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Realme 3 review: Nightscape and Chroma Boost features are the difference | Droidcops

Successfully releasing several new products in 2018, Realme has brought back the latest 2019 cellphones to the Indonesian market. This time they brought Realme 3 which is equipped with qualified specifications but is priced at an affordable price. It can even be the best choice of cellphone for under Rp. 2 million (3GB RAM version). Interesting enough, but what about its capabilities?

If you look at the specifications of the Realme 3 that have been circulating, it seems that this cellphone can be a pretty reasonable choice for those of you who have limited pockets. Appearing contemporary with a dewdrop screen, Realme 3 is ready to capture the interest of users in the youth segment.

Not only the display is superior, but also the performance that allows users to do many activities, including gaming. To prove it, here are the results of our experience after a few days of using Realme 3. We used the Realme 3 version of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.


Realme 3No different from other Realme phones, the display is one of the main attractions. Likewise in Realme 3 which carries a unibody design. Where the device body is only wrapped in one part that covers the back to the screen. There is no frame that separates the back cover and the front.

The unibody design allows for a more comfortable grip when using the phone. The shape is also thin, only around 8.3mm and weighs around 175g. The sides are also curved, making it look more dynamic. But the most important thing is that it is comfortable in the hand because the curve follows the contours of the palm.

What makes it more interesting is the use of pretty slick color gradations. The composition of this gradient color will be seen when exposed to the reflection of light rays. A very interesting choice for those of you who are looking for a cellphone with a price of 1 million (for the 3GB RAM version).

Realme 3On the back there are dual cameras complete with flash. Not to forget, a fingerprint sensor with the Realme logo is placed vertically. As for the placement of buttons and ports, it’s no different from other Realme phones.

The power button on the right and the volume on the left are complete with the SIM Card port. Oiye, Realme 3 already provides 3 ports consisting of 2 SIM cards and 1 external memory (MIcroSD). This means you can use 2 SIM cards and add storage space via microSD at the same time. For other ports there is a micro USB, 3.5mm audio jack and speakers placed at the bottom.


Realme 3As already stated, Realme 3 comes with a contemporary design, which carries a dewdrop notch screen. With a span of 6.22 inches, the screen appears wider because of the small notch. The bezels are also quite thin, resulting in a screen-to-body aspect ratio of 88.30% with an image ratio of 19:9.

The resolution is HD + 720 x 1520 pixels and has been coated with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. In standard use, the screen display is still comfortable for watching videos and playing games. The text presented on the screen is also sharp and clearly visible. But for those who want to linger reading texts, they can activate the Night Shield feature on the screen so that the eyes feel more comfortable.

In general, the sharpness and brightness of the screen is quite good for a cellphone in its class.


Realme 3In the camera sector, Realme 3 has a 13MP + 2MP configuration, where the 13MP sensor is supported by the PDAF feature and the 2MP sensor itself is a depth sensor that allows you to take bokeh photos. This camera has also experienced an increase in the aperture which is now at f/1.8. This means that the Realme 3 camera has a larger light aperture.

Not including support for a number of features that are quite interesting. In our notes there are at least two features that are quite interesting, namely Nightscape and Chromaboost. Nightscape is a Realme-style night mode feature for taking low light photos. The presence of this feature does make the results of low light photos on the Realme 3 much better. Because it has embedded AI technology and multi-frame exposures that can improve lighting in night conditions.

From the Nightscape feature experiment that we did, the resulting photo does look brighter than shooting using auto mode. Even photos at night make photos sharper and more detailed. Moreover, by taking the right angle, we can produce attractive low light photos.

But this feature will not be optimal if you take pictures in a room that is too dark or very low light. For the record, when taking low light photos there will be a notification so that it doesn’t move for 3 seconds while the system is processing the image.

realme 3 photo resultsNo Nightscape

Nightscape photo resultsWith Nightscape

While Chroma Boost is a feature that increases the dynamic range of photos. This feature will be very helpful when you take objects with very bright light. Because usually photos in very bright light conditions the resulting color tends to decrease.

And in our note, the Chroma Boost feature on the Realme 3 can improve colors and lighting to be more dynamic. You can activate this feature by touching the frame icon at the top of the screen when the camera is activated. Here’s a photo comparison with Chroma Boost and Auto mode

Realme 3No Chroma Boost

Realme 3With Chroma Boost

How about the bokeh photos? The quality of the bokeh photos from the Realme 3 camera is also still reliable. The blur effect or blur on the back of the object is quite neat with sharp and detailed results. But make sure the object with the camera is within the specified distance to produce a bokeh photo. Otherwise, the bokeh effect will be scattered into some unwanted areas.

realme 3 photo resultsFor those who like selfie photos, they can rely on the front camera which has a resolution of up to 13MP plus f/2.0 aperture support. In addition to offering good selfie photos, this front camera can also produce selfie photos with a bokeh effect.


Realme 3 benchmarksMaybe there are still many who are confused about what processor is used by Realme 3. For the Indonesian market, Realme 3 comes with a Mediatek P60 processor (global version). But don’t worry, because there is no significant difference between Mediatek P60 and P70. Both have octa-core processors and the same graphics Mali-G72 MP3. Including using the same AI and algorithms. The difference is only in the clock speed, namely 2.1 GHz (P70) and 2.0 GHz (P60).

The Antutu benchmark results produced by the two are also not too unequal. For example, like the Realme U1 review that uses the Mediatek P70 it produces an antutu score of 136,691. While the Antutu Realme 3 score using the Mediatek P60 also penetrated more than 130 thousand points, to be exact, 130,696.

With the Mediatek P60 processor, you can still play games that are quite popular today like PUBG or Free Fire. Playing PUBG on Realme 3 is pretty smooth on medium settings and HD graphics. Likewise, Free Fire does not experience significant problems. So you don’t need to hesitate if a cellphone with a Mediatek processor can’t be used for gaming.

To support processor performance, there are two RAM memory options, namely 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM. For Realme 3 we tested the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM versions.


Realme 3The battery is also one of the improved features on Realme 3. Even though it is priced at a low price, Realme still has a large battery in the Realme 3, which is 4230mAh. And the battery with a capacity of 4230mAh feels optimal enough to accompany your daily activities. Moreover, it is combined with AI technology that can save battery usage.

For gaming use by playing PUBG (HD graphics and High frame rate), within one hour the battery is reduced by 20 percent. Then when I try to play HD video streaming (1 hour duration) using wifi with a screen brightness of 50 percent, the battery is reduced by about 9 percent.

However, Realme 3 is not yet equipped with a fast charging feature. However, support for a built-in 10W charger allows you to recharge the battery up to 50 percent in one hour. And to fully charge it takes 2 hours 45 minutes.

The table can be shifted left or right


The price of Realme 3 is indeed cheap, namely Rp. 1,999,000 for the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM version (first sale on March 20, 2019 to Rp. 1,799,000) and Rp. 2,399,999 for the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM version. With the price and specifications offered, it feels like Realme 3 will be a formidable competitor to other devices in its class. Thanks to the two new features on the camera, Nightscape and Chroma Boost, it will be quite an interesting differentiator.

Although many doubt the use of the Mediatek P60 processor, from our experience the performance is still reliable, even for gaming. And certainly, the large battery that has been embedded in it allows you to move smoothly.

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