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PUBG EMULATOR “TENTENT GAMING BUDDY” What are the advantages? | Droidcops

As we already know PUBG Mobile can’t only be enjoyed from cellphones, even this can also be a shortcut for those of you who don’t have cellphones that can play PUBG. Playing PUBG Mobile Emulator has become a reference for players to enjoy these war games more and more excitingly.

Want to know the advantages of playing PUBG Mobile Emulator? Check out the article from Droidcops below, right?

No Lag and More Steady

PUBG Emulator No Lag

For those of you who still have a responsible cellphone and of course have difficulty playing PUBG Mobile, maybe you can switch to the emulator version that has been provided directly from the developer itself, namely Tencent itself.

The emulator released by Tencent is called Tencent Gaming Buddy. The emulator is somewhat more stable and does not lag than other emulators such as Nox and LDPlayer. To enjoy maximum results, of course you must have a patented computer specification to avoid lag and fps drop when playing PUBG Mobile.

More Stable Connection and Longer Play

PUBG emulator is more stable

In contrast to cellphones that consume batteries and also connections that are not so stable, one of the factors is that you don’t play optimally. Meanwhile, if you use an emulator via a laptop or PC, the time you can use to play PUBG Mobile can be longer and a connection that helps facilitate your playing.

Easier Playing Control

PUBG Emulator Easy Control

Playing on the emulator is definitely better than playing on a cellphone. You only need to use your hands to control the PC mouse and keyboard. While playing from a cellphone will make it difficult for those of you who are still inexperienced because you have to control your fingers to press that many buttons on a very small cellphone screen.

Playing on the emulator can also make you manage recoil and shooting with pubg weapons is easier because you only need to play in the mouse part. The emulator also gives users the freedom to adjust or customize the buttons according to their taste and convenience.

Like Playing PUBG PC Version

PUBG vs PC Emulator

Although the graphics and gameplay are still the same as the mobile version, the PUBG Mobile Emulator on PC provides an atmosphere and experience to play PUBG for free! No need to pay if you want to play this PUBG Mobile Emulator, just download it like on a cellphone.

You can feel the similarities between PUBG Mobile Emulator and PUBG because of how to play using a laptop or PC and mouse and keyboard war tools too. But for sound it still doesn’t feel the same because the mobile version is still far behind in the system than PUBG.

The advantages of playing PUBG Mobile on the emulator that we just reviewed are there are also pros and cons between the players of both camps. For those of you who still survive according to their nature playing on cellphones, don’t worry because the emulator players have been set to meet players who use the emulator as well. So don’t give up and stay motivated for Chicken Dinner!

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