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Mini Minute Episode 9: Keywords – Droidcops

In the last Mini Minute, Episode 9, the manager of Clash Mini shared with us some key words that determine moments in the middle of the fight. The first one was “Super”, this was associated with the ability that is activated in a character once the energy is at full capacity. The same It is present in all heroes and in some minis like electro Wizard.

Also, the word “Clash” was mentioned, although this is translated as shock, in the middle of the battle another meaning is attributed to it. To be more precise, it is the term used for the start of combat, that is, when the first attack is executed. For its part, as for the keyword “Boast”, this is used to refer to the moment in which a Skill is activated after killing an enemy.

On the other hand, we must not forget the term “Dissipate” which is used to define the ability to drain energy from enemy units. In the same way, they shared the keyword “Backstab” with us, this is used when the enemy is hurt from behind, that is, from behind. In this sense there are also “ignite”, “slow” and “KO”. The first one refers to that ability that causes damage over time. While the second, refers to when the movement and speed on the board are reduced. The KO, as is already known, it is the moment when the unit is completely defeated.

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