Comprar Skins Brawl Stars sin gemas

Now you can buy Brawl Stars skins without gems and with real money – Droidcops

The payment currency within video games is a fundamental element to overcome barriers of physical money. They are usually used in calculations that distance the player from a real price in euros. Although it is very common in mobile games, Brawl Stars is beginning to change its mode.

These changes occurred suddenly during today’s update in the morning hours. We see the direct consequences in the skins of the store this Christmas. And apparently, they are part of a new Marketing strategy by Brawl Stars to reach more followers.

They remove the gems for the purchase of skins

For many users, naturalness is the best way to secure a sale. Although for years you could acquire skins only by exchanging gems and star points, Supercell decided to change the dynamics in a new strategy. Presenting offers of 2 exclusive skins in euros or dollars, depending on the region.

By removing the gems, the usual calculations used by the game are left behind. Now you can buy the skins directly at your price tag, and you are also not dependent on collecting gems through levels or special events.

The two guinea pigs they decided to place for this interesting experiment have different prices:

  • Max hermes – 2.99 euros.
  • Ultra Drill Jack – 3.99 euros.

At the moment we can see a mixed model, since you can still buy starter packages of gems, gold, force points and mega boxes with real money. But also there are other offers that are kept in gems or star points.

It will be the sales estimate that decides the fate of this new modality. Brawl Stars could keep this direct model or it would continue to bet on gems as the only standard payout currency. Which we see impossible is that the gems disappear in its entirety, since they continue to have great weight in the game, and are part of its successful modality.

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