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Review of 10 Advantages of iPhone 7 for those who like to play Tiktok | Droidcops

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TikTok has become one of the most popular and most accessed social media today. Anyone can create interesting content in it to share interesting things to the point of absurdity.

Are you the one who likes to have fun using TikTok? If so, you need a smartphone with a cool camera so that the creative videos you make look clear and cool.

For example, the iPhone 7 which, although it is quite far from the latest series at this time, but the specifications still support it to produce quality creative videos, you know!

on the other hand iPhone 7 price It’s also gone down so it’s more affordable, right? If you check through the blibli.com website, the price of this iPhone starts from IDR 3 million and it supports 4K @ 30 fps video, you know! Can you imagine how cool a TikTok video can be from the camera?

Then, what are the advantages of the iPhone 7 for TikTok’s use or other activities? Here’s the review for you!

1. The Clear Screen Is Comfortable on the Eyes

iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. This phone has sixteen million colors with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. So, the images and colors provided by the iPhone 7 will really spoil your eyes.

Not only beautiful and indulgent, the iPhone 7 screen is also comfortable on the eyes. Because this phone is equipped with strengthened technology which is scratch resistant, and is able to filter light that will enter the eye.

Therefore this phone is still comfortable in the eyes even though it is used for a long time. For example to edit a video that will be posted to TikTok.

2. Champion Camera Quality

Regarding the camera, any iPhone product is proven to have good specifications and quality, including the iPhone 7. This phone has a 7 MP selfie camera and a 12 MP main camera, plus features of 6 lens elements and image stabilization that makes the iPhone 7 camera more clear and real. . Likewise for video capture.

So don’t be surprised if this iPhone model is still very capable to be used to create funny and interesting content to share on TikTok and other social media.

3. Water and Dust Resistant

This is special. iPhone 7 already pocketed IP67 certificate. So this phone is water and dust resistant. Even this resistance can be guaranteed at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

For those who like to take creative videos with all weather conditions and locations, this feature is certainly useful because it makes this iPhone model fun to carry anywhere to create content.

iphone 7 pricePhoto: Apple

4. Have a Larger Internal Memory Capacity

For those of you who like to create creative content, you must save a lot of large files and documents, right? Well, the iPhone 7 is suitable for these needs because there are 3 variations of the internal memory capacity that you can choose from.

The models are available starting from 32 GB, 128 GB, up to 256 GB. The RAM is also quite large, namely 23 GB. So this iPhone 7 can accommodate a lot of photos and videos as well as applications that are important in photo editing.

5. Using the Latest Processor

iPhone 7 uses a Quad-core 2370 MHz ARMv8 processor. Coupled with a 64-bit architecture, and the latest Apple A10 Fusion chipset, the iPhone 7 has incredible speed.

The speed is almost three times that of the previous iPhone. This makes the iPhone’s performance speed on this one unquestionable. You can also multitask easily.

6. Using the Best Speakers

iPhone 7 is equipped with cool Stereo speakers. So the sound it produces can even be twice as cool as the previous iPhone model. The Jack Lighting technology on the earphones also fits very well in the ears.

iphone 7 pricePhoto: Apple

7. The Design is Charming and Elegant

iPhone 7 has a charming and elegant design. Much different from the design of the previous iPhones. What is clear, thanks to this charming and elegant design, the iPhone 7 looks much more classy. Especially when viewed in terms of attractive and varied casing colors.

Charming and elegant seen from where? Of course, from its slimmer and more ergonomic body when gripped, and its dimensions of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, with a weight of only 138 grams, it is very fitting to grip.

8. New Color Variants

iPhone 7 has a new color variant. This color is not owned by other types of iPhone, namely the Jet Black color. As the name implies, this Jet Black is a glossy black color.

This color makes the iPhone 7 look shiny when viewed from a distance. However, this variant has a limited internal memory capacity, which only has 128 GB and 256 GB. Unlike other colors that have many choices of internal memory capacity.

9. Have Faster Internet Access Ability

iPhone 7 already supports fast internet. Because the connectivity devices in it are sophisticated. This cellphone is even equipped with devices that support 4G LTE. So, internet access will be very optimal.

From the results of the tests carried out, the highest access speed can even download files up to 150 Mbps. As for the speed in uploading document files, or videos, or even photos, the speed is up to 50 Mbps. So you don’t have to wait long to upload the latest videos to your TikTok account.

If you can’t access the LTE network, don’t worry. This cellphone also supports HSDPA 3G and GSM 2G networks. In fact, the iPhone 7 Plus also supports CDMA and GSM networks.

10. Has Many Other Interesting Features

iPhone 7 has many interesting features. such as Raise To Wake and 3D Touch features. Two features that are guaranteed to make you love the iPhone 7 if you already have one.

iPhone 7 also has the latest-tech Solid State Button which is much more sensitive and more responsive. A button with a “taptic engine” system. The sensitive side can even respond when the hands are covered with cloth.

Those are the 10 advantages of the iPhone 7 that make this phone still okay to buy at this time. Even though it’s a little behind, it feels like this iPhone series is still worth having.

Especially if you consider the price that has dropped and the specifications are still champions. If you want to use TikTok all day, it will also hold up.

If you are interested in having one, you can buy iPhone 7 on Blibli right now. There you will find many shops selling iPhone 7 at varying prices.

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