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Pokemon Go may introduce new characters for upcoming seasons – Frontal Gamer

The way Pokemon GO tells its story has changed over the years. It began as one of the first augmented reality games with the greatest popularity in the world. But it didn’t have its own narrative to build on, until a few years ago.

The influx offered by the well-known Rocket team, as well as the search lines starring Professor Willow, laid the groundwork for making this much more dynamic world. But it was with the start of the seasons, which was filled with increasingly complicated and compelling stories that spanned months.

Now, with the Heritage season in its prime, Niantic is leaving the first signs that he is already preparing for the following season. And most likely it will bring in some new characters.

Why does Pokemon GO need more characters?

Pokemon GO Professor Willow
Professor Willow

At latest Dev Diary from Pokemon GO, ideas on telling new stories were included in the game. While the Niantic team confirmed that they plan to expand those stories with Pokemon from other regions, for them to be successful it’s time to include some new figures as well.

To date only there are a handful of characters with names that you can interact with in Pokemon GO. The most popular is Professor Willow, a charismatic professor who helps trainers catch their first Pokemon.

There are also his 3 assistants who are part of the team leaders of the current season and we have the main figures of Team Rocket. The emblematic Giovanni is not missing with which we can interact at some points in the story.

Pokemon GO team leaders
Legacy Season Team Leaders

Although the roles of these characters are limited, they have played a successful role. The point is that the stories within Pokemon GO are becoming increasingly complex and that deserves characters to help maintain the narrative.

Niantic has many characters from across the entire franchise that you can work with. From members who help offer new perspectives from villainous organizations, to characters that collaborate with your development as a coach. It would also be great to see Willow interacting with other teachers to investigate new mysteries of the Pokemon world.

Either way, that Pokemon GO has more complex stories is good news, but it can only work if they manage to expand their cast in the future.

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