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Finally the second mini minute has been released at Clash Mini channel. The truth is that the wait has been worth it, because in this new video Vlad, the game’s Community Manager, has revealed a lot of news. So that you do not miss any details, I am going to summarize the fundamentals in this post.

The boxes and the stars of Clash Mini

Levels new mini minute Clash Mini
Premiere of a new mini minute full of news - Droidcops 4

In this mini minute we have discovered that there are two kinds of boxes that by unlocking them will give you access to new characters. The lilac box could contain the heroes, while the blue box will be reserved for the minis. We deduce this because in the video he opens a blue box and takes out a mini pekka.

Each mini appears next to a kind of progress bar. As you fill it you get stars, in total there are three, which will allow you to unlock new character abilities. We suppose that to raise the level of the mini you will have to open chests or packages.

When will Clash Mini be released?

Vlad dedicated a few seconds of the mini minute to introduce us to a new developer, Andy, and together they tried to answer the question that all Clash Mini fans ask ourselves When is the beta version coming out? However, we are not very satisfied with the answer, they still do not dare to give an exact date premiere and they limit themselves to explaining that the game is still in the development phase, that there are little details to be polished and that we will have to keep waiting. Here is the episode in case you haven’t seen it yet:

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