Pokémon Unite release date: July for Switch and September for mobile – Droidcops

Unexpectedly – although all the rumors pointed to these dates – Nintendo has officially confirmed the launch date of its MOBA for mobiles and Nintendo Switch console.

  • Available on Nintendo Switch, as of July 25.
  • Available on mobiles, from September. Day to be confirmed.

The announcement was made accompanied by the following trailer, where in the last seconds we appreciate a gameplay of the final development version:

Will we need Switch Online to play Pokémon Unite?

One of the best news we get is that no need to purchase a Nintendo Online Internet subscription to play this new Pokémon.

As with Fortnite, they are games that dispense with that limitation, so we will get it and play it completely free on our console (or mobile, when the time comes).

It is logical that Nintendo release the version for its console first, since this will prioritizes its most loyal users, but we are also looking forward to expanding the universe of this MOBA on all devices.

Less is missing!

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