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Realme Narzo 20 review: Satisfied Gaming with Big Batteries | Droidcops

A few months ago, realme hit the market with the launch of Narzo. The reason is, the specifications embedded in the Narzo are quite slick for the size of the cellphone in the price class of 2 million.

Wanting to repeat the success, now realme is bringing back the latest Narzo series. Not only one, but there are two Narzo namely Narzo 20 and Narzo 20 Pro. Both are equipped with different specifications and features, including in terms of price.

Droidcops also had the opportunity to try out the abilities of the Narzo duo. you can see video review of Narzo 20 Pro on the Droidcops Youtube channel.

Because here we will test the performance of the Narzo 20. Let’s see the results.

Attractive ‘V’ Design

Realme Narzo 20 reviewTalking about the design, there are many different things between the first Narzo realme and the Narzo 20. Unlike the Narzo which carries a punch hole screen design, the Narzo 20 chooses to use a minidrop display.

Likewise on the back, especially on the camera. Where the cameras on the Narzo 20 are arranged in an L shape and are in their own box-shaped compartment. As used in realme C11 to realme C15.

Interestingly, the rear design of the realme narzo 20 gives a light effect in a V shape. realme claims to use a special texture technique inspired by the Victory cue.

This V light effect will blend with the colors embedded in the device. There are two color variants presented, namely Blue Blade (the unit being reviewed) and Silver Sword.

Another interesting part, realme made a logo with the name Narzo. Whereas in the first Narzo the logo used is the realme name.

HD+ screen

Realme Narzo 20 reviewOne of the interesting things when the Narzo series first appeared was the screen. Where the Narzo screen is equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate. But unfortunately, this 90Hz screen doesn’t exist on the Narzo 20 or is still standard at 60Hz with HD + resolution.

This is understandable, because the price of the realme Narzo 20 is indeed more affordable than the previous Narzo. However, the Narzo 20 screen is wide with a 6.5-inch span and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Carrying the minidrop display concept, the Narzo 20 screen has reduced the screen bangs by 30.9%. This allows for a larger screen ratio of up to 88.7% to reduce visual disturbances.

Makes it very comfortable to watch Youtube, watch Tiktok videos or also play games, because it looks wider. The touchscreen is also quite responsive and runs smoothly.

48 MP camera

Realme Narzo 20 reviewAlmost all realme cellphones are equipped with good quality cameras in their respective classes. Most of them also have high resolution, and the realme narzo 20 camera is no exception.

This cellphone comes with three cameras consisting of a 48 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultra-wide-angle 119 degree and a 2 MP macro lens.

For the main camera which has a resolution of 48 MP, it is supported by a large aperture of f/1.8 and a 6P lens. This means that this sensor can take in more light which is useful when shooting in low light conditions.

So for shooting in bright light conditions, the realme Narzo 20 camera shouldn’t have any major problems. For the second camera, realme installs an ultra wide lens with a resolution of 8 MP.

This lens has an aperture of f/2.25 with an angle of view of up to 119 degrees. Here we can take pictures of objects with a wider view.

Great for shooting landscapes, buildings or group photos with lots of people without having to back down. Using this camera is quite easy, in the default ‘Photo’ menu just click the dot on the left.

Here are the photos from the realme Narzo 20 camera:

realme Narzo 20 camera photosrealme Narzo 20 camera photosrealme Narzo 20 camera photosMacro Photos

realme Narzo 20 camera photosNight Mode

Continue to the third camera which is a macro lens type. This camera can be used to photograph objects as close as possible with a distance of only 4cm. We can take photos of small objects to get attractive results.

But this ultra macro menu position is ‘hidden’ alias is in the sub menu. When opening the camera, slide the menu to the right then click ‘More’ then select ‘Ultra mode’

For other camera features, realme still provides Night mode, Chromeboost, Pro and Slow mo video recording. For those who like selfie photos, Narzo 20 offers a front camera with 8 MP resolution.

Its feature support is quite complete, such as AI beautification, HDR mode, portrait mode, and the Panoselfie feature that can help you take selfies with wider angles.

Gaming Performance

Realme Narzo 20 reviewWhen it was introduced some time ago, the realme narzo 20 was positioned as a cellphone for playing games at an affordable price. The performance itself relies on the ability of the Helio G85 processor which has a clock speed of up to 2.0 GHz.

Is it true that the Narzo 20 is cool for gaming? Before discussing it, we will first inform you of the benchmark results obtained from this latest realme cellphone.

Here are the results:

Benchmark Score
Antutu 202351
PCMark 8914
Geekbench 352 (single) and 1290 (multi)
3DMark Slingshot Extreme 1400

Now let’s move on to the game’s capabilities. Narzo 20 can play Genshin Impact, a game that can become a standard game that has high graphics.

But don’t force this cellphone to use high settings, because it will be uncomfortable. So you should set the graphics settings in a low position so that we can play games that are quite draining on the battery.

Moving on to PUBG, here we can set the maximum graphics in HD with a high frame rate or balanced graphics with an ultra frame rate. However, in these two settings there is still lag in some scenes.

And when lowered to low graphics with smooth graphics and high frame rates, the game can run smoothly without any problems.

Then the Mobile Legend game can still be set with a high frame rate with high graphics. But for a more comfortable gaming experience, it’s better to just set it on medium.

Battery Capacity 6000mAh

Realme Narzo 20 reviewThe battery is an important feature in the realme narzo 20. The reason is that this cellphone is equipped with a large battery of up to 6000 mAh. This 6000 mAh capacity is quite large which can provide power for up to a day or maybe 2 days, according to use of course.

According to realme Lab testing, realme narzo 20 can last for 45 days in standby mode, 43 hours of phone calls to 25 hours of watching Youtube on a single charge.

But from the results of our use, to play the Genshin Impact game for 1 hour the battery fell by 12 percent. Then the one hour PUBG game dropped 11 percent and Asphalt 9 one hour the battery decreased 9 percent.

And watching Youtube with HD resolution for 1 hour with a brightness of 50 percent and using wifi the battery only drops by 5 percent.

To recharge the battery, realme has equipped the Narzo 20 with 18W Quick Charge. Where in charging for 30 minutes the battery is charged 20 percent, then 1 hour is charged 34.

And to fully charge from position 0 to 100 percent it takes up to 3 hours 40 minutes.


In terms of specifications, Narzo 20 is still below the other Narzo series. But in our opinion this is reasonable, because the price is also cheaper. So users can have one of the Narzo series at a more affordable price.

Talking about performance, you can still rely on it, both for daily use and gaming. Moreover, with a large battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery quickly.

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