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Clash Quest brings a short clip to its followers and users, through its official Twitter account. In this you can see different active scenarios on the battle board. The description that accompanies the video, invite video game fans to provide wrong answers. Through questioning they write: “Where do these little ones run? Maybe someone said ‘free pizza with pepperoni and pineapple’ and you don’t want to miss it. Where do you think they are going?

Now, this post is part of the last that have been made for iInteract directly with fans from Clash Quest. In this sense, the video shows, first of all, a scenario in which a game strategy is applied with the goblin character. It consists of a 16x + 200% combo. In the following case, the giant is seen being used in a 7x + 120% combo. Last but not least, the barbarian was found, which on the battle board was running at 10x combo + 180%.

For its part, it is important to mention that, in the strategies used, in each case, the characters seemed to be running. Due to this and the invitation made through the post, some users joked about possible new updates. They expressed that the characters were running towards the new missions and news that Clash Quest will bring.

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