresher even though the air conditioner is off.

Meanwhile, CADR can reach up to 400 m3/h. This CADR has the function of measuring the effectiveness of the air purifier based on the room space and the volume of clean air produced per minute.

It shows how well dust, pollen and smoke, the three most common indoor air pollutants are removed from the air we breathe.

Not only that, this device also doesn’t make a lot of noise. Because it has a low decibel (30dB) which is very quiet and does not interfere with sleep.

Multiple Application Support

Notale NTL-AP1As an IoT device, the Notale Air Purifier NTL-AP1 can of course connect with other devices via a Wifi network. The interesting thing, connecting the device to the smartphone is very easy.

Just install the Smart Life – Smart Living application and we can already connect to the device. Connecting the Air Purifier with this application can also be done easily and quickly. Most importantly use the same wifi network.

Once installed, all features and functions can be performed through the application without having to touch the Air Purifier. In addition, this device also supports various other supporting applications such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant to Samsung’s Smart Things.

All these apps are synced with Tuya first. And when tested, all applications can work smoothly. Including the use of voice on commands on Google Assistant and Alexa.

However, the voice function only functions to activate and deactivate the device. Oh yes, specifically for Amazon Alexa it is not available on the Play Store because this service does not yet exist in Indonesia. But we can download the apk file from the internet.

Easy-to-Use Design

Notale NTL-AP1Physically, the Air Purifier Notale NTL-AP1 has dimensions of 27.2 x 30.3 x 49.8 mm. In our opinion this is the right size for an air purifier, not too big and not too small. So it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

But make sure the placement provides 30 cm of space on the sides and back and 50 cm above. This is to ensure air circulation runs smoothly. The shape also looks attractive and is not inferior to air purifiers which are more expensive.

At the top there is the main compartment which contains touch buttons to operate the device. There are 4 touch buttons that have different functions, namely Power, Mode, Timer and Light as well as a UV indicator light.

Following are the functions of the buttons on the Air Purifier Notal NTL-AP1:

  • Power button, to turn on and off the device
  • Mode button, to set the wind gust mode consisting of High (H), Mid (M) and Low (L). The higher the wind gusts will be bigger
  • Timer button, to set the active power of the device with a choice of 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. This function will save more, because the device will be active according to the set time duration.
  • Light button, this button has two different functions, in addition to turning on and off the light, it also functions as a Child Lock feature. The trick is simply touch and press the button for 3 seconds or more. The Child Lock feature will disable the functions of all useful buttons to reduce unexpected touches from the hands of children.

In this section there is also a handle that will make it easier for us when we want to move the device. The trick is to simply pull up the back half circle. Quite interesting, because in a closed state, this handle is integrated with the button.

Notale NTL-AP1The fun thing is, there is a light that will light up when the device is activated. This light is also an indicator to measure the existing air quality. The blue light indicates the air in the room is very good.

If the light is yellow, the air quality is still quite good. Meanwhile, if the light emits a red color, it indicates that the air quality in the room is low or not good.

While the back is where the filter is placed. Make sure the protective plastic on the filter is removed before first use.

The trick is to open the filter cover by pressing the mechanical button then remove the plastic on the filter and then reinsert the filter.


In terms of functions and features, we think the Notale Air Purifier NTL-AP1 is sufficient. Its use is also very easy, including when connecting it to a smartphone.

Moreover, it supports various applications such as Alexa to Google Assistant which allows us to give commands via voice. And the combination of UV Sterilizer and 3in1 HEPA filter in this device is an important factor.

And this filter can be replaced after working for approximately 2200 hours or non-stop use for approximately 3 months. The filter price is around Rp. 399,000 which is available at Official Notale.

With a price of IDR 1,690,000, the Notale NTL-AP1 can be an affordable Air Purifier option to keep your home air clean and fresh. Buy Notale NTL-AP1 here.

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