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Notale NTL-VC1 Review, Anti Mite Vacuum Cleaner Saves Electricity | Droidcops

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are starting to become a mainstay of housewives. In addition to being simpler, the use of a vacuum cleaner does not consume too much energy.

How to use a vacuum cleaner is also fairly easy, just plug it in and then put it on a dirty and dusty part or location. However, did you know that currently vacuum cleaner innovation is very massive with the presence of various features.

The electric-powered vacuum cleaner with its own small and light size was first invented in 1907. But in fact, the vacuum cleaner itself first appeared way back in 1871 with the size of a meatball cart.

You must have met many brands of vacuum cleaners in the Indonesian market with various technologies and sizes. This time, Droidcops tried to taste one of the newest vacuum cleaner products from Notale.

Named Notale NTL-VC1, this product comes with good quality and affordable prices on every marketplace platform in Indonesia today.

Even from the team’s results, the Notale vacuum cleaner NTL-VC1 is quite a cheap vacuum cleaner that is sought after today. What is the reason? How good are the features?

The following are the results of a review of the Notale NTL-VC1 vacuum cleaner which is said to have good ultraviolet light and anti-mite features.

Review of Notale NTL-VC1


notale review ntl-vc1

By design, this vacuum cleaner has a unique curved body. If you’ve seen the film Wall-E, this vacuum shape is almost similar to the little robot with a box body.

The difference is, this Notale vacuum cleaner does not have legs, and the contact shape is not a square but a flat cylinder and not a body but the muzzle of a vacuum cleaner.

Above the cylinder there is a drain tube to accommodate dust and dirt that is sucked in by a vacuum.

While the tail is round and functions as a suction machine. In detail, the curve of the body forms the number 8 with one part that is wide.

The weight of this vacuum cleaner is less than 2Kg, and that makes it very light. Believe it or not, the Notale vacuum cleaner is lighter than the average electric vacuum cleaner.

Features and Performance

notale vacuum cleaner

Not much needs to be discussed from the side of the body, simple and unique is the identity of Notale and also a differentiator from other vacuum cleaner products.

Continuing on the features, previously Droidcops had said that the current vacuum cleaner in Indonesia is very diverse with various shapes, sizes and features.

Well, there is something unique about this Notale vacuum cleaner. In addition to its unique design, the NTL-VC1 has 3 powerful features contained in its tiny body.

This feature is still rarely found in current vacuum cleaners, and may be a new additional technology to support health in the midst of a pandemic.

The Notale NTL-VC1 Vacuum Cleaner is able to kill germs, bacteria, and insects such as mites. This benefit was felt when Droidcops tried it on sofas, mattresses and carpets.

The difference is quite noticeable, the test mattress is more comfortable, even the carpet which is usually vacuumed with a regular vacuum cleaner, feels cleaner when we use this NTL-VC1 vacuum cleaner.

The most easily recognizable effect is when sleeping or just lying on a mattress or carpet without an additional base, especially when breathing air when lying down, it feels lighter than before cleaning using a Notale vacuum cleaner.

The remove dust feature works well in vacuuming the surface of the mattress as well as carpets and sofas.

It doesn’t stop there, with a minimal power usage capacity of 450 Watts with a voltage of 220v-50hz and a suction power of 14 kPa, this vacuum cleaner can dry blankets.

With its 14 kPa suction power, this vacuum cleaner is able to suck up a tennis ball very easily. But it’s not a tennis ball vacuum, it’s a vacuum cleaner.

UV vacuum cleaner

The suction power is very good when compared to its small size, we are a little worried about the capacity supply with a fairly strong suction power for this size, ordinary people will say “overflow”.

But we didn’t try it on a blanket, but rather a piece of cloth instead of a blanket.

And it worked, the fabric we used was 80% dry, and that’s great for us.

The existence of ultraviolet light technology further helps the drying process very well.

Could this vacuum cleaner be an alternative during the rainy season without the scorching sun? Seems worth considering.

It might take an in-depth test, but as we tried, the UV feature it has besides helps accelerate the drying of the fabric that we have.

Not only that, this UV light reaction also seems to be a big influence to kill mites and disease-causing bacteria and reduce the effectiveness of spreading pandemic viruses at home.

This is quite unique, considering that some vacuum cleaners that Droidcops have tried have not even had this feature.

hepa vacuum cleaner

Speaking of capacity, this vacuum cleaner has enough capacity with a tube that can accommodate up to 300 mL of dust and dirt.

The dust collector is also very easy to clean, even users don’t have to worry about the sucked dust being scattered again, the cup opens from the top.

To remove the tube, simply turn the shaft cover of the cup or tube to the right, then lift it to empty the contents of the tube and also the filter.

Maybe in some vacuum cleaners, the collection tube can be tilted or even under the suction nozzle so it’s quite risky when it comes to removing the dirt.

If someone talks about the electric power of a vacuum cleaner, it must be great, Notale directly denies it with a power consumption of only 450 Watts.

The power consumption is even lighter than a first generation electric water heater. And of course, you don’t have to bother reducing the use of electricity at home when using it.

The table can be shifted left or right


notale vacuum cleaner

From the results of our tests and trials, Notale is able to satisfy us enough in terms of cleanliness, even this vacuum cleaner is able to provide a sense of comfort and is able to keep users’ worries away from health problems.

This is evident with all the features working fine on every test. In addition, the use of minimal and efficient electric power with a strong enough suction power makes the vacuum cleaner small Notale NTL-VC1 this has its own charm to have.

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