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Redmi 8A, a Million Cellphone Review with a 5000mAh Battery | Droidcops

The Xiaomi Redmi 8A is further proof that Xiaomi knows how to make a classy smartphone at a low price. In addition, they are also very consistent in releasing entry-level and middle-class phones. The previous model from Xiaomi, the Redmi 7A series, which successfully shocked the market at the beginning of the year, is also a form of Xiaomi’s consistency in competition in the entry-level smartphone class.

So what are the strengths and advantages brought by the cheap Xiaomi Redmi 8A cellphone this time? Is it true still using the previous processor? The following are the results of a brief review of

Premium Flavor Design

It’s still fresh in memory when the Redmi 7A only brought a few changes, now Xiaomi presents the Redmi 8A with a 2019 design trend model. Among them are the presence of a waterdrop notch and also an all-new back panel design.

Broadly speaking, Xiaomi made the Redmi 8A a phone that looks much better than the price offered.

Redmi 8A screen

redmi 8a review

Starting from the front, this cellphone with a large 6.2-inch screen looks sturdy with the screen flanked by a standard-sized bezel, not a thin bezel type cellphone but not too uncomfortable. Slightly curved at the bottom, but still looks natural.

It is equipped with a water drop design, but it is located a bit too protruding into the screen. However, the presence of a notch still does not reduce comfort.

The IPS LCD used has succeeded in attracting the eyes of the testers considering the cheap price of the Xiaomi Redmi 8A. Several times the testers have used this latest xiaomi cellphone outdoors. As a result, there are no problems with the backlight or the influence of outside light.

Slightly muted colors tend to lead to soft color quality considering the resolution offered is 720 x 1520. Including low, maybe this is due to the emphasis on price or Xiaomi has other reasons for this.

Combined with the large bezels, the Redmi 8A can be a bit heavy compared to its predecessor Redmi 7A. One-handed use is a little difficult, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This phone looks fat, especially with the curved design and the presence of a large battery capacity.

Even though it feels heavy, the testers are quite surprised because in fact the weight of the Redmi 8A is only 188g, already calculated with the size of the large battery capacity.

Redmi 8A Back Body Has Wavy Pattern

redmi 8a review

The performance of each button is very good. This cellphone really doesn’t feel like an ordinary entry-level phone, the level is probably already at the absolute entry-level.

A little disappointed to find out that the IR blaster is no longer in the latest Redmi 8A series. However, the annoyance disappeared when he saw this cellphone comes with a USB Type-C port, a kind of feature trade-off. In fact, Xiaomi went a step further by adding support for 18W fast charging on the Redmi 8A.

Redmi 8A Camera

camera redmi 8a

The Redmi 8A camera uses a 12MP IMX363 sensor. For perspective, this sensor is of the same type as the Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 4. However, a sensor alone doesn’t produce great image quality and, sadly, the Redmi 8A finds its flaws in this department.

There are several shortcomings, related to highlights from photos to HDR which tend to lack support. Even the testers have a little trouble to do color tracking with the touch screen system.

But the good thing is, the soft colors in the Redmi 8A photos can be enjoyed very well. The low light shots aren’t too bad either, but again, you can see the highlights exploding in the reflections.

This phone applies a fairly heavy noise reduction, this is what makes the colors of each image feel soft. The 8MP front camera takes selfies in every selfie more enjoyable. The beauty filter that is presented can be said to be slick for a million cheap cellphones.

Other camera features have not been explored by many testers considering the short trial time. Enter the realm of video, the maximum resolution is 1080p, 30FPS, and features compression options. You can manage the footage quite well especially when it’s bright or outdoors.

Redmi 8A Connectivity

redmi 8a review

Headphone jacks are still common in entry-level hardware and the Redmi 8A has it too. In addition, there is a USB Type-C port flanked by the speaker grille. Audio output from the headphone jack feels loud and clear, the testers also had time to use several models of headphones with good results.

However, for some types of earphones and third-party headphones, the sound of the music is a little muffled plus there is a difference between low and medium. Testers love what Xiaomi has done to the back of the Redmi 8A. The polycarbonate material used has a wave-like texture, providing a good grip when gripped.

The color gradation is very subtle, shifting gently from shades of red to yellow like orange. A tester’s favorite aspect of the new textures tends to be less scuff impact like the 7A series.

Redmi 8A Performance

redmi 8a

Can Redmi 8A play PUBG? The Snapdragon 439 used here is similar to the one on the Redmi 7A, so is the performance. While using the Redmi 8A, the testers did not face many problems in terms of general usage.

Indeed, opening the application takes a little longer when compared to the latest mid-end or flash Android cellphones. But for the quality of the best entry-level cellphone class, the quality is still better than other cheap cellphone brands.

Multitasking needs are quite well met, considering that the testers used the Redmi 8A model, 2GB RAM might be considered lacking if you look at the Android version used. But the 3GB RAM version might feel much different.

From the CPU side it’s not too much of a problem. Constraints are felt when it comes to graphic prowess. Very visible when trying to play the game. Especially PUBG, this game is still a trend today in various circles, that’s why the testers tested with the game.

xiaomi redmi 8a

The tester played PUBG in normal mode, because that was the default setting when using Redmi 8A. Overall, the graphics that are carried are not bad.

This cheap Xiaomi cellphone is still able to provide a comfortable frame rate for playing in normal mode. Although it can’t switch to HD graphics, this taste test is more than enough for a one million cellphone class to be able to play PUBG.

For simpler 2D type games, your experience will be fine.

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Redmi 8A Use MIUI 10

miui 10

The current MIUI 10 quality is above Android Pie 9.0. Xiaomi marries this software nicely on the Redmi 8A device. Unfortunately, the testers found there was too much bloadware, plus the testers counted more than 20 pre-installed and third-party pre-installed apps.

MIUI on Redmi 8A is smooth while surfing, it’s just that there are distractions from advertisements which sometimes make it awkward. In addition, there is a constant urge to download the promoted app from the moment you activate the phone.

Calls were loud and clear on the Redmi 8A on both ends, a satisfying messaging experience with slick touch screen sensitivity. It’s a shame, WiFi connectivity feels fragile in its distance range.

Even several times the phone disconnects while downloading hefty files. Also, there is no support for 5Ghz WiFi, so you will be limited by the transfer speed.

Redmi 8A, Big Battery Phone

Xiaomi perfected the upgrade on the Redmi 8A by making it a massive 5,000 mAh battery. In the opinion of testers, this is the most relevant change in Redmi 8A.

It’s perfect for users who travel a lot, make lots of phone calls, and all general activities that push the battery to its limits. In this case, the tester is quite safe using this cellphone for three days of testing.

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redmi 8a

The Redmi 8A is a vast overhaul compared to the Redmi 7A, but there are also some features that Xiaomi has reduced in their latest budget smartphone. Testers really like the new design, and the grippy back is fantastic to use, even without a case.

The screen looks pretty good and spacious, though testers wished it was a little brighter. The battery life is phenomenal and easily lasts two days for most users.

As the name suggests, the Redmi 8A is a fantastic low-cost mobile device considering the price. There are a lot of pluses to be had, and now that the phone comes with 32GB of storage standard, it eliminates the main gripe that the previous phone had with the Redmi 7A. If you’re on a tight budget, you probably won’t go wrong by choosing the Redmi 8A.

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