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Mini PEKKA: Meet its information page – Droidcops

An update recently came out on the information page of the mini PEKKA character. The favorite of many brings with it particular characteristics especially, in its combat weapon and in its attack. The publication made on the official Clash Mini Twitter consists of two images in which the character page is presented. In the first room, the attack capacity of his Shining Blade is exposed, it is capable of causing a level of damage multiplied by two.

Similarly, in the same image, at the bottom there are three frames of which two are unlocked. The first indicates to be the hack hack, the second drain and the last, the blocked one, the pride. Beyond this, we are not provided, in the first image, more information about the character.

For its part, in the second image shows more specific characteristics of the character. These include the damage it deals per hit, the time in seconds per hit, and its maximum energy level. Likewise, your level of health and your initial energy are expressed. These characteristics, translated into numbers are: for damage or attack 2, time per hit 0.40 seconds and 0 for its maximum energy level. As for the health level, it is 9 while its initial energy is 0.

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