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Realme C17 review: 2 million get 256 GB of memory and 90Hz screen | Droidcops

realme is constantly launching new products. In just a matter of months, there are already several newest realme cellphones that are present in the Indonesian market. The latest ones are realme 7 Pro and realme C17.

Both were released simultaneously targeting different market segments. But here, Droidcops will only review one of them, namely the realme C17.

This cellphone is the latest variant for the Realme C series line, after previously there were Realme C15, C12 and C11. realme C17 itself offers several improvements to set it apart from the previous series.

Targeting the entry-level, realme C17 comes with the slogan “Rock Memory, Super Screen”. The reason is that the realme C17 is now supported with large internal memory of up to 256 GB.

Memory size that is very rare to find in the 2 million price segment. While the screen is equipped with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Interesting enough, but what about its capabilities?

Let’s see the results of the Realme C17 review below.

Unboxing realme C17

Realme C17 reviewBefore testing the capabilities of this realme C17, there is nothing wrong with taking a peek at the contents of the box from this cellphone. In the sales package, the realme C17 still carries the characteristics of a bright yellow box.

When opened there is a box containing a transparent softcase along with manuals and a warranty card. Under the box there is a Navy Blue realme C17 unit (the unit that Droidcops received) which is neatly wrapped in a plastic bag.

Oh yes, realme also provides a Lake Green color option. You can choose according to taste.

Next there is a data/charging cable complete with a charger head. For the realme C17 data cable itself, it is a USB type-C type which has speed in data transfer and recharging the battery.

While the charger head has a rather large size with a unique shape. So it’s easy to tell the difference between charger heads from other brands.

This charger is equipped with Quick Charge technology with a power output of 18W.

realme C17 design

Realme C17 reviewOne of the characteristics of realme phones is that they always have different designs even though they come from the same series line. Including for realme C17 which is in the C series line.

When compared to the previous release of the Realme C15, the design of the Realme C17 has changed significantly. This time the C17 realm carries the punch hole concept with a hole in the left corner of the screen that contains the front camera.

The appearance is more contemporary and also looks fresher. Suitable for those of you who are bored with the waterdrop notch that many previous cellphones used.

When looking at the back cover, the C17 realm seems ‘clean’, indicating any accent (previously, the C15 realm used an accent line that separated the bottom and top of the body).

This time, realme C17 uses a glossy finish with a dual visual effect. Where the back has an interesting light reflection when exposed to light.

This effect is still visible even though the device uses a soft case to protect its body. Meanwhile, the placement of buttons and ports has not changed.

The power and volume buttons are on the right side, the SIM slot on the left and the charging port, speaker and audio jack are placed at the bottom.

For the SIM slot, realme C17 provides 3 slots that can be used with the choice of using 3 SIM cards without a microSD and 2 SIM cards with a microSD.

Oh yes, realme also makes realme C17 resistant to water splashes and seals important parts of silicone rubber, so it is very suitable for everyday use.

realme C17 screen

Realme C17 reviewThis is the interesting part, because the screen is one of the superior features of the realme C17. The screen has a span of 6.5 inches with HD + resolution and realme provides it with a high refresh rate.

Yes, the realme C17 screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display. A significant increase compared to the previous series and became the first realme C series to use a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate.

That means realme has a series of cellphones with high refresh rates in almost all lines. Previously there was the Narzo realm, the X50 Pro realm and the 6 and 6 Pro (90Hz) and the X3 Superzoom (120Hz) realms.

The advantages of a higher refresh rate such as 90Hz or above (standard 60Hz) will make the image movement smoother. You will feel the difference when playing the game.

It’s just that, the 90Hz screen on the Realme C17 is not supported by high resolution, because the resolution is only HD +. So the difference between using the screen at 60Hz and 90Hz on this cellphone is not too pronounced.

However, we can still adjust the screen choice, whether it’s at 90Hz refresh rate or standard at 60Hz. To make it easier, you can set it to auto, so the system will detect if there are applications that need to use a 90Hz screen.

realme C17 camera

Realme C17 reviewContinue to the camera sector. realme C17 is still equipped with four rear cameras, but in general there is no change from the previous series. The four cameras come with a configuration of 13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP.

The main camera with a 13 MP lens is wide and has an aperture of f/2.2 and features PDAF. Then the 8 MP camera is an ultrawide lens with an angle of view of 119 degrees and has an aperture of f/2.2.

As for the 2 MP capacity, it is a macro camera (aperture f/2.4) and a bokeh camera (f/2.4). It’s not the best configuration, but it can still produce great photos to capture private moments.

In conditions of abundant lighting such as daylight, the photos can be relied upon. Looks clear and quite detailed. You can still be confident if the results are shared to Instagram or Facebook.

You can also activate the Chroma Boost feature which can improve the quality of light and color. To use it just touch the box icon at the top (next to the HDR menu).

Make sure a notification appears if the Chroma Boost feature is On. The result does look different, where photos with Chroma Boost look lighter and the colors come out more.

Suitable for photos of food, flowers or objects that have many colors.

For photos, see below:

realme c17 photo resultsrealme c17 photo results5f86a5fab92c2e06668b4567 1602665881realme c17 macroMacro photo on realme C17

realme C17 performance

Realme C17 reviewRealme C17 is powered by a Snapdragon 460 processor with a maximum speed of 1.8 GHz. This processor is combined with the Adreno 610 as the graphics processing engine.

It’s not a fantastic chipset to play heavy games. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for gaming. Because this cellphone can still play PUBG or CODM smoothly even at standard settings.

In the PUBG game the maximum setting is Smooth > High or Balanced > Medium. But in the middle of the game its performance began to feel decreased. So you should play on Smooth Medium or Low.

The benchmark results can be seen below:

Benchmark Score
Antutu v8 148,417
Geekbench 256 (single), 1232 (multi)
PCMark 5747

realme C17 memory

realme c17 memoryrealme carries the slogan “Road Memory, Super Screen” for the realme C17. The memory rock is meant for the configuration of the memory embedded in this phone.

Yup, realme C17 is indeed equipped with 6 GB of RAM and a spacious internal memory capacity of 256 GB. It’s quite interesting, considering that there are no 2 million cellphones that are equipped with that much storage.

With a capacity of 256 GB you can store large files even in large numbers. Suitable for those of you who like to record videos, because you don’t have to worry about running out of memory.

Because the results of video recording generally have a large file size so it is very curative of cellphone memory. As an illustration, FullHD video recording for just 10 minutes produces a file size of 1.6 GB.

So at least you can store hundreds of FullHD video files with a duration of 10 minutes in the realme C17 memory. Not only videos, existing applications also have quite large file sizes, especially games that already have a GB size.

Not including when there is a new update that will make the size of the stored file bigger. So the use of a large storage capacity in the Realme C17 can be an interesting choice.

realme C17 battery

Realme C17 reviewrealme C series does favor large batteries, ranging from 5000 – 6000 mAh. Even the realme C15 is equipped with a battery up to 6000 mAh.

But unfortunately, realme lowered the battery capacity in the realme C17 to only 5000 mAh. Maybe this is one way so they can keep the price of the realme C17 affordable.

Apart from this, the realme C17 battery is still durable enough for daily use. Normal use without gaming (browsing, chatting, social media, photos) from morning to 10 pm the battery still has 35 percent left.

As for gaming activities, playing PUBG games for an hour reduces the battery between 10-11 percent.

Then watch Youtube videos with HD resolution and 90Hz screen settings with 50 percent brightness, within one hour the battery drops by 7-8 percent. While at 60Hz screen settings, the battery is reduced by 6-7 percent.

Continue to charge the battery. Realme C17 is supported by 18W fast charging technology. In practice, recharging in realme C17 is indeed quite fast at the beginning.

Within 1 hour the battery is charged up to 35 percent. So to fully charge from 0-100 percent it takes more than 2 hours, to be exact 2 hours 45 minutes.


Without putting aside other features, the existence of a very spacious memory in the C17 realm is indeed quite interesting. It’s very rare (or maybe not) a cellphone with a price of 2 million that is equipped with 256 GB of internal storage space.

Along with the need for high-resolution content, memory has become quite important at this time. So we can store large files in large quantities without having to worry about full memory.

If interested, the price of realme C17 itself is priced at IDR 2,799,000, where during the flash sale which will be held on October 14 at 15:00 WIB and the second flash sale on October 16 at 13:00 WIB at Shopee is sold at a special price IDR 2,699,000.

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